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After thousands of daydreams and probably even more dreams (I can't remember them all), I keep wondering if I'll ever run out of scenarios to daydream about. I know that people have their favorites and like to add new spins to it, but there's only so much you can daydream about one thing before you get bored of it.

Is there anybody on /jp/ having this problem, or are you all such dirty harlots that you think about MORE than one Touhou?

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we aren't /a/. i'll sex any touhou i want, plz make like a tree and leaf

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Your imagination is so low I can only feel pity for you.

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Expecting them to look past the front page is a bit much, anonymous.

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I'm a realist. I can think of crazy scenarios as long as their possible. Dreaming of piloting a Gundam with a bunch of Touhou for the sake of saving Gensokyo from the evil fusion of Mima and Saria is well within the realm of my imagination, but doing something like, say, all of the Touhous shrinking down to microscopic size and it's my duty to find the amulet required to power the machine that shrunk them in the first place, but I must first collect five magic crescent moons that the Renko and Maribel hid in their dimension is a bit ridiculous to dream about seriously.

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I think you are playing too much videogames to begin with, doesn't change you are stupid though.

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this thread has tons of replies what are you talking about you baka

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First off, those were two narrow examples, and secondly, Gundam isn't a video game.

It's a hand-written novel.

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I'm not entirely sure I understand this question.

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>video game

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You should proofread your posts before calling other people stupid.

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I still daydream about opening a tavern/inn on the edge of the human village.

I'd be open for a few days, (or weeks for that matter) until the Eientei cast gets curious enough to at least take a gander. While serving them drinks, the subject of the outside world comes up. I tell them tales of my old life during the downtime, embellishing a tad since everything is so dull.

After a few trips the Eientei cast makes coming to the tavern a weekly ritual. One evening Reisen and I get a little too drunk and arrange a small date which proceeds to kick start the relationship.

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You know how there's like a hundred 2hus right? Imagine them pairing up. Or imagine a character from ______ franchise appearing in Gensokyo, or youkai somehow getting out of Gensokyo.

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maybe if the op didn't call us all fags i would be more kind to answer...

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Do you like ever shut up?

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I don't have any problem coming up with novel and entertaining scenarios for my daydreams on any subject matter.

OP, maybe you're limiting your imagination in ways you haven't even full realized? For instance, not all (indeed, few), of my daydreams actually involve me or any version of myself as a character. I simply make up entertaining stories and entertaining characters and imagine how things play out. Or sometimes I imagine things from a first person perspective of someone who is decidedly NOT me, and even quite different from me.

My point is, if you really want to try something different, you have to first understand in what ways your daydreams are similar.

I wish you luck in your endeavors my schizoid friend.

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How does a daydream that doesn't involve yourself in some way keep yourself interested for an extended period of time? I can do that at the start, but after a while, I just want to interject myself because the daydream because too interesting to stay out of.

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Not OP, but you all are fags.

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I do most of my posting as Anon, if that makes you feel any better.

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Okay... ;_;

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I can never decide if I want to have the setting in gensokyo or earth. they both have advantages.

I usually end up incorporating both into my daydreams with a visit to Yukari's transdimensional taxi service.

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can you repeat the question

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I constantly fantasize about the same things so I'm not really bothered. It's good enough for me.

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One of the few scenarios that I can come up with that doesn't involve myself that keeps me interested is imagining what a Touhou anime would be like. Thinking about how the Touhous would build the rocket to the moon, how they'd hold a tournament only for Mima to show up out of nowhere and dominate everybody, etc.

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why doesn't op just say he's kog already we already know kog is the only one who has cirno as a waifu

just sayin...

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Thread reported.

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I hope your mom become a zombie and eats your dick now GTFO of /JP/

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suck my cXXk dude

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wrawng cirno is Mai waifu

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why would you even save a picture like that

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nobody would like 2hus if they were all male...

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We really need /b/'s ID system on this board so we can see just how much of this thread is just KoG samefagging with himself.

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go f**** yourself ********

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Is it really so big a deal that your scenarios aren't novel?

Certainly, daydreams can become stale if you repeat them enough - just like music.

But, at least for me, really great scenarios are just like really great songs - even if you get sick of them for a while, all you have to do is wait a bit and they'll become fresh again.

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I think it's hawt I just saved it, gonna fap to it after work.

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cunt nuggets

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this thread is bakas