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Two weeks...

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What happens then?

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s̲͍ͅe̙̭̙̳è̮̘ ҉͕̞w̴̰̜͍i̗̖l͉͍͕l̴̰̳̹̙̺͎ͅ ̨̯c̨̹͚om̟͠ę͖͇̫̘̥̪̤

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Ho ho! Don't you know?

Spring is coming...
Spring. Is. Coming.

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ś̠h̵͍͕̗e̗ ̵w̸̥̦̪̟̫̣i̬͓̟͓͇̘̬l̻͓̣̰̫̭l͚͔̫̯̞͇͓ ̱̯ç̤̼̭̰ǫ̠͓͙̰̬͇̫m̢̘e

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you had to ask.

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Fuck yeah, Spring.

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Your lack of love for Lilly is heresy.

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I love her name but her design is pretty generic even for tohou she's not even a MAJOR she's just a MINOR so that's to be expected.

Hell Daiyousei is a minor to and she gets better treatment in the games as well as the fanbase

Face it she's just a insignificant fairy

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Spring is already here. The orange buds have begun to open and the whole city smells sweet and it makes me feel very amorous. It's supposed to be in the mid 80s for the rest of the week, so I'm getting out my shorts and short socks. I got a bit too excited and purchased a lot of drinks that I remember being refreshing on warm nights. Basically lots and lots of different teas and citrus drinks. I felt really happy walking around the store and I was talking to myself and laughing quietly to myself. Someone looking at me would have no doubt considered me insane.

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Her name is pretty generic, much more than the rest of the design, at least from a western point of view.

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Two more seasons to go.

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And it is a shame. Lily is my favorite touhou: her design is simple and angelic and not over-designed (like Okuu's excess of symbolic elements). White sundresses are the pinnacle of feminine attire, and perfect for warm spring days. Her wings look soft and fluffy in some portrayals, like flower petals in other. Her blond hair is long and straight, adorned only with a simple bow or maybe a garland of flowers, it reminds me of a simpler, pagan worship of nature (it makes me think of the Russian tradition of Ivan Kupala Day). The only complaint I have is that her cap would be better off as a wide-brimmed sun hat.

Her character may be simple and largely fan-invented, but it is something to be idolized: a simple, happy girl, in-tune with nature and overjoyed by the arrival of spring. Kind and beloved. No fears, no worries, no malice. Just a good fairy.

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I know. It can't come soon enough.

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Posting pic to illustrate as I mentioned: her design reminds me of Ivan Kupala Day. Though it is a summer holiday, it still relates to fertility and nature just as Lily represents the spring

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Remember me?

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I would never forget

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Delicious spring

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Spring selling?

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