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Why is Udon considered useless?

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they can't handle it.

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Donno, lol.

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Take it easy!

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Because she is.

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Her power is useless, seeing how everyone in gensokyo is already nuts.

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She has awesome powers though. She can fuck with people's mind and either bring them joy or despair. Isn't that awesome?

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One of the reasons is because her functions on the fightning games we're only overlapping better ones with less strategy/less damage.
When they launched the last SWR patch(for the latest fightning game), Udonge got VERY much tweaked, specially her attack's damage, in general.
Anyways, you can't consider her that good when compared to Marisa or other easy-type characters with even more specific type of attacks that you can control better than this bitch.

In the Doujin world of Gensokyo, she's much teased, even by Tewi, and she sometimes mess up everything on certain Doujins.
In other words: she's just a BAWWW bitch.

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She has very fuckable ears that's for sure.

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i want to tear her ears off

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A commendable goal, I say.

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>bring them joy
do want

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Because Tewi is better.

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She’ll be doing everyone a favor by killing herself.

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She is not useless. Her body is perfect for whoring and useful as a lab ra- I mean bunny.

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Your posts made Reisen sad

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Reisen gets blamed for everything other people do in Eientei. If there is even a spec of work not done, it's her fault entirely in Eirin's eyes. The fact that she’s the only one ever doing work kind of fucks her over, and she can’t leave because she feels somewhat indebted to Kaguya for taking her in during the “war” of the moon (wherein the Lunarians almost fucked themselves over by messing with the ignorant but more powerful Earth, though I think the fiasco was settled peacefully). Also the fact that she’s seen as an animal and a pet but not an actual person.

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Tewi is horrible and disgusting and nobody who has a valid opinion likes her.

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Hey, nobodies arguing with that!

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I now am.

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You are now manually sucking.

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It kinda depends on what Tewi we are talking about.

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Tewi Inaba. You know, the horrible and disgsuting one?

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Because, you know, it actually happened that way.

I'm not being sarcastic.

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Well, there is this one doujin where she is somewhat loveable.

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What the hell is going on on that pic? Ran telling Chen a story about lunarians being slaughtered by americans?

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"Behold, Chen!"

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One doujin as opposed to the rest wherein she can rot in hell. Reisen is lovable always because of her body.

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The number of doujins is irrelevant since Im only referring to that one douijn. I could give a crap about the rest.

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someone post the link to the entire "i'm a useless bunny only good for my sex appeal" doujin please

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That one doujin is not the common perception of her personality. She's usually a bitch and is therefore pretty much a bitch.

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Do want.

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Does anyone else think that Reisen's ears are horribly rumpled because of some war wound?

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that's the drunkards at eientei doujin

go find it yourself faggot

i suspect some faggot might post it for you anyway so they can feel useful however

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Drunkards in Eintei.

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Reisen had her uses. At least she is useful because of her sex appeal. That doll maker in the Forest of Magic on the other hand...

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What loveable Tewi doujin are you speaking of?

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god the art is soooo bad.

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I lol´d.

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Omchicken's art is good enough for fapping.

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Rock beats scissors.

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That's gonna hurt.

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Go back to work.

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