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A living god or a half-dead human? Which would you

Sanaetits/General. Other mountain gods are welcome as well.

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which one is Sanae? The green one?

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Stop making filthy threads about pure and wonderful Touhou characters!

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The purest~

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Half-dead human is better.

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a dyke and a whore.

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Youmu is such a good girl.

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Youmu is the softest and purest Touhou. She has no evil desires, unlike Sanae...

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How to Collect Decent Pictures Without Spending Hours Searching Danbooru

1. Make thread about two Touhous, generally ones that having opposing fandoms
2. Put down the Touhou you want pictures of and identify the thread as being about the other Touhou
3. Collect pictures of desired Touhou
4. (Fap?)
5. everythingwentbetterthanexpected

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I like Sanae a lot but you can't really compete against Youmu.

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Sanaefags vs Youmufags? Fuck this dickwaving.

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The real question is, why is Sakuya so much better than either of them?

captcha: Usestat wenches

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>Other mountain gods are welcome as well.

Mighty onbashira.

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Because Sakuya has 4 bombs, and she has been SS+ tier in the fighting games since IaMP.

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I want to be soft

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Ano, interchangeably used with "eto" are the equivalent of "um," or "uh," in Nihon'go. This character is nervous, and is expressing the equivalent of "um," before presenting you with a gift.

Japanese is a very complex language.

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The real question is, why she looks so derp in there?

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Mazacon reporting in

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Other mountain gods allowed? Oh lovely.

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Metaphysical childbirth and equally metaphysical excercise and diet helps.

Especially as Kanako, being a goddess in a secluded magical place, easily avoids the temptation of eating metaphysical ready-made chocolate cookie dough right out of the box.

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sanae is better only compared to worst 2hu

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>Other mountain gods are welcome as well.

Wind god girl?

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Don't mind me, just being the hottest Playable Command yet.

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OP here. Was thinking along the lines of Hina, but they're good too.

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I want to cum inside Youmu

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Would she be half-pregnant?

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only good thing about sakuya is DAT ASS

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she is most powerfull
>and sexy
collect my cock dude

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Stay on topic, guys.

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Sorry I forgot.

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Rather expected the Perfect Maid to be a bit... puffier.

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That lucky guy has it maid

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>...take it...

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i'm not into used goods

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>Which would you

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Every time I see that picture I HNNNNNNGGGGHHH.

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Dont worry Sanae, i will love you with all my hearto even if you sleep around with others behind my back.

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Sanae being a slut isn't canon, and it's not really even fanon either... it's just memetic

At least with Matou Sakura there's an excuse for slutslutslutslut.

Unless /jp/ just comes to the conclusion of attractive high school girl -> slut. In which case there's not much anyone can say anymore.

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Please don't bully Sanae ;_;

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we can agree that she did it for money
she's a whore not a slut

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Don't bully Sanae-chan

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You just had to remind me of this ;_;

Is the series still being translated or is it finished?

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I improved your meido.

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Moment of silence, please.

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This thread was supposed to be for Youmou.

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that face just makes me want to cum on it

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Does Sanae know Youmu in canon? What about before TD's ending?

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All 11 of the currently released episodes are translated.

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Looking at Youmu makes me feel physically ill.

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Could I have a link please? And are any more going to be released in the future?

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That's not good. Do you need her to take you to the doctor?

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>attractive high school girl

That was in the past, though.
Currently she's a socially maladjusted teenager living alone in a secluded mountain cabin where she claims to communicate with obscure deities.

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But they're right there. YOU can talk to them if you go to the shrine.

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Ponytail Sanae, Best Sanae

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The links can be found here:

And yes, more will be released. No, we don't know when that will be.

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oh hell yes. time to shake up the gensokyo in my heart

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They're real and they're incredible

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Without love, they cannot be seen.

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I can't think or type straight anymore because of this fever.

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How do I know it's not my mother in a purple wig?

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>Without love, they fade away into nothingness.

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First of all, holy shit your mom is hot.
Secondly, the flying and incredibly god-like powers should be a hint.

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Take her back back.

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Sanae is the best girlfriend for /jp/, just look at how perfectly atheist she is.

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see >>8622984
Don't joke about that.

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I thought she had a proud Jewish upbringing?

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Perm Sanae is the worst.

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If so, how do I know it isn't a very interesting legendary fish?

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why is sanae such a slut

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You cannot know anything for certain. In this world, the things you believe are based on your faith.

That is the true meaning of Anti-Mystery. And because of this, witches can and do exist.

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What. Kanako is not a fish. I don't think your apparently incredibly sexy mom is a fish either.

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See previous filename.

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Of course she does. How else would she know where to go for TD stage 1?

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Ah, how foolish of me.
Can Iku summon pillars and stuff?

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Snake eyes Kanako is the best Kanako.

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Only diplomatically.

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I would absolutely love to be Sakuya or Youmu in this situation.

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Maybe in a couple of years. When she has the grace and radiance to go with them.

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Bah. Sanae is wonderful already.

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sanae a slut

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Indeed, but she has a way to go yet before living up to her mentor.
Compared to Kanako, Sanae is like Sven Hassel's Tiny, except with breasts instead of muscles.

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And compared to Suwako... well...

Although this particular artist somewhat exxagerates Suwako's seniority.

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I don't think Sanae would want to be superior to Kanako. She's trying gather faith for her, not herself.
Although, perhaps unfortunately, I like Sanae better.

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True. Mostly just wanted an opening to post Suwako as a child gnawing on a trilobite.
Tastes just like shrimp.

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Stop fanning the fires of my maza complex you scoundrel

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Hmm is there any Kanako /ss/ around?

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Snoozing Snake?

>> No.8623785

Someone's new. It's "straight shota".

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I'm still in a dream, Kanako-sama.

>> No.8623795

Nice oxymoron.

>> No.8623802

Nice moron.

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That is indeed something I am new to without intention to progress further, so... thanks for the warning?

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Well your loss I suppose. /ss/ is pretty godly.

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Shit I got OWNED there BRO.

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Is there life on Mars in your dream?

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Naw, just ladders.

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It's a magical world.

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My Deep♂Dark♂Fantasy is to be with Kanako

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How deep and how dark?

>> No.8624105


Darker than the darkness of a thousand niggers undergoing gravitation collapse into a black hole after fusion into dogshit.

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Then I'm afraid to ask how deep.

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Youmu wants big breasts too.

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But Youmu, I like you with the breasts you have, They suit you better.

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Youmu is best equipped for survival

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That's not safe at all.

>> No.8624212

It's perfectly safe, isn't it?

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Atone for your sins, anon

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No, no, it's not safe. It's very not safe.

>> No.8624220

How so? It looks safe to me...

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youmu lives dangerously

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Youmu, where is my dinner?

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Holding an an incredibly sharp sword by the blade and putting your mouth around it? Not safe in the least. Youki would be ashamed.

>> No.8624243

Oh, that's fine. You just gotta be careful.

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>> No.8624254

Its fine. Half-swording techniques are in every fechtbuch to ever cover the topic of unarmored longsword against a person in armor, and the more readily available homogeneous steel of the west allowed for designs to all have a far narrower edge bevel than eastern ones to begin with.

Gripping a katana by the blade is A-OK.

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>> No.8624258

Youmu's VA would be Chiaki Omigawa

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Take her hand?

>> No.8624265

Does anyone have a picture of Sanae getting abused and beaten?

>> No.8624275

[x] Grab the panties

>> No.8624285

You now have Youmu's panties. Youmu is up to her neck in tentacles and still desperately reaches for help.
Take her hand?

>> No.8624294

But doesn't that mean I'm also inside?

>> No.8624311

maybe you're the tentacle monster

>> No.8624314

[x] Dive in with her so we can be raped together forever

>> No.8624315

Only partially. It doesn't have a hold on you or anything.

>> No.8624323

Yeah that's a bit fishy, I think I'll pass.

>> No.8624339

You'll leave her there? You'll look her in the eye as she screams for help and just turn around and walk away? You'll live the rest of your life knowing you abandoned a little girl to be horrible raped and abused, every minute of every day, for the rest of her long life?

>> No.8624343

I'd rather be Sanae in that situation

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Silly Youmu, flat/small chests are godly.

On another note, this makes me want to lay down nearby and take a nap too.

>> No.8624367

The question is, why isn't she enjoying it?

>> No.8624383

All her dreams, all her hopes, her friends, her duties, her life...all gone, in exchange for lifelong torture. How could you enjoy it?

>> No.8624390

For some reason, this picture of Youmu clothed is as arousing or more arousing than a picture of Youmu nude.

I wonder why.

>> No.8624391

>Implying rape is torture.
>Implying I'm nor just quoting myself.
>Implying you care about the above quote about me quoting myself and will still ask.

How is constant sexual pleasure torture?

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File: 1.26 MB, 1000x1500, 4af76847222b591a71ce0d6b7909fc70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.8624398

Unwanted pleasure with a side of lots of pain. At least not until she completely loses her mind...and this might not be that kind of monster.

>> No.8624402

I actually like my pleasure with some pain, thank you very much.

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Youmu doesn't.

>> No.8624417

No matter how much "meta" you add to something, it doesn't make it okay. To use the example I always use, it's like telling a bad joke then saying "Lol that was a bad joke I'm sorry xD" as though it makes the joke funny.
Don't use the quote feature like a moron.

>> No.8624419

I'll bully her all I want until she puts out. it's not rape, it's rough sex.

>> No.8624427
File: 22 KB, 550x400, youmu shock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.8624438

You reminded me of that one Yukari tentacle set where she gets raped for all eternity


>> No.8624445

I was just preparing in case of >Who are you quoting?
Besides I'm usually on /b/ or /v/ and greentext is thrown around more than monkey shit on there.

>> No.8624462


>> No.8624489

That was so hot. I love the explanatory text along the sides, the ambiguous mind break, the drugs, the vore...so fucking good.
That page right before she gives birth still makes me sad, though.

>> No.8624562

Why? You can't make me leave, can you? If you can give me a reason to leave other than 'I dun liek u waaa.' that I see as a valid reason to leave, I will.

>> No.8624567

>Besides I'm usually on /b/ or /v/
Is that not enough of an indicator that you don't belong here?

>> No.8624589

>Baaaaa, he has more than one interest
Keep trying, you're really convincing me!

>> No.8624597

Your interest resolves around a huge pile of steaming shit?

>> No.8624610
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>> No.8624659

As I said earlier, give me a reason to and I happily will.
/b/ is actually pretty enjoyable to browse/post on, and /v/, well /v/ is nearly always shit except for the occasional genuine discussion of video games.

And was not this thread about touhou characters? Can't we get back on topic?

>> No.8624693
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>> No.8624705
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>> No.8624769

>No argument.
>Get out of /jp/.
Stay classy /jp/, stay classy.

>> No.8624771
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>> No.8624781

Who are you quoting?

>> No.8624783

Wow, that one's actually pretty funny. I laughed. Still here though.

>> No.8624788
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Don't listen to them dude, /b/ is awesome

>> No.8624790

Myself young lad.

>> No.8624792

fuckin nice dubs bro

>> No.8624813

Are you trolling or serious? Nice dubs, even cooler script.

>> No.8624821

/vg/ became the new /v/. /v/ is just a second /b/ these days, along with a discussion of trailers every once in a while. Games worth playing have generals, and stay in /vg/. I actually like this new setup, it's pretty cool.

>> No.8624824
File: 711 KB, 661x920, cb7cf22103acbaf771651996a9423736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More Sanamu is needed to re-rail this thread.

>> No.8624828
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A little of both.

>> No.8624835
File: 1.13 MB, 1280x1580, 149235588d9b2176de7659693db7b34e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More little sister.

>> No.8624861

I actually agree, but /b/ is more entertaining than /v/.
Already tried that, people wanted to keep arguing. I'd contribute but I don't really have any Youmu/Sanae pics that haven't already been posted by someone else. Not a really big fan of either of them.
Sometimes it's so hard to resist trolling the autists is it not?

>> No.8624892
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It really is. I personally don't care if you or anyone else here browses /b/, nor do I care if I generate butthurt for merely stating that.

>> No.8624923

Why can't everyone on /jp/ be as non-retarded as you? Anyways I tire of this, I'll leave this thread, it's not fun anymore all the butthurts left.

>> No.8624928
File: 375 KB, 777x1007, cba915252cc47cb981a291e116fdaec1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yet more little sister.

>> No.8624956
File: 316 KB, 600x849, e8a4c6a17cea9a5c38918cca156c9e45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here comes more little sister.

...What happened to that guy, anyway?

>> No.8624968
File: 379 KB, 576x768, 9ca524a0f28f97f98f17f080e00366c7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And some soft, cuddle-able Youmu now.

>> No.8624980
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>> No.8624990
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>> No.8625012
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>> No.8625026
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>> No.8625148
File: 244 KB, 750x700, youmu likes her hair~.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's wrong?

>> No.8625193 [DELETED] 


>> No.8625240
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>> No.8625258

she found. a grey (gray) hair. lomao. lol.

>> No.8626595


This is even more fucked than reincarnation.mp4

Rather than ask where people come up with the ideas for this stuff, a fruitless question I'm guessing, I'll ask: does other stuff like this exist?

>> No.8626608
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>> No.8630298
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>> No.8630326
File: 161 KB, 900x635, sanae woosh....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is she so great.

>> No.8630329


Awesome. What's up Sparky?

>> No.8634972
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