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Apparently never posted here, but Komajou Densetsu's official English patch was out a month ago.

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Gah. Why does this art have to be so *pretty*? I don't even really like the gameplay from what I've seen of it, but I find myself drawn to it just because it's so fucking gorgeous to look at

I wasn't supposed to be this shallow ;_;

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I love the art, too, but I've tried the game and I'm not that into the gameplay either.

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I love the art and adore the gameplay enough that I've invested well over 50 hours on both games. So there.

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can someone tell mem where can i download this game? zorry but im from /v/

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Oh thank god.

They went offline a few months ago. I was worried they were out of the radar for good. Hopefully they will release something new this year.

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Hasn't the game always been in english?

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No? Why would you think that?

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There is this wonderful, marvelous tool given to us by the gods named Google. Surely, a pious individual wouldn't come to the mecca of 4chan and not know this, correct?

Submit all your faith to Lady Kanako!

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Because I played the game last year and it was in english...

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Dude, the english patch was made like, a year after the first game was made, I know because I played it.

This also happened for the second game, except that patch was made waaay quicker.

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so will there ever be a 3rd game? I love the second one to death, its fantastic

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sure why not

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I can only hope. If we keep following the formula we'll be playing as Youmu next.
I desperately want to see the MoF cast in this art style...

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>official English patch

Learn to read.

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the ost alone made both games great

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Reimu Belmont always cheers me up

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You know, I've never played the first game...was it good? It looked good.

I hope the bosses aren't so rigidly patterned in the next game.

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the first game feels... clunky, just a little but its still quite good
with the 2nd they pretty much perfected the gameplay

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What was the artist's name again?

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Aaaugh, Marisa. She was such a beast on hard mode in the second game.

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banpai akira. Or something close to that

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Spot on. Thanks anon!

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yeah, fucking triple cannon attack

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Beautiful Baka

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I had the most trouble with these 2 bitches

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Fucking everything about Marisa.
Fucking earthlight ray spam, fucking shooting stars in your face every time you try to attack, fucking moving JUST SLIGHTLY to far down with her master spark and wrecking you...
I do love the shit out of her voice acting and how well her different quotes flow together though.

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fucking nun
the fight with reimu belmont was awesome

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Yuyuko was intimidating with all her big attacks, but she wasn't to bad. Use the whole arena.
Also, dat music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ29_mzI3Bw&feature=related
Yukari was pretty tricky. That part of her pattern where she summons Ran and Chen while spraying bullets always got me.

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She was easy as hell once your knew her pattern.

I think you just had to get in the tiny stairs on the right of the room and crouch for the random laser attacks.

Only Reimu was a bit uneasy to handle (on hard mode that is), after you get her ying yang orb, the game is won bar a bit more platforman.

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I remember getting fucking killed by the dam red butterlfy even though I had already defeated that bitch and I was like WTF
as for yukari, the part where she summons chen and ran gets really annoying, its impossible to dodge that shit on hard

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Wait, you could set extra mode to hard?

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Oh great, now I'm going to have to reinstall the game and do everything again. I'm going to have to relearn those fucking extra stage archers.

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they should make flandre the final boss in a future 3rd game

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Why have this game a french translation? Why french? Why not german?

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Because you Holocaust'ed people thus deserve no pity, consideration or translations.

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Come on... japanese people love german.

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>Why have
Go back to school, Hans.

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I remember hearing that they are interested to do 3rd.

What do you guys want for the 3rd. The same concept or going Metroidvania?

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The term you're looking for is dark or maybe gothic. Drop the grim.
Because she's not even supposed to be in the game. She just wanders there looking for Marisa.

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Lurk more.

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I would personally love a Metroidvania Koumajou Densetsu game. But the old style of Castlevania is fine too.

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so if the first game had reimu and second sakuya, and if the third was a metroidvania it could have both reimu and sakuya as extra character modes, like cv sotn had richter and maria modes.

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Official english patch for the first one or the second?

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Second. First one's had an English translation for ages.

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The final fight on hard in the first game = motherfucking imposssible

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What was the final boss of the first game? I don't remember past the initial easy Remilia fight.

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remilia>boss rush, all previous bosses minus cirno >remilia again, this time with stronger attacks.

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Oh, right...are Alice and Suika included on hard mode?

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I don't think so. The difficulty was getting past Patchy&Meiling in that small fucking room. And then final Remilia 2shots you -> ragequit

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