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What happened to this?

They won't be making a full episode?

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They got the hair accessories on while bathing. No wonder why it got canceled.

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Last one was released at Comiket 80. Assume this one will be released at Winter Comiket or the Comiket after.

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A Touhou can never remove her accessories, because most fans are too stupid to recognize her without them.

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What is this?

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So first one used tEoSD as opening and PCB as main plot.

This one used SA as opening so UFO will most likely be the main plot.

Aren't they skipping too much stuff?

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I wish they released this PV in BD quality.

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/jp/ can't even tell them apart as soon as the colors are removed, don't be too tough on people.

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I made several gifs in various silly sizes back at the release, but never got a chance to post them.

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Should we have another go at the colorless chart and see how well /jp/ does now?

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You can't be serious.

Everybody would recognize all of them in that scene.

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Madhouse like, Entreprise Quality 手描き animation.

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Dude, I love you.

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I just wasted half an hour for this.

Damn you moving Cirno.

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>>>/a/nime goes in

It's not because it's Touhou that we're going to make an exception.


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You fucker need to watch this it's up on youtube and really fucking good

The theme and OP for MoP2 MAKES MY DICK ROCK HARD, but sadly I doubt they'll get to it ;_;

even more sad is Okuu would probably be in it since she's in the OP and I know /jp/ is full of Okuu fags.

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Shut the fuck up.

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neo-/jp/ in a post.

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So all this was is a 2 minute short? There isn't a full length anime of it?

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Everybody is clean, shaved and smooth in Gensokyo.

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Just get the fuck off this board. You have no idea what belongs here. This thread isn't off topic in the slightest.

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This is a PV for the second episode.

First episode is out.

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The animation and art are incredible but Yuugi and Sanae's breasts are simply too large.

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Nobody has a penis? What'tha fuck?

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Mind spoonfeeding us?

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Did they ever get all the voice work done for the first episode?

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Polite girls keep their penis tucked between their legs so as to not distress other girls with their thick, throbbing erection.

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I lol'd

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Ahaa, that explains why there is no shading. Since there is no depth.

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Why do Japs bathe together?

That's gay as hell.

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Better than porn.

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Is this post bad or good?

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why is she so fat? look at that stomach i almost vomited

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Because they were never corrupted by christian morality.

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Think of sauna? Just how gay is that!

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You would think this is the closest thing to Touhou video porn.
Be grateful /jp/.
Even if i'm laughing.

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And Sakuya has large breasts ;_;

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Because little girl anatomy.

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I was there ;D

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it was up for the whole several minutes until either some butthurt babby reported it or the uploader deleted it himself.

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Canon Sakuya isn't flat at all.

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It was up for more than an hour.

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I wish they would've made an IN episode

Oh well

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Yeah. They are moving too fast.

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Cuz paddo.

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dai chan doesn't look really dai here

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Kaguya looks like a character from Katanagatari

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you probably mean Yamada?

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your face is padded. sakuya's boobs are 100% real. the touhoes live in a medieval setting, there's no way they could get silicone or other materials, as well as specialists needed to make pads.

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Just because you are looking for the wrong thing.

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Is it just me or you can actually see their slits?

Just look at Meiling.

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And her canon portraits been made with a computer. That vary. Though if you are loyal to creator. She is flat. Now suck my tit please.

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oh god plz some1 post this

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Yes you can. It doesn't bother me in any way though because it's not in a sexual context. Yuugi and Sanae's fake breasts do bother me however.

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SDM moved to Gensokyo in 2002.

I wouldn't be surprised if they had internet.

But yeah, this pad shit is retarded.

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she is flat in the zungames. so is yukari, yuyuko, yuugi etc. but i don't see them getting a following of "LOLPADS XD" even though they all get tits in the fighters.

can't have internet without cables or satellites and an account at some internet provider. i doubt any of those can go through the border, so no internet for the medieval cavemen of gensokyo.

also no electricity.

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Well, decide for yourself.

Yeah sure is. Everyone knows Sakuya is flat.

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Kappa have electricity, and the Moriyas are working to provide power to Gensokyo proper.
As for internet, surely something could be worked out. I don't know why you'd need it in such a small, self-contained place though.

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They have electricity. Reimu wanted to sell electricity in WaHH.

And if humans can sometimes cross the border I don't see why a wireless net wouldn't.

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I simply don't see why anyone in Gensokyo would have a use for the internet.

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So that Kappa could play YoukaiCraft?

But seriously, I bet the likes of Moriyas, Yakumos and maybe SDM have outside world tech.

Youkai mountain have tech better than outside world.

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I see it.

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the border would stop it. i doubt some wireless modem is powerful enough to pierce the border with its weak radio waves.

and probably wouldn't have enough range to reach any access point.

also what >>8642768 said.

gensokyo's mostly medieval farmers. they don't even know what a tv or computer is, other than evil magic that has to be destroyed.

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Gensokyo doesn't have outside tech. Gensokyo doesn't need any kind of tech. Gensokyo is a peaceful place without the noise and problems this world has.

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Yukari use cell phones. Youkai mountain inhabitants use advanced technology. Sanae obviously took some stuff from the outside world with her.

And if cell phones work in Gensokyo internet would also work.

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That is because of drastic growth.

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Those work with spiritual connection you nerd.

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Sure is medieval.

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That vagina close-up is incredibly lewd and invasive...

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I want to pour sake in there and drink it with a straw.

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Why must you bring up things I'll never accomplish?

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I really hope somebody will make a 20 min long Touhou fanservice video.

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Stupid adorable Sanae.

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Did you or anybody save a download of it?
I'd be very interested in getting one.

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>So first one used tEoSD as opening
what? there was no EoSD in the first animu at all.

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The first episode being about the stolen donation box?

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no, wrong doujin circle

the first one was PCB for babbies in 15 minutes

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I love non-lewd nude Touhous

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Delicious smooth pussy lips.

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Somebody has to have saved this, please share it with the rest of us.

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Did some hunting; is this the one?

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Here's a teaser image I made just for you.

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try this one:
in 720p.

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oh wait, I forgot about megaupload. sorry. try looking around XDCC parsers for the 720p.

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It's dumb.

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You should share it anyway.

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Found a mediafire link on 4chan/rapidshares. Thanks.

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on news.is-fabulo.us,
>[StrikeS-Ayako] Touhou Unofficial Doujin Anime - 01v2 - A Summer Day's Dream [DVD][01B590DC].mkv
is the doujin anime from way way back, about the stolen donations box, and was (to my knowledge) never followed up on. Not the same doujin circle.

>[EveTaku] Touhou Gensou Mangekyou vol. 1 (848x480 H264 AC3&AAC)[be023288].mkv
nyaa only has the 848x480 of EveTaku's subs, and only the 848x480 raws, because of its policy that you cannot have 720p DVD-sourced anime, 720p is only for blu-rays. (though the video source is from a DVD, it actually has more detailed visual quality than your typical DVD; I guess you can fit 15 minutes of 720p video on a single DVD)
The original 720p was hosted on MU; I don't think EveTaku has XDCC bots (not entirely sure though), and #NEWS doesn't seem to have it either.

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I wonder who did steal the donation box and library books and food and tea. Was it some sort of hoarding youkai?

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DVD-Video doesn't support vertical resolutions higher than 480 for NTSC and 576 for PAL.

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It was that jewhu Youmu

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i dont suppose this will ever be posted will it?

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We are all going to die without knowing who did it.

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I don't think the DVD raws came in DVD video format. They might have put an *,avi file on a DVD-R or something.

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Highly doubtful.

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It's not that good anyway

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Trust me, this is horrible. You do NOT want to see this.

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I think it's been proven that nobody cares if it's bad or not, just post it already.

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i have a ton of really bad touhou videos. I would still like to see it. i doubt i ever will though since 4chan is almost never helpful and i don't even have a real name to go off of.

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It's not real, you're getting trolled. Why do you think the info was scribbled out?

If you've ever lurked /x/, this is basically /jp/ trying to pull a Grifter.

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pig disgusting body proportions do not want

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Oh god, the softest Touhou's back does not work that way.

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Bingo. Exactly what I needed.

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Dear God.

Even Myonchichi couldn't save these images.

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does that data link even work?

this is the full game btw


I suck at mahjong though

>> No.8643654

I can assure you that all three mediafire links are the real deal.
All the good stuff without the mahjong to deal with.

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>that art
>that animation
>that voice acting

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I still came

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Youmu? No... this is Yuyuko! Because... THE BODY!!!!!!!

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I want Touhou porn with this level of quality.

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I assume you mean animated right? Because there's some pretty fantastic H artists.

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I hope animated doujins are the future.

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This doujin... This fucking doujin...

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Hopefully it'll be better than picture related.

Was wonderful, yes. To be fair though the art was only the icing. The situation was what I enjoyed the most.

>> No.8645146


This and that shota in SDM series are the best doujins in recent memory.

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There's quite a lot of really good quality touhou doujins. This one was fucking golden.

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Any particular examples you like? I'm pretty fond of those three with Yukari x beta male, picture related.

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(ad nauseam)

I really wish you guys stopped misusing the word. I'm not even sure what it is that you want to say, but I can assure it's not even close to what you actually do say.

If you mean porn, say porn. If you mean doujin releases, add some noun to it. The word used alone simply cannot be parsed in any way other than as referring to the publishing circle.

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I hope this 2min sequence is the ending of their next episode.

Skipping MoF and IN like that is just stupid.

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it is lewd you cunt

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Why so prudish?

>> No.8645727

he's underage and a catholic christian. that's why.

>> No.8645735

Are you implying that only catholics are capable of strigent morals or that the unreligious are all debauched perverts?

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File: 1.53 MB, 1766x2658, 1291391650499.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That body shape is rather funny. Also please spoiler.

>> No.8645745

Catholics are lewd as fuck.

>> No.8645748

you're right, islamists are also fucked in the head like that.

>> No.8645754


I just recently realized how much I want to have fun with her.

It was like a revelation. I never even liked her that much before.

>> No.8645776

reality and the image they project of themselves are 2 different things. they could be the most depraved, sick necrophiliacs, but when online or in bigger groups they will present themselves as saints.

>> No.8645857

You know a lot of catholics?

>> No.8645887

yeah, i do. i live in a country still infested with them like with cockroaches.


i also see enough of them on american tv to know yours are just as bad as ours.

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Already made one long ago.
Yeah that water effect around Cirno made lining it up a little frustrating.

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Nitori, take off your clothes. You look silly.

>> No.8645933

>they could be the most depraved, sick necrophiliacs, but when online or in bigger groups they will present themselves as saints.

So just like everyody else, huh?

I mean, you are here on /jp/. You could be a dangerous pedophile who buried several children in his backyard, but here you are spouting about morals.

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It lacks Cirno's delicious lolibelly here>>8642633

>> No.8645966

Why is it thinner than the other caps?

>> No.8645977

You can see her belly button its just harder to see.

>> No.8645990

Well you can's see her butt.

>> No.8646014

There was like 5 frames on Cirno jumping in, had to pick one of them.

Is it? I noticed the guy way above me seems to have a more saturated color scheme, but i'm using pretty much flatline everything. Its probably the file I got right during comiket.

>> No.8646021

didn't say anything about morals, just my hate for religious people.

i like 2d girls and traps only. real stuff makes me sick, so i never go outside of my room, much less house.

>> No.8646075

Anyone else like how Okuu's wings were so tiny and useless before she ate the Yata? They're so cute I want to just nibble on them till I arouse her.

>> No.8646085


Yeah, she went from cute to badass too quickly.

>> No.8646094


That's just part of Okuu's charm.

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test post

>> No.8651027

What did you want to test?