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Why is she so unpopular?

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Because nobody understands her character. And because she comes from quite of a spinoff of a game.

Inbf people come here to claim they understand all this.

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Because haters

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Im just sad because she had to the potential to be a good villian, and they just wasted it

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i hate her because her ability breaks the game.

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She should really be a lot more popular. She's one of the cutest touhous.

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Never happened to me. But I agree that it is one of the more annoying abilities.

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lewdest 2hu

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Maddison and I are so much alike. Everyone who gets close to us ends up getting hurt. But that wouldn't happen with us. We would plant herb gardens and pick flowers together, then relax under the bright and beautiful sun.

If she was my girlfriend, things would be different around here.

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I have a figure of her coming. I'm quite excited.

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By coming I mean it's pre-ordered.

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Wish Hina never existed and Medicine took her place. Maybe she's too similar to Yuka and Alice?

Also she's one of the few cannonically evil and tragic touhoes. Her last name's Melancholy for fuck sake and her father locked her up in a garden of poisonous flowers, that's awesome.

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>spinoff game
Not really, Komachi is still incredibily popular and they share the same game.

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Because she was a huge dick in Omoito.

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Dat ending. Why.

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Why is Alice still oblivious that they are alive?

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They're likely intentionally hiding it from her.

Also Alice was kinda generally blinded by disbelief the entire story, so it's not out of the realm of reason that she's still clueless at the very end.

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Post more delicious Medicine!

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Still, even if in story she was "blinded by disbelief"
she should have been able to learn her lesson and notice that it is not moving by her will.

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What's the actual story of Medicine? I never played PoFV much because the gameplay turned me off.

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if she's unpopular why she was high in the last popularity poll

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Yay! Medicine thread!

This is what she would look like if she were in Imperishable Night.

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if she were in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

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She's a doll who has been abadoned and then thrown into a field of poison flowers, she just recently became a youkai.

I think she's rather interesting actually, this kind of backstory has alot of potential for nice doujins

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if she were in Mountain of Faith

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Medicine cured my depression

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