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Longest you've gone without bathing, your favorite touhou.

I just know the Ran fans are gonna be the nastiest.

Mine is Yukari-sama, 7 days. After that, my hair gets to slippery and greasy to comfortably lay on my bed.

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I bathe daily, always did.

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I don't have a favorite touhou.

I used to go for usually one, sometimes up to two weeks without showering when I was younger but at some point I just started showering daily and now I couldn't live without it.

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Two days while on a trip, other than that i shower daily~

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a month

no favorites, I love them all

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I can't sleep without taking a bath

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1-2 times a week

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I take a bath every day, sometimes two. Suika.

Most of the time I just sit in the tub and drink and don't use soap though.

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Ran, twelve hours.

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2 times a week

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/jp/ is surprisingly clean.

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>After that, my hair gets to slippery and greasy to comfortably lay on my bed.
shave your head. problem solved.

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>Longest you've gone without bathing


>How long on average do you go without bathing


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Your post is fucking retarded. No one mentioned average bathing times.

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2 months


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2 months, mokou

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About 4 days.

Kazami Yuuka.

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8 months

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Three years.

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Ten years. Raymoo.

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I don't remember. Probably between one and two weeks.


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3 days


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currently on 1 month

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Ohh, seems Sanae fans are the nastiest. Just as that dirty trollop.

4 days

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3 days is probably the absolute longest. I shower daily, or every other day if I have nothing to do for the whole week.


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A week maybe, but that's unusual. I shower daily.
I don't have a favourite one.

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4 days


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2-3 days

Also can we stop this "Ran smells" business?

>Tamamo-no-Mae's body mysteriously always smelled wonderful, and her clothes never became wrinkled or dirty.

Furthermore, it's unlikely Yukari would be happy to live with a smelly fox

Thank you.

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My current residence doesn't have a bathtub, so I'm restricted to showers ;_;

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The fact that ran is a little stinky turns me on. I imagine it's a warm, inviting smell, like a hamster cage, that gets sweeter as you get near her anus and tails. A bit of a poo smell, but not so bad-actually pretty arousing in an animalistic way.

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You are all disgusting fucks.
How the shit do you consider yourself clean while you wash around in your own filth?

I shower, like every fucking person in this day and age should.

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I don't think I've gone more than two days without showering since middle school.

Favorite is probably either Alice or Youmu, I can't pick just one.

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so extra caster doesn't smell. a random fox youkai who's another random gap youkai's bitch is nothing anywhere that.

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My favorite is Aya and the longest I've gone without bathing was around two weeks or so. Possibly three.

I am not proud of that.

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I once went about 2-3 months one summer not bathing.

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That's great but your perversion doesn't dictate canon and Ran is canonically -emphasised- as smelling pleasantly.

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Longest I can remember is 2 days. Maybe 3-4.

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>I don't know what the verb bathing means

How do people this retarded manage to live?

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Several Months

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Twice a day normally, once a day on really lazy winter days.
Longest probably 48 hours, due to 20 hours flight + transit.

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>Longest you've gone without bathing your favorite touhou.
I bathe my favourite Touhou every day. Why don't you?

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About three weeks.
My favorite is Wriggle.

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Shower in the morning and bath at night every single day

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About 5 days - Yukari

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2 weeks

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Mine is also Yukari

longest is a month though
I was extremely lazy

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It seems like us Yukaribros are pretty dirty. Must be the association Ran, because I want to fuck the entire Yakumo family. I wish I could live with them.

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Maybe a week I dunno

I just bathe randomly when I'm bored.

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No Marisa? For shame.

from 1998-2007

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Remilia (Probably would be Keine if she was in the fighting games)
1 week - I was stuck in the Adirondacks in February and did not have a choice. I hate feeling dirty.

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1 year

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6 days in the army. I smelled like swamp and shit.

what am I even doing on /jp/?

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There's no way in fuck you could go this long without bathing. I've gone 6 days and I feel disgusting as fuck.

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This guy gets it.

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Sanae loves dirty cocks, eh?

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After a few weeks you hardly even notice it. Just throw on some deodorant and nobody can even tell.

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One day.

My Lady Patchouli.

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Well shit, even I did not know bathing referred to any aqueous cleansing.
Flandre, about a week or two during a camp out.

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Two weeks when I was a kid.

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probably about 3 days, I tend to shower at least once a day though.


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That's because you're used to bathing regularly.

After a while you become used to it.

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I have to wash my hair every day otherwise it feels disgusting, but one summer I only washed my body once a week. At one point I had small fungal growths all over my body, I was so fucking disgusted I now wash every day

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Dude what.

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Two weeks

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>>8613749 here.
Oh god, are you me? When I was a kid, I used to not shower for weeks. Now I shower daily.

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>small fungal growths

Explain further please. You had fungus growing on you? What the fuck?

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now that's more like it

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Huh... Not sure. One week? Two weeks? Never tried to count it.
Also Reimu. She's perfect.

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Probably a week or two when I was a kid.

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6 days, but on normal circusntances I take a shower everyday.

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I've never gone more than a couple days without bathing.

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Five months, Yamame.

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I've had a fungal infection on my right ass cheek since July. It's starting to clear up, but goddamn. I put antifungal cream on it twice a fucking day, it should have been gone long ago.

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Sanae. I bathe daily. Sometimes twice.

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Why do people like sanae so much? She's a stupid frog bitch.

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Without bathing? 3 weeks.

Usually I wash my hair and armpits everyday with a bath on a saturday, though.

Favourite 2hu is Patchy.

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Your ass is going to rot.

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What, like this?

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No, small red rash in one spot. Just sort of pinkish now. I also have several anal fissures and some hemorrhoids.

I am literally in a constant state of butthurt. I put vaseline all over and around the inside of my asshole before I take a shit to avoid reopening the healing wounds now.

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I saw that and the word "assburguers" came to my mind.

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That doesn't look like a fungus infection. More like severe rashes on the ass

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Longest without bathing during adult hood would be about a week because of a power outage. When I was in second grade however, I went and entire 2 months without taking a bath. It was summer break so my parents didn't care. Only took a bath when my sister noticed I smelled like shit. Even then that didn't help because my pajamas still stinked.

Favorite Touhou in the image.

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Longest without bathing in adulthood is probably a day. When I was a kid the longest I went was 2 days.

Favorite Touhou is a tossup between Alice and Yuuka.

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>I just know the Ran fans are gonna be the nastiest.

reported. Nice try Ryan

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1 week, but that was while i was on a backpacking trip in high school. normally i bathe at least once a day.


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The fuck is with you water-wasting faggots? What do you need a shower a day for if you're sitting around doing nothing?

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I do it so I don't feel disgusting.

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It wakes me up
Also I'm super insecure about stinking or being disgusting in general, so I spend like 1 hour in the bathroom showering and grooming every morning

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Remilia - 2 days


B-b-but what if a portal suddenly drags me to Gensokyo and I end up in the company of my beloved?

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Patchy, 3 days.

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Remilia, 5 days.

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You feel disgusting if you go a single day without bathing?


What do you need to be awake for? Who is going to smell you?


Everyone in Gensokyo smells; it's medieval Japan.

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>You feel disgusting if you go a single day without bathing?

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I bathe consistently every other day, and I think that's more than enough for my sedentary lifestyle. Every day does seem overboard for someone that doesn't do anything.

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Lately I've been going 3-4 days between showers. I don't really interact with anyone IRL anyway, and I don't do anything that would get me dirty.

This has been going on for months now. The only problem I've noticed is that I seem to be getting a bit of acne on my shoulders. What a pain. And I know that if I leave it alone, all of the skin on my shoulders will be diseased.

Aren't people supposed to grow out of the whole acne thing once adolescence is over? I'm 21.

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A week? Reimu.

What I really need to do right now is laundry.

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I'm 22, and while the acne isn't as bad, it's still there. It seems to have moved from my face and neck primarily to my back and shoulders instead. I have cystic acne, so shit hurts like hell when it's bad.

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>Aren't people supposed to grow out of the whole acne thing once adolescence is over? I'm 21.


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Reported for misuse of spoiler function.

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someone is mad

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>and are pretty normal

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Fungal growths means stuff like Warts and Veruccas and are pretty normal if a little gross.

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Mycosis is common, yeah. That doensn't mean you should let it remain untreated.

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18 hours or so.

It's fucking hot where I live so if you don't take showers in that schedule you end up a sweat bag.

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1 week.

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I was on military training, in the middle of the desert, for nearly 5 days - did the practice mission, found the enemies' base, got in without setting off an alarm, got the target out yadayada, found my way back to a city, called a cab, went back to the base, got reprimanded for not using the phones at the fake-enemies' place and wasting time by searching for the town, which ate up another day. I was given a two week reprieve.
After that I slept for almost 3 days straight, then fell into a depression where I would just lie there in my bed, not even sleep, for another 3 days.
At that point, I was basically swimming in bodily oils, so a shower right after lunch was the first thing I did.

12 days total, Youmu's my favorite.

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>google image search

Oh God, so disgusting. I can fap to scat happily but anything to do with bodily disfigurement from diseases makes me feel literally sick and uncomfortable. I feel sick to my stomach, fuck.

But, warts and veruccas are caused by a type of HPV, there's nothing fungal about them.

I had a wart on my toe once. Jesus Christ that shit took forever to away.

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4 months

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Ran is my favorite and I bathed yesterday evening! It's also still only noon where I am.