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Does Yukari have a cute vagina? Or is it all loose and flapping all over the place?

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how about them crooked titties

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Eternal 16 year old.

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Shame. Vaginas go off around 13-14.

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Butthurt incoming

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Her vagina is like two Bourbon Creams with a Cheesestring in the middle.

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I'm still deciding if her making #15 in the polls it good or bad, I want her higher because she deserves it but it only leads to stupid lewd threads like this because idiot shitposters believe everything fanon.

no you will not bully Yukari this day /jp/

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If you asshats are that sexually repressed, go look at porn or something. Leave my pure and and eternally 17-years-old Touhous alone!

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I'd rather look at porn of Yukari's hairy anus.

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How can a vagina be cute?

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vaginas are never cute

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how am I supposed to know I'm not a fucking plumber