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Scratch is a bad joke right? Even for babby's first programming language, only morons would attempt to waste time on this.

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Learn something that will bring food to your table, like C#, Java or VB.

I made the mistake of learning PHP and Ruby. Biggest waste of time in my life. Nobody takes you seriously if you say you programmed in it.

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If I wanted to jump right into it, would starting with those be a bad idea, though? Sorry for scrub question.

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Any of those are quite easy to learn, so long as you have a decent book to guide you.

Learning basic HTML and javascript will give you an idea, with the benefit that you WILL use them. C++ was what I started programming, you might want to learn it first, since it is a nice stepping stone to C#.

But for the love of Jesus, Buddah and their landlady, do not bother with PHP.

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What programming language does Patchouli use?

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Learn C. Then branch off into OO crap like Java and C++ if at all. Web programming can get you a job, though, I don't see a problem.

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RSR4 Scheme. Anything later than that is garbage.

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Learn Ada 95 then Snobol.

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C is for masochists.

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Good thing I spared you of MIPS assembly. C++ is for real masochists. That shit is terrible.

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>C is for masochists.
C is the basis of virtually all languages in commercial use.

The only semi-challenging thing about it is memory management, which is something a developer should learn before learning a language like C#, Java, or C++. If you can't understand dynamic memory usage, you'll just end up creating leaky messes which GC won't clean up for you.

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This will turn into 300-reply argument on how X language is shit and Y language is the best thing since sliced cheese.

And the sad part is that we had these threads before.

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Why dont people post these kind of discussion in /prog/? Or is it because /jp/ and /prog/ share so much of the same user base?

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>Or is it because /jp/ and /prog/ share so much of the same user base

You fucking take that back. /jp/ may be a shithole, but it's not THAT bad.

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Programming is not /jp/ related. Reported.

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Programming for a job is shit. You'll end up restricted to shitty languages like Java and C#.

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