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So does /jp/ even have the same userbase since at least early 2009-2010? Do any of you take meds? I mean you people just don't feels the same, you were all a lot more out of society's norms and such. Now everybody feels like they are well off normal people with no problems in the world. I mean right now the front page seems normal and decent but its rare. something is still off, its not really like its a small family of shut in anymore that understand each other.

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a good metathread, to help out, the quality of this board.

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If you're not in a frat then you need to get the fuck out.


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We never used to talk about autism and dicks. Its turned into a bunch of emo dick suckers.

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You could suck my cock if you want, dude?

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>So does /jp/ even have the same userbase since at least early 2009-2010?

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I mean its better than late 2010 when this place was being over run by whatever those crazy people were. Its really nice and controlled now and not out of control, the only problem i would say i that you guys need to be more elite and mean and push away the outsiders. you guys are not acting like the old /jp/ did, you have to be more protective of your home and then /jp/ will be family again.

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There are no outsiders here. Just bored regulars and frustrated autists.

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I've been here since the beginning. This is the main board I post on (the others are /ck/, /p/, and /f/), although I don't really write up long posts like I did in the past. Maybe I should start back up.

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Two metathreads complaining about the quality. This sure is going to help /jp/.

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>elitist? /jp/ was never elitist.

you mean quality control.

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one now.

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Hey mod. Fuck off? Just being fair here but it should be first come first served. This thread should have been aced.

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i was the op of that thread silly.

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I've been here off and on since February 2009.

I don't really see a point in being protective of the board anymore... Between how different it is and meido's relative effectiveness, I have no motivation.

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I've been lurking for about six months now.
/b/ got boring and /a/ just didn't like me.

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True /jp/ would never post such a lewd picture, this farce ends here.

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I'd imagine most of the original /jp/sies killed themselves.

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ive been on /jp/ since 2002 lol

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Not me at least. Still taking it easy here. Unfortunately there's not much reason to post these days.

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It looks nice.

...Yeah, I don't bother, either.

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I am one of the few old enough to remember our ancestral home with clarity.

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Did you also get banned for being a pedophile?

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Been here since day 1.

Don't take meds though I do have ADD

Don't think that's what you're after though, you probably think people are horribly retarded when in fact, we're not.

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It's almost as if people change.

Shocking, I know.

I used to post here seriously but I stopped giving a shit about weeaboo culture and 2hu years ago. Now I just shitpost and pretend you guys are my friends to stave off the eventual descent into insanity.

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not a real illness

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Never claimed it was an illness, just that I don't take meds for it.

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I shiggidy diggidy...

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I got to /jp/ in august 2010. I can see some of my posts on the archive that are the farthest back I can find anyways.

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I am here
hell yeah mother fucker!


I have servere A.D.H.D. and depression

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We need quality control.

Any idiot can post shit and trying to fit in(elitism). This clearly doesn't work just look at /a/.

It's all about having standards and good taste.

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>good taste
nobody on /jp/ gives a hell about taste
gb2 /a/ fagface

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I stopped posting so much about certain things because someone could look in the archive and see my posts about those things going back for years. To them, it would just seem like I was bragging or I had something wrong with me.

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What in the fuck are you talking about?

Have you seen their 'post your anime folder' threads? Most of them have about 10 or 20 series.

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I actually just go back and find the post, then repost it with a few edits to make it fit the thread or who I was responding to.

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speak for yourself.

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Is that you, good old days-kun?

All joking aside, I came here in 08, though I didn't become a regular until late 09.
I'm not into touhou, vns or idols, though I guess I'm here because the alteratives aren't as good.
I mostly lurk.

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I'm still here from sometime in 09 I think. But...
>I used to post here seriously but I stopped giving a shit about weeaboo culture and 2hu years ago. Now I just shitpost and pretend you guys are my friends to stave off the eventual descent into insanity.
I think that's the perfect description.

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I imagine most of /a/ only pretend to be elitist or experienced with anime to try and fit in.

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We should have a /jp/ survey: which is more important: taking it easy or getting mad at people's tastes in recreational activities.

We don't need to do that bc I already know the results.

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I'm glad there's less True NEET bullshit these days. That was never part of /jp/'s original culture (even you refer to 09-10 rather than 08). There have always been posters on /jp/ who have jobs, go to school, don't blog about being a depressed hikki, or whatever other things extremists say makes someone a normal.

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Yeah, there were always normal people who joined in with us crazy people, but now that most of the crazy people have left the normals have a far greater percentage.

Personally I liked it better when we were mostly all crazy, or at least pretended to be.

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god. you just don't understand.

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I think you're confusing "true NEET" with "NEET". You don't have to shit on the floor or be scum of the Earth, but if you're a student or employed then you simply do not belong here.

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>I used to post here seriously but I stopped giving a shit about weeaboo culture and 2hu years ago.
I can't get into anything any more. I made a list of this season's anime I want to watch and downloaded the first episodes, but I'll never get around to starting. I've got a big backlog of games and movies to watch as well. I have the entire day free and the whole internet worth of entertainment, yet I have nothing to do.

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stay angsty and deep dude

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You just don't ~get~ it, man.

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I doubt there have ever been many people on /jp/ who are "normal" by any reasonable definition of the word. It's just that a vocal minority has a very black and white "if you're not a shut-in you're a normalfag" mindset.

I've been coming to /jp/ to make on-topic posts for years. I belong here more than people who only shitpost and start blog threads.

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You have heard me tell this story
Many times before you sleep
This time listen carefully

And I will tell you once again
But this time understand that what I'm telling you.
Every single word is true.

You need to know.

There was another who came before you
He was a hero and your brother and my son.
He fought the darkness, the darkness won.

And he fought bravely, and he died bravely
But he was forsaken by the ones he wished to save.
And when he died he died in vain.

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What's going on here?

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File: 104 KB, 1024x576, Ch4.Carthage.The.Roman.Holocaust.576p.HDTV.x264.AAC.MVGroup.org.mkv_snapshot_01.26.15_[2012.03.03_00.29.05].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know the feeling.

I now spend most of my time just watching random documentaries and late night shows. Right now I'm watching some show about how Rome ransacked Carthage, stole their technology, and completely rewrote their history to make them into savages. An hour ago I was watching a documentary about rogue baboons.

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faggot what do you say to all the cancer from

at this point jp needs quality control to keep shitposters out. metathreads are thus neccasary.

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> There have always been posters on /jp/ who have jobs, go to school, don't blog about being a depressed hikki

This is what normalfags actually believe.

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I was here the night /jp/ was created. I still remember Idolfags trying justify their stay in /jp/ and /jp/ becoming elitist and angry to scare off anyone new.

It's sad to see the state this board is in. I was barely on for the past few days because of the shitpost. It's quite pathetic to think some people find this fun to do. You may as well kill yourself.

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Stop blaming the low quality on-topic posts and shit attitude of the board on imaginary shitposters.

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Not believing in shitposters is like not believing in janitors. Evidence of their existence is all around you every day.

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I'm there since 2010. /jp/ really has changed and now it's full of disgusting normals. They ruin this board. Just take a look on this thread.

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I highly recommend drugs if you need something to kickstart your brain and get some new found motivation.
Legal ones work. Anti-depressants and stimulants are great. You will feel reborn and filled with motivation.
At least at the beginning...

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agreed. it's appalling how much normals are in this board. i wonder if it's just /a/ being faggots and infesting this once-secluded oasis on 4chan. it was really nice. we almost never got troll posts, we were pretty much immune to that. no one cared to come here except the few hikki/neet/betas, and people that appreciated good VNs and Touhous without being massive faggots like those on /a/, 13 year olds on /v/ (not that it's a bad board but it has the most 13 yr olds and normalfags).

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I smoked weed once and lost the motivation to go to classes anymore.

Probably the stupidest mistake I ever made. Fuck drugs.

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Don't blame the weed for your own shortcomings you miserable piece of shit.

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Fuck off already.

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I'm unemployed, a shut-in and insane.
So, what do you expect me to do?

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You guys seem upset.

You mad that your marijuana savior is being ignored by everyone?

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>dont blame the precious, the precious is perfect, the precious can do no wrong!

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am i wrong?
am i wrong dudes?

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Been here since the beginning.

I honestly prefer the Athens troll threads than the shit we have now.

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ur rong

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i cringed.

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What the fuck. Don't steal my gimmick, faggot.

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show me the proof im wrong or im right

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No, you stole MY gimmick

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Where did you get the image from then, jerklord?

I'll show you to not original gimmick do not steal!

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and I was prepared to have a battle of wits with you
you have made it clear you are unarmed..
I will pray for you
God bless

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I drew the entire thing by hand in paint.

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Now, this is some misconception you have there. It's a common one among normalfags, so allow me to explain.

Normalfaggotry means wanting to lead a socially accepted life. You can be a complete failure in life and still be a normalfag (in fact, this is the most common type on 4chan, actual normal people have no time to post here), you just need to do normalfag things like liking 3D and appeal to social norms as if they were some kind of meaningful authority in general.

Conversely, you can have a job and be a part of /jp/ - as long as you're a solitary person doing it solely to feed himself and fund his hobbies.