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>March 2012
>Tokiko still hasn't been banned

>> No.8665562

Who are you quoting?

>> No.8665569

He has, he is ban evading:

These threads are exactly what he wants. Please delete it and just report all his posts. The mods should check against the ban queue soon enough.

>> No.8665572

Who are you quoting, OP?

>> No.8665576

> implying I said that

>> No.8665587

It is a new Tokiko. A troll that seeks to sap power from true Tokiko. Just get rid of the king.

>> No.8665592

Shut up, Tokiko!

>> No.8665594

>March 2012

>> No.8665599

Nope, it's the same one. Has a tripcode like !kYautGETS or something (Tokiko creamed his pants when I read that I remembered it). It's the one with the blog/Twitter/etc, not Archduke. Though it's possible Archduke is astroturfing and pretending to be two different people, which wouldn't surprise me. Fuck you Archduke, we used to be IRC buddies ( ._.)

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do you seriously believe Tokiko is Archduke, ZUN!bar and Squiddy?
Christ, the guy just arrived on 4chan and like to pretend he is an oldfag he has failed several times before and proved how dumb he is

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