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I've never felt so ashamed in my life

I recently started trying out those hypnotism masturbation tracks, and have been enjoying them so far. Then I heard about this masochistic one that requires you to ready half a mug of warm milk. I figured it would involve lactation, which I am totally into.

Long story short, I ended up being forced get on all fours like a cow and stir the milk with my dick. Then she made me jack off into it and drink it.

Didn't taste that bad, but I'll never be the same. How was your day, /jp/?

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Sounds kawaii as fuck, next time do it on webcam!

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I was planning on eating a bowl of corn flakes, but thanks to you I think I'll just eat a fruit.

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You are literally a homosexual.

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Watched the entire 4th series of fringe, had a wank and played some LoL.

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corn flakes are shit, crunchy nut is where its at

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It could have been worse, consider yourself lucky you did not listen to something even more lewd and embarassing~

As for my day, light crossdressing, played a bit minecraft, and read a book.

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Where can I acquire the said tracks, kind sir?

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I too would like to know.

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Somewhere here maybe?

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>I ended up being forced get on all fours like a cow and stir the milk with my dick

You weren't forced, you know, you did it willingly.

You gay faggot.

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There's nothing gay about it. Stop being so insecure and grab a glass of milk.

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How do these work? Any wikis?

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That shits never worked for me. I'm envious, cause I have a hypno fetish.

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I could upload some to mediafire for you if you want..
The few i have on my pc are rather lewd and p0n0s related though, and not all of them are "hypnosis" ones either.

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What do you mean they aren't all hypnosis? Does that mean some are just orders instead of suggestions or what?

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bump for this.

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You unrar and play them in the MP3 player of your choice.

For the hypnosis tracks, it helps to know Japanese

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if i remember right and its the same ones he posted a month or two ago some of those are more like some form of erotic music with lewd undertones.

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Anonymous ze Saten-sama, could you perhaps, as well, upload your collection of sex toys and any other relevant things you would think interest /jp/.
I, for one, am highly interested.

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Yes something like that, i found them on /d/ quite sometime ago in one of their hypnosis threads.

Uploading them to mediafire now, will take around 15~Min 340MB.

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Don't feel ashamed at all.
So long as it felt good.

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As ashamed as I am to admit it, I use the shitty hentai upload blogs to get the latest ero voice CDs. They seem to get them off of share faster than I can.

It is embarassing.

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There you go.

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Can we get that toys business?

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Eh? upload my sex toys? but they are 3D, how am i supposed to upload something like that.
Unless you want me to take pictures of them, but that would just be way too lewd.

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>Unless you want me to take pictures of them
yeah that's what I meant
>but that would just be way too lewd.
it can't be helped

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Avatars are against the rules of this website.
Do you want to get banned again?

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Reaction image/= avatar.
learn the difference it could save your life

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We'll let the mod decide that.

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tasting your own cum will turn you gay

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whats the healing story about?

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Some of these mp3's man.

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Well come on now!

You've got us all excited.

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That is gay gay gay as HELL, dude

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Well that is the point.

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i tried a couple of those hypo-beatoff tracks and they didn't fucking work.

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We need more binaural hypno tracks

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When i snap my finger, you will realize that Alice it your one and only true waifu. Forget about all other 2D girls. You will love Alice. *snap*

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I am sadly not really proficient enough in Japanese for these tracks to work. I get what they are talking about, but there is actually only every odd sentence or so that I actually understand.

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It really depends on you. If you keep letting your attention slip, or intentionally go against it ("HURR IM 2 STRONG WILLED BUT IM GOING TO LISTEN TO THIS IRONICALLY XDDDD") like a dumbass, it's not going to work. You literally have to make yourself open to suggestion and be very relaxed. It took me about three tries before it worked for me. Before that, I only dribbled precum.

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I bet you'll do it again.

i doubt OP listened to any japanese hypnosis

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The picture used in the OP is the cover picture of the Japanese hypnosis voice he used, dipshit, so yes.

I personally ignore the hypnosis ones because I think they're silly, but I listen the shit out of the others

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Alright you bloody pillock, let's settle this outside the pub

Thank you! Great collection. The most recordings are new to me.

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All of a sudden i wish to slurp on some bread

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The fucking baker tricked you too?

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re those in english?

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i like the ones in which the girls get throatfucked and then gangraped until their minds break

the pandora h-audio tracks were quite good, the voice acting really conveyed the sense that the girls were breaking from too much pleasure

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What's an example of a work by pandora, doesn't sound familiar

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The only "hypnotism" shit I tried was listening to an eternally 17 year old woman counting sheep so I can fall asleep listening to her soothing goddess-like voice. It didn't involve any milk, stirring or genitals so I think you either got ripped off or you're a cocksucking cumguzzler and should get your ass stuffed right now, OP.

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i guess the proper name would be pandra

it's the h-audio that came with erect sawaru's volume 2 release

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That swallow by isabella is my favourite, tonight i will do something really lewd.

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Got a link?

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I don't know what the fuck this is or whether or not I am going to pop a boner.

Fuck it, I got nothing better to do.

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these filenames kinda scare me, i want to listen to them but im worried i may turn into something weird

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Tried to taste my own cum once. instant regret once it entered my mouth.

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You're all terribly lewd. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Nothing wrong with lusting for penises.

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Improve your diet.

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My diet is fine, and the taste itself was okay.
But then came the after taste of shame.

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>Ashamed of eating your own cum

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Who are you quoting?

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Well it's less shameful to eat someone else's cum, because at least that's sharing intimacy.

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>Eh? upload my sex toys? but they are 3D, how am i supposed to upload something like that.
Upload a 3d model and I'll craft a copy on my 3d printer.

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If you're going to do that, might as well have saten send you a 3d model of his penis, so you can turn it into a sex toy.

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I would rather have a 3D model of his anus or mouth.

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Yeah, no. That would be gay.

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That's the point.

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Not sure how to feel about this, a little happy and a little scared.
Would it not be easier if i just told just told you the name of the toys instead? this way you could buy your own! much cheaper than a 3D printer.

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I picture you with a small smooth dick and balls.

How close am I? Would your tiny cock shiver and cum from hard anal stimulation?

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Close, replace small/tiny with average/normal size and you would be spot on, wait how did the conversation shift to this..
I will leave this thread now, have fun~

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Glad to see i'm not the only one

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Meh, I rather just play Real Kanojo if I wanted to listen to women talk all day.

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Oh god, don't remind me of that game.

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Why did you give the archives such innocent names and those MP3's such saten-worthy names...

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Where might I acquire this audio track?

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I'm guessing these are all in Japanese?

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Uncle Mugen made me cum without touching myself.