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Touhou needs a high class Oni.

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you can only hope the fourth diva isn't as low class as the other three, I guess

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Kasen isn't low class at all.

But she's not ojou-sama tier either.

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And since when were the Oni high-class?
They're all barbarians, fancy stuffs just don't suit them. Throw those shit to the vampires.

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It needs some demons who are demonic or some ogres who are ogrish.

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Yea kinda like a blue skinned girl with yellow eyes and curved horns on her head.

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They are devils. I'm pretty sure they have some kind of aristocracy. Like those working for Yamas.

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It's like if ZUN forgot they exist.

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Alu-fiends are pretty hot.

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Were you ever operating under the assumption ZUN knows what the fuck he's doing?

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Like this or similar to astaroth would be good.

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Just normal girls with horns, wings and tails are way better.

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Shits to plain. We already have a normal colored devil. Last thing we need is plain touhous.

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The fun thing about Touhou is ZUN can introduce some crazy ass "high-class" character with incredibly hax skills, only to be soundly defeated by some poorfag miko or an ordinary witch.

Then after tea-time, said high-class character takes a back seat for some stupid looking EX-ranked youkai with powers you would never have thought to be of any use.

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That's like saying Reimu is plain because she looks like a miko.

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Well, excuse me if Reimu is the strongest human in Gensokyo.

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With danmaku yes.
Without danmaku, Sakuya is the strongest human.
Note that shit.

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Isn't every1 in Makai a demon?

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But when was the last time we saw somebody from Makai?

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Even Reimu and Marisa are complaining about having to fight humans all the time recently.

Hopefully that symposium book marks the end of religion themed touhou games.

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You're aware this poorfag miko has hax skills too, right?

Both have hax powers that might potentially win them a fight against each other...

Okay, no, that's wrong, both have hax powers that would make a real fight of the two a certain draw.

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There already is faggot her name is Yakumo Yukari she is mai waifu and as high class as you can get for a Youkai, be happy she's not your opponent for her power is unmatched by any in Gensokyo

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Since roughly 800 AD-1300 AD, with a gap up to 1600 AD-present and slight lapses here and there.

It's mythology. Oni, like all other mythical creatures, have undergone a lot of evolution. And as with evolution in general, it hasn't progressed in a straight line.

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She's not an Oni though.

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When I think about it, having horns must be a real pain.

Brushing your hair would be really hard, and you would destroy your pillows all the time. And just imagine problems with hats.

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Would you rather deal with horns on the side of the head or horns on the front?

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Single horn, right on the hairline.

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Forehead horns look stupid.

I'd rather have good looking horns and deal with the problems than look like a unicorn.

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I really hope next game will be about Makai.

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Which team is the most powerful in IN? Is using continues as a mean of practicing acceptable?

I'm fed up being a dirty secondary so I'm trying to complete my first touhou game. Playing on normal difficulty, by the way.

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That depends on a lot of things. A lot of horns are too blunt to wreck pillows and you'd just have to go about brushing hair differently. I don't wear hats, so there.

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>Implying that normal girls have arcane stomach tattoos.

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UFO not good enough for you?

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We only saw a bunch of Makai fairies in UFO.

Not even a single demon.

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A high-class Oni would be interesting, for sure.

I wonder if anyone else remembers that Suika isn't supposed to be one of the Four Devas though? Shuuten Douji is supposed to be the leader of the Four, not a member of them. On the contrary, it's supposed to be Hoshiguma Douji, Ibaraki Douji, Kanakuma Douji, and Torakuma Douji.

So, if Suika is a member, there should be 5. In that case, one of the others must have left or died, I guess.

Coincidentally, Ibaraki Douji is up on the surface, constantly hiding the fact that she's an Oni, and running from Suika on sight. It would be make sense if she's the missing Oni.

In other words, Kasen probably isn't a Deva, but rather an Ex-Deva, and we will probably be introduced to the other two Devas at some point.

Maybe one of them will be high-class, I guess.

By the way, does anyone have confirmation that Oni are actually a sub-species of Devil?

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Oni are simply japanese devils.

Makes you wonder if we will see western devils one day.

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By Touhou definitions, we already are - vampires like Remi and Flan are simply devils that subsist on blood.

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I'm still trying to figure out just what the hell Touhou vampires are exactly.

Near as I can tell they're just some bastardization hybrid of western and eastern cultures superglued and duct taped together.

Pisses me off.

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Let's see: they sleep during the day (usually), they are burned by direct sunlight, they can't cross rivers and don't like rain, they drink blood (and apparently eat people sometimes), they can turn into bats and mist, they use blood magic and demonology, and so on.

They are more like vampires than modern western vampires.

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It looks to me like the biggest difference is that they have fewer weaknesses.

Then again, I don't know that much about Western myths.

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I'm pretty sure "Scarlet Devil" is just a title.

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Does the stake thingyapply to touhou vampires?

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Reimu refers to them as vampires in many occasions.

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To make things simple: it's implied that the answer is no.

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It was never mentioned. Probably not.

But that's nothing new. WoD vampires also don't die from stakes.

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If he wasn't from a drastically different setting, Kain would be a decent bet for Remi and Flan's unknown vampiric ancestor.

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High class Oni ojou-sama having a good time.

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I'm starting to think Kasen's manga is related to the plot of few next games.

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I was also referring to how they come to be born/created.

General theory is that Remilia and Flandre were bitten and turned in to Vampires nearly half a millenia ago. But that seems to clash with the Eastern style of vampire that's more along the lines of a manner of creature that is it's own species (like oni, which they seem to be a sort of distant cousin to).

On a slightly related note, I'm trying to find a bit of information I swear I read some time ago. It talked about Flandre regularly being fed human flesh that had been reshaped and baked into pastries and the like. I swear I read it on the wiki but I couldn't find it anywhere last night, and I'm really hoping that the line between canon and "shit I made up" isn't starting to blur in my own head.

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Her EoSD profile:
>Perhaps she can't tell that her daily meals are made from living humans. Her meals look like such harmless foodstuffs as cake and tea, after all...

And since they stopped aging as little girls it's quite certain that they were turned.

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Just imagine Sakuya "cooking" Flan's meals.

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It's implied that people are turned into Vampires when they are completely drained of blood by another vampire. After all, it says this in Remi's EoSD profile:

"She is a light eater. In other words, she can drink only a little blood at a time and must leave the rest behind, so the humans off of whom she feeds become a bit anemic, but usually stay alive. Due to that fact, she is never able to increase the number of her kind."

However, I like to imagine that Remi and Flan were born Vampires, instead of being turned. Which leads me to ask:

Why do you think that this implies they were turned? Just curious.

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Excellent. I was really hoping I hadn't imagined it.


Personally I just figured Sakuya would make Meiling uh, "prepare" the meat. Being a Youkai and all, she probably wouldn't mind it much.

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I think perfect memento has some thoughts on that. Humans don't become vampires but something closer to ghouls

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If vampires stop aging around 8-9 then how do they reproduce?

99% of girls that age wouldn't be able to have kids.

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Well in Western mythology at least, people who are bitten and turned into Vampires stop aging.


This is another monkey wrench in things that supports the turned theory but fucks up the connection to Eastern mythology.


I don't suppose you would also happen to remember some line from Flandre saying that she's pretty certain it's not Sakuya that prepares her meals? I'm almost certain I imagined that part but I'm just checking.

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Well, vampire reproduction probably doesn't work exactly like human reproduction, since they're not human, so that seems pretty much irrelevant, but...

I'd say it's likely that they don't all stop aging at the same age. Remi and Flan are sisters, so they're biologically more similar, and that's probably why they would stop aging at similar points in time.

Of course, there's also the possibility that Vampires can choose when to stop aging. The first time I read this quote from her IN profile, I thought that this was what it meant, but now that I look at it, it doesn't necessarily imply that at all.

"Creatures of her kind forfeit their growth and maturity in exchange for eternal life. In other words, she can live forever because she never grows up."

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She said that Remilia doesn't cook at all.

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>By the way, does anyone have confirmation that Oni are actually a sub-species of Devil?

Onis are the Japanese Gobulin!. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc8iu0XFUQc

And didn't vampires happened to exist already in Gensokyo before the SDM crew appeared?.

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She said that she thinks Remilia makes her food in Reimu's scenario.

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Well, there was Kurumi.

And apparently there was a small war between vampires and everybody else in Gensokyo before EoSD.

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Yes, there were other Vampires in Gensokyo before the SDM showed up.


There's also the Vampire incident that occurred shortly after the SDM first came to Gensokyo. It's sorta suggested that it might've been Remilia that caused it, but it's left kinda vague and is phrased like it's also saying that she DIDN'T cause it.


Excellent, thank you. Nice to know I'm not losing my mind. And actually she says she's pretty certain Remilia doesn't cook her food. So I got that mixed up.

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Oh yes, I remember her.

So, now I wonder if the vampires from the outside world and those that inhabit Gensokyo are the same kind. If they are, Remi and Flan should share the same weaknesses as well.

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On a note related to current discussion, the wiki's page on Vampires is a loooooooooot more fleshed out now.


On an unrelated note, the timeline page reminded me of how the SDM somehow managed to spend 5+ years in Gensokyo without ever coming into contact with Reimu or anyone else for that matter.

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Oh, so there it was were I read that. Now I'm confused:

>During the day they spend their time in their mansion
The article supposedly is speaking about the SDM inhabitants.

>Their skin will be burnt if someone throws roasted soybeans at them
So, they seem to share the some classic weaknesses of the eastern demons. Maybe they really are the same specie.

>Their main diet consists of the blood of humans. Those whose blood has been sucked by one will neither die nor become a ghost. They will turn into a zombie for a while before evaporating under the sunlight.

And now, How the fuck do vampires increase their number?.

>Although there are multiple known vampires in or around Gensokyo...
Awww fuck it.

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I personally would love to see more vampire characters introduced

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Now you're starting to know how I feel about this. Every time I think I've got a solid grip on something, here comes another random line straight out of the Land of Overwhelming Vagueness to royally screw up everything.

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"It's said that the racuous Scarlet Mist incident caused by that vampire was the first time the spell card rules were put to use."

Remi is the one who caused that incident. Even if you don't believe it, I have further evidence that it pretty much has to be her:

"If one refers to vampires that are known to exist in Gensokyo, they must be the Scarlet family living in the Scarlet Devil Mansion."

Whoever started that "Vampire Incident" pretty much started a small-scale war in Gensokyo. They gathered up hordes of followers. How they could possibly not be well-known, is something I can't figure out. There really isn't any other way to reconcile these two statements than to conclude that Remi or Flan did it, and Flan is always locked up in the basement, so...

Of course, this still allows lesser known vampires like Kurumi to have existed, regardless.

Then again, you could just say "PMiSS isn't reliable," which I agree with since it says a number of weird things, but...

Anyway, >>8652265's quote pretty much states that Vampires officially can increase their number by sucking the blood of others, which means that Akyuu is wrong about them turning into zombies. Or at least, even if they turn into zombies sometimes, that can't always be the case.

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Akyuu was paid off by Remilia to keep information vague enough about her. The Scarlet family has been controlling the media for centuries.

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>Although there are multiple known vampires in or around Gensokyo...
>If one refers to vampires that are known to exist in Gensokyo, they must be the Scarlet family living in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Fuck this shit, I'm out of here.

Black_Tewi.jpg up this fucker.

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The Vampire Incident is not the Scarlet Mist incident. It happened before the Spell Card Rules were created and is generally believed to one of the reasons they were made.


Scroll down to Backstory.

I personally still think it's too weirdly vague to just outright pin it on Remilia. But, if she really was the cause of it, then ok. I don't really have anything against the idea.

As for the turning people into zombies thing, generally as a rule of thumb you take what the Profiles say over anything else. They're one of the few sources of direct information that aren't fudged up with character perspective or anything. See: Shit like that line about Eirin being surprised to see Sakuya. That's not even referred to in any other media.

>> No.8652673

That's not what I was saying. I know that the Vampire Incident is not the Scarlet Mist incident, and also happened before it. I'm simply saying that the quote I gave pretty much says that the two culprits are the same.

But yes, I generally agree with you about everything here.

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Black_Tewi.jpg indeed. In the end I just try to have fun with things, but still try to jive with canon as much as I can.

Which is harder than you might think, considering there's no canon at all on a whole variety of subjects...


Ah, sorry. I wasn't sure if you were just trying to make a connection there or got it wrong or what.

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Rumias not a vampire, correct? Just a...youkai of undetermined nature

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Yes. Much like Meiling, she is (and this is the scientific term here) a "Fuck if I Know" Youkai.

She only stands out due to her Darkness manipulation abilities and the strange Charm in her hair (another off-hand remark from the Omnipotent Profile Narrator).

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It's just that Scarlet sisters are by far the most well known.

Just like everybody thinks of Dracula when somebody mentions vampires.

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Will ZUN ever touch upon Sakuya's mysterious origin again or just leave it at the brief vampire hunter theory?

>> No.8652746

"I blurred the finer details of Sakuya and Remilia's settings because I had planned to publicize
those somewhere eventually, but that occasion never arose (laugh)

What I will say is, Sakuya isn't from Gensokyo.
Sakuya Izayoi is a name given to her by Remilia, and her real name is different.

Anything else, I plan to reveal later, so for now, I'll keep my secrets. (laugh)"

Short answer: As far as we know, yes.

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Usually when vampire kills a human by drinking the blood that human will raise as a zombie/minion or something.

When they want that human to raise as a vampire they must feed him their blood.

That's how almost all RPG systems with vampires handle things.

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Don't forget this
>Eirin is very surprised to see Sakuya, but only Eirin knows the reason why.
Damn it, ZUN.

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I thought it was the other way around. If vampire gives some of his blood to a human, the human becomes a ghoul.

>> No.8652794 [DELETED] 


If that human is alive.

If it's dead and empty of blood then he becomes a vampire.

Vampirism is a curse carried by blood.

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If that human is alive.

If he's dead and empty of blood then he becomes a vampire.

Vampirism is a curse carried by blood.

>> No.8652799

So the process is to share your blood with a human completely sucked dry of their own blood?

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Some systems do it differently.

>> No.8652818

It's like creating a new succubus. You have to first drain a human of all their semen and then make them suck your futa succubus cock.

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Somewhere out in the less sane district of fanon, Rumia's presence is easily explained as being the beastial youkai stage of a grue.

Elsewhere, not so easily.

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This is my face when everyone forgets about Konngara
This is also Konngara's face when everyone forgets about Konngara

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It's hard to do anything with him considering he dropped off the face of existence along with all the other missing PC-98 folks

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Konngara. One of the first final bosses in Touhou history (to be specific, the boss of the Hell route in HRtP).
Why is it that everyone remembers Sariel, but no one remembers Konngara?
Even if you aren't able to play the PC-98 games, you should still read up on them.

>> No.8652918

Gensokyo was fuckin strange back then

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>It's hard to remember him

Konngara is a woman, but I can see how you mistook her for a man. She's rather handsome, for a woman.

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PC-98 games can hardly be considered canon. Reimu doesn't recognize Alice in PCB even though she had already battled with her once.

>> No.8652954

I wouldn't have recognized her either.

>> No.8652957

>PC-98 games can hardly be considered canon.
Speak for yourself.

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So, while we're at it... along with Rumia and Meiling, Konngara joins the thread as another mysterious creature.

"Astral knight" doesn't say a lot about what kind of being she is supposed to be.

>> No.8653001


PC-98 and Windows take place in a parallel universes. That's my theory.

>> No.8653038


Looks like some super early version of Yuugi.

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Then why does Reimu recognize Yuuka, even after Yuuka's appearance had changed?

My theory is that Reimu doesn't remember Alice because Alice was a PC-98 boss character who only appeared in one game.
Yuuka appeared in two PC-98 games, and she was a playable character in one. Mima appeared in four PC-98 games, and was playable in two. Mima is alluded to in Curiosities of Lotus Asia Chapter 25, when Reimu comments that the Hakurei Shrine was once taken over by an Evil Spirit for its god (something that Mima, an Evil Spirit, did).

So, Reimu remembers Yuuka and Mima because she spent more time with them, but she really only met Alice twice. Which she probably won't remember Konngara, because she only met her once.

>> No.8653079

One of the few theories that work is the one about current Reimu and Marisa being daughters of PC-98 Reimu and Marisa.

>> No.8653080

About that...

Official profile for Reimu in EoSD:
"Chronologically, this title is not too far from the previous title, thus her age stays the same as before."

Also, some stuff from interviews:

"Q: Do the canon of the PC-98 games still live?
A: Definitely they have not changed.
Nevertheless this is not to say that there is nothing canon other than what is said in the game, within the game
please think only that what is present is only bringing it to the surface."

"Q: What’s happened to the older characters? Like Alice, Yuka-san, and Mima-sama …
ZUN: Well, it would be a huge pain to try to bring in older characters all the time. They’d show up, and everyone would be, “Where have you been all this time!?” It’d be weird to fit them into the story. And, I’d rather make new characters. Of course, I won’t say they’ll never show up again … Hm, Genjii? Well, Reimu can fly, so she doesn’t need him anymore. *g* He’s kind of a Master Roshi character. But he’s a turtle, and turtles are long-lived. He’s probably peacefully living out his days in a pond behind the shrine."

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She does, doesn't she?
A lot of people speculate that she may be an Oni, perhaps even the Missing Deva.

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My mistake.



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>In the extra stages of Mystic Square, Alice defeated (and likely killed) PC-98 Reimu and Marisa, and sealed Mima inside the Grimoire of Alice. However, Alice failed to capture or kill Yuka. Yuka then ripped the pages Mima was sealed in claiming it was the "ultimate magic".
>After Mystic Square, Alice was threatened to be imprisoned inside Hokkai (Makai's prison for demons). But she escaped and became a fugitive from Makai.
>When she escaped she ended up in Gensokyo. She eventually settled in the Magic Forest because it would be hard for Makai demons to find her in there.
>For a while she hid herself in a house in the forest, never leaving for fearing she would be found. Eventually she got bored and wanted to leave the house for at least a few hours a day, so she made a large puppet using notes from her grimoire and charmed it so that she could use it as a medium. When she uses it she seals herself in a room with magic barriers and alarms in case someone tried to attack her directly. Alice Margatroid we see is really a puppet used by "young" Alice.

>> No.8653088

Also, I'd like to say that while Reimu didn't remember Alice, Alice certainly remembered Reimu. That means that Reimu simply forgot.

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>Of course, I won’t say they’ll never show up again

TOUHOU 14! I can feel it in my bones!
Watch ZUN troll us all by making Ruukoto appear instead of Mima or Shinki

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Reimu forgets a lot of things.
Like Genjii. We know that there's a turtle living in the pond in back of the shrine. If it's Genjii, then why doesn't Reimu visit him sometimes?

>> No.8653112

Isn't she supposed to be a Yaksha, not an Oni? I really don't think she's a Deva...

>> No.8653121


>> No.8653124


I'm pretty sure T14 is going to be something very different from the recent games.

ZUN finally finished introducing religions and their fight for believers into Gensokyo. Symposium of Post-mysticism is most likely supposed to close this arc.

>> No.8653133
File: 550 KB, 680x966, 3dd2835bbe4e6e516d80750dd52ee1eb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It says that on the Wiki, yeah, but there's a "Citation needed" link next to it, so it's probably speculation.
Besides, why would a nature spirit be living in Jigoku of all places?

>> No.8653137

How do you know she doesn't visit him?

We don't get a 100% live footage of her life you know.

I mean it's obvious that ZUN doesn't want any more references to the PC-98 games after Yuuka, he might have just pointed that one to the fans actually.

He's also slowly taking aspects of the PC-98 era canon and remixing it with the new games, for example, Reimu had a cat (her orb) before, to avoid mentioning it, ZUN made her get a new one (Orin).

>> No.8653148

I hope TH14 is a Phantasmagoria game. I love those.

>> No.8653158

Well, wiki does state this:
"Yaksha (夜叉 Yasha) are an ancient group of compassionate spirits that conducted subterranean treasures and are known as protective gods."
So, I guess...

But I'll admit that it sure doesn't look like there's any conclusive evidence that she's a Yaksha. In that case, it could be possible for her to be an Oni.

On the other hand, Yuugi and Kasen had "Hoshiguma" and "Ibaraki" in their names, which clearly identified them as Devas. Konngara doesn't have anything like "Torakuma" or "Kanakuma" in her name. Then again, Suika doesn't have anything like "Shuuten" in her name either...

Well, it's not a terrible theory, but I'm still not sure I accept it.

>> No.8653167
File: 577 KB, 1110x1000, a82bd91032fdd27593e482ab080de0f3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah... until ZUN comes out and says something definite, it really is just speculation.

>> No.8653197
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the greatest oni

>> No.8653209


hair is not green
not tohou
not Suika


>> No.8653228

Rather enjoying the thought of Konngara being some sort of ancestral figure of the Hakurei line, and something of a one-off nameless creature that may resemble a lot of things but isn't directly related to any of them.

Or, if you want to go out in the less sane fanon wilderness again, presuming she has a past as a Hakurei miko she could be the result of some kind of irresponsible spirit vanquishing. A sort of karma chimaera, if you wish.

>> No.8653252

I once had a completely off-the-wall theory that Konngara was a sort of tutelary kami of swordsmanship.

Obviously, I don't expect anyone to accept it, and I don't really accept it myself, but just throwing that out there.

>> No.8653290
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Last deva is going to have this kind of horn, is also going to show up in WaHH. Zun's wife told me this.

>> No.8653301

Her speech is forever ingrained on my dick.

>> No.8653310
File: 23 KB, 660x583, konngara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She does kind of look like a Hakurei, doesn't she?
Also, curse you, thread, you've made me go and draw Konngara.

>> No.8653337


I hope not.

This looks even worse than forehead horn.

>> No.8653396

Why are people picky about the horns? I never saw a problem with it.

>> No.8653476


Horns can look great, but they can also look like shit.

>> No.8653572



Okay, let's see...

Monstrous conflict on celestial plains back in good old days, defeated god of war plunges to Earth, somehow becomes a meteorite and lands in China. Qin Shi Huangdi finds meteorite, mistakes it as portent of the downfall of his dynasty, orders it destroyed. Remains end up with irresponsible armourer, incorporates shards in a sword - sword becomes well-renowned tool of demon vanquishing.

Fast forward to Japan, 1000 AD or so. Priest borrows holy weapons from overseas to combat local menacing demon. Vanquishing goes less than stellar, priest and attendants butchered - one shrine maiden captured as plaything and later snack. Demon gets careless and shrine maiden kills him with a lucky shot.
The sword is now religiously impure after having been touched by a woman, and so cannot be returned. Shrine maiden decides to make the best of things, goes on vanquishing demons on her own. Highly successful but becomes increasingly tainted, being unable to take the proper precautions - karma, losing part of yourself when you kill something, excess evil, what have you.
Shrine maiden returns to priest's successor and, through some means, has him father a daughter whom she later leaves to be raised by his family.

>> No.8653579


Some 20 years later. The shrine maiden's daughter has been raised to become an attendant like her mother. Religious roles have changed somewhat in the last decades, miko are now recognised as proper exorcists.
Miko goes on the hunt for what appears to be a particularly vile demon. Instead encounters some kind of indefineable creature that appears to be composed of every recognised demon, monster or spirit known in Far Eastern mythology (and has her nose). Creature appears to recognise her, the two of them fight it out, after long and bloody battle miko finally banishes the creature by sealing it in a different plane of reality. Miko founds a shrine on the site.

And deep under the Hakurei shrine, Konngara, first of the Hakurei, still sleeps.

It's crowded in the crazy theory department.

>> No.8653604
File: 498 KB, 262x200, 1330391076061.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dat theory.

>> No.8653636

Actually Lum had irridecent rainbow-like hair early in the manga. When UY was planned for animation it was changed to match Ten's hair.
I've often wondered if Zun was a UY fan as a kid. He is the right age and he wanted to play games with shrine maidens and Japanese folklore when it wasn't the style at the time.

>> No.8654319
File: 1.31 MB, 1280x822, 1309705102039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



It's nice to find some other people who like to go a little crazy with the theories and backstory ideas.

>> No.8655656
File: 311 KB, 1000x1414, 1bce9754d6abd9a9564632381c45c27db.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Touhou could use more western youkai.

A group of western devils would be nice.

And they could have a nice rivalry with SDM going on.

>> No.8655712
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Just.....Just take my money now

>> No.8655774
File: 1022 KB, 952x915, f5a1908e1baae91f98c4227d7e0c97c0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Considering that moon-people seems to believe that devils are ultra gay maybe Remi will finally get a rival for the title of Gensokyo's biggest lesbian.

>> No.8656306

So anyways, Koakuma is the Touhou version of imps?

Because that's what "lesser devils" should be.

>> No.8657435

I imagine so.

>> No.8657472
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Sorry, but Touhou needs Fuso and Yamato.

>> No.8657625


Problem is they are... well, to use a word that may be appropriate in this context, dead.

Do ships come with ghosts? Know ships certainly have kami (nearly everything does anyway), but does the kami persist if the thing it is associated with no longer exists? Would it remain as the kami of the history/legend/mythos of the thing, rather than itself? Like, the kami of the cultural significance and pop-cultural misconceptions of battleship Yamato, or the kami of the largely forgotten historical significance of superdreadnought Fuso?

>> No.8658423
File: 244 KB, 642x900, 69cf1319232d47dc0ac5099c75c3a7a347f9ba0c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright folks. I've got some rambling to do, and since this seems to have turned into a bit of a random speculation thread, might as well dump it here.

Meiji 17, 1884 by the Japanese calender. Directly referenced in Hong Meiling's Theme "Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17".

It was the year of the Sino-French War and the year just before the Hakurei Border was created. It was also during this time that a French Concession existed in Shanghai, France being one of the theorized countries of origin of the Scarlet sisters. Finally, teachings of T'ai chi chu'an had begun to spread beyond the original creating family line which had kept it a guarded secret for generations.

I was rather bored at work today, and I thought it was an interesting tidbit hidden within what is normally shrugged off as Engrish-licious song titles and ignored Music commentary.

>> No.8661530


It all makes... slightly more sense than no sense at all now.