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Hey /jp/, what was your first VN?
Did you like it? Do you still like it?

Cross Channel here.
It was ruined for me before I even started playing it, because some anon spoiled everything to me when I made a thread about it on /jp/. This taught me not to talk about VNs on /jp/ unless I played them.

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and I hate it.

Second one was Snow Drop, and I liked it.

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If your first VN wasn't Umineko or Touhou then you don't belong on /jp/.

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I dunno if those learning VNs from elementary school count... No they were way too silly.

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Some shitty G-Collections one, Come See Me Tonight I think.

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Katawa Shoujo.

Well yeah, it was pretty epic in a way that I could relate to the story pretty well.

Also Lily is mai waifu.

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>he liked Snow Drop

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natsuiro no sunadokei then ever 17,
then learned jap and played a ton more after a few other games
yah, I still like both of them, but as great as ever17 is, it's overrated

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Katawa Touhou

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lolololol iTROLLU

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The first Phoenix Wright game, I suppose. Liked it, and still do.

My first galge was Clannad. Pretty much blew my mind when I read it, and I was hooked on the medium from then on. It's still one of my favorites.

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i'm just getting over it now, only did lilly's route, got good end a couple days ago.

afterward all i did was go for long walks, drink lots of beer, and read KS threads on the internet. couldn't pull myself together to do anything productive. i had that shitty feeling in my heart / stomach for 2 days straight and finally this morning it let up and now i feel relatively normal again.

at this point i don't think i'll do any other routes, i have a general idea how they all end via spoilers and even if i didn't i think it's too hard to go back at this point. either way the game gave me a lot of good feels but also a lot of shitty ones. reminders of my own berndness and no gf etc. right after i had finished i almost wished i hadn't played it but now that a couple days have past i'm really glad that i did.

i was very skeptical of the merits of the game and even up to act 3 i was scrutinizing the writing and art, i think a lot of people on the internet were until they finished a route and then everything changed. in complete seriousness it's totally altered how i view handicapped people. it's the most humanizing portrayal of the disabled i've ever experienced and a week ago if someone had asked me if i'd ever consider a handicapped gf i'd laugh in their face and say it's a sad story but fuck that. now i could totally and honestly see myself with handicapped gf and feel disgusted at my former self. i remember looking at normal & disabled couples and thinking how the normal persons life must be shit and they're only sticking around out of pity or obligation. i have no such views anymore and i'm ashamed i ever did.

something inside me has fundamentally changed because of this game and for that i can never thank it enough.

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Unless you count eroge.
Pretty indifferent about it.

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Snatcher. I loved it. Burnt through it in maybe 3 days. And I still think it's great.

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True Love back in 90ies. That's a dating sim though, but let's say we are talking about galges in general here.
Crescendo was the 1st title I have read being fully aware of the medium though.

I liked them both and still find pleasure in them. Reading up on the material cut from western Crescendo release was actually one of my reasons for learning Japanese.

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I really like it still, though the whole expanded universe is way over my head

My favorite now is maybe Moonshine or the first Phoenix Wright, I really like those

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Something for the Sega Saturn that I bought with a bunch of other stuff in China Town around early 2002. I don't remember the name but I might actually still have it since I never threw anything out.

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Cosplay Fetish Academy

yes yes I know I am a low-grade fagget and I should go die in a fire

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Probably a troll.

But since you mentioned KS, I was wondering should I play it?
Everyone says it's shit, and intuition is telling me it's shit.
I personally don't believe that word of mouth is a good way of telling something is shit.
I don't think intuition is trustworthy either.
I should probably get it and see it for myself ehhh?
To admit that to be certain something is "shit" for us, we must have at least taken a look.

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Tokemeki Check-in, how on earth that got a translation I will never know. Still fapped to it but it was pretty shallow for an eroge that had a million choices. Do you rape Ayumi?

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Radical Dreamers. It was pretty shitty in retrospect. But I fucking loved Chrono Trigger, so I guess I got some enjoyment out of it.

General consensus on /jp/ when it was first released was that it's not really AWFUL, but it's mediocre-to-bad.

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It's mediocre at best.
If it's your first visual novel, it's a masterpiece, but then again, unless your first VN is Water Closet, you're going to think the same.
/jp/ shits on it for the same reason /a/ shits on Naruto: because of the incredibly terrible community (driven by the above principle) that would invade otherwise.
Well, at least until moot banned it.

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Babby's First VN

I never bothered reading the student council president route.

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Nursery Rhyme

The OP was my starting point into the eroge world. Then I found out it was pretty bad, so I finished Tifa's route and delete it. I've been avoiding LoS stuffs ever since, though I heard Itsusora is really good.

Second one was Clannad, which was much more enjoyable.

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>Everyone says it's shit
No. Certain hipsters on /jp/ says it's shit. It's a completely ordinary ren'ai game. If you haven't played those before, you'll probably get some feels out of it. If you have, you probably won't. There's little literary merit to speak of, and you won't miss much if you decide not to play it.

First VN was Seasons of the Sakura. Haven't played it since then, so I don't know how it aged. I enjoyed it back then, since I was 14 and had a crush on tehrei.

On another note, I feel quite bad for you, OP. I read CC completely unspoilered, and for two years and 50-ish VN's it has remained my favorite. You should hate the anon who spoiled it for you.

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Hello,good-bye wasn't half bad. Does anyone know why Nursery Rhyme's opening became a meme?

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Itsusora is really good, because it's nothing like the rest of its games.
Obviously because Shumon wrote it.

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Are we counting eroge games? Because the very first VN game I ever played was that one with the weird English translation where the dialogue during sex scenes was weird shit like rap songs about dicks, comparing rubbing a clitoris to using a trackball mouse, etc.

Can't remember what it's called.

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>Are we counting eroge games

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Ever17. Yes. No.

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I don't remember Cross Channel having anything that would ruin the whole game if it was spoiled.

Anyways, my first VN was Tsukihime and well over 100 VNs/eroge later it's still one of my favorites.

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Yes and yes. It's still my favorite.

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And it's one of the few where I actually completed all routes.

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Heart de Roommate or something like that. This was a number of years ago (2006? 2007?) and I had no idea what it was at the time. I can't remember if I liked it, though it's doubtful I would now.

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You mean apart from *everything*?

A large part of my enjoyment was (serious spoilers ahoy) finding out that there are no people here and then that, gee the week is looping, it's not separate routs and huff, puff I was raped in the butt as a kid. After the first ten hours, I believed I was going for the Touko route, after I'd finished Misato's (I "went for" Misato first, as I couldn't find "that chick with ZR from the cover"), in a perfectly ordinary dating game with some slight suspense of belief. Brix were shat.

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Kana little sister. It was the only eroge I outright cried bitch tears in, no other has managed to do the same until now.

I actually don't remember a thing about it other than there being a sickly sister and a beach trip, but I want to preserve the fond feelings I have instead of reading it again and finding out it's nothing special.

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I had the first two things spoiled for me before starting CC, and I'm sure a lot of other people did too. Those are pretty much just part of the premise. I doubt many people went in expecting a normal galge.

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I liked it and after reading it I started looking for more VNs. I'd say still like it, it's a nice game that provides a nice contrast with its calming slice of life and interesting action.

At some point I should replay it with the voice patch.

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Wanko to Kurasou was my first. I finished Rika's route but got tired of it and stopped playing halfway through that other girl's route. It was decent when I started but started getting boring halfway through. Even now I don't think much about it.

But after Wanko, I played G Senjou no Maou and enjoyed it a lot more.

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My first one was Tsukihime. Yes, I liked it. Now? I still do, but I definitely think there's much better stuff out there from what I've played. However, I still highly recommend it as a gateway VN.

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What are you doing here Ryan? Shouldn't you be in /g/?

Or you know, in bed?

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I've only played four...

First was Clannad, got me into VNs, but I never finished it since I had already watched the anime.

Then Fate/stay night (excellent), Little Busters (love it despite the hate), and currently playing Symphonic Rain.

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nocturnal illusion i think. i liked its music and the mood the game had.

it was really linear and had only actual branching at the very end (which ending do you want question), but back then i didn't really care.

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Divi dead. Didn't finish it, and I can't remember anything about it

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cried like a bitch

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I think it was Saya no Uta. Maybe Tsukihime or Ever17 I'm not sure. I never finished Ever17 because since I could never sex the girls, there was no bonding. I also dropped FS/N since it was too long and fate route too boring, but then I did UBW and HF and that changed my outlook on the VN completely.

Actually no, it was YMK and the girl with huge tits route. I felt bad for a whole week. I played that alongside the pet dog one with the girl named Mikan, although I did not clear that one 100%. I got frustrated because I wanted to fuck the cat, but didn't know how to get her H scenes.

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Come here, bro.

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Kanon, Ayu route. It did get me emotional at times but not interested enough to do any of the other routes. I imagine I would've dropped it in no time had I been pre-exposed to better works of the medium.
My next was Saya No Uta and I loved it and of course still do.

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It was actually some yaoi vn. Silver something.

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File: 73 KB, 1280x720, [Chihiro]_The_World_God_Only_Knows_-_02_[1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC][5EAB1183].mkv_snapshot_11.47_[2012.02.08_16.21.59].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know that feeling
it was one of my first VNs too
i could never read it another time

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Sumaga. It was awesome, and I still think its awesome.

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If stuff like that counts, my first was a VN adaptation of Pippi Longstocking I found on a dusty floppy disk in mid 90's. It was pretty good for its target audience, of course credit for the main charm, the story, goes to Astrid Lingred and not the programmer.

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isn't that more of a western made cyoa story, like all those books that once existed except in game format?

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Sakura Wars 3 on the dreamcast, great fun. Coquelicot was so fucking kawaii, maybe I should download the PC version and play it again.

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Probably some of those old ones made fun of on SA.

The oldest I remember is Popotan, because dat Rokku.

I sort of like it and fapped hard but I didn't really finish it because I have a questionably rational hatred of Konami and don't want to do her route. I also dropped the anime on her episode because I hate her and I don't like watching things out of order.

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True love for dating sim.
X-change for pick-a-story VN.

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planetarian, and I still love it!

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Hanachirasu, yes and yes.

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Saya no Uta.
I did and do like it; though I haven't particularly read many VNs, probably about 6. Just finished Steins;Gate, it's probably my favorite.

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Where are my ONE bros at?

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ONE was my third VN. Got me hooked on nakige.

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It's been like a decade.

And I still don't know japanese

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> IS
Hoo boy

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Three Sisters Story.

I read a lot of books as a child and teenager, but that game was the first time I ever felt ANYTHING for the characters.

It is for this reason that I do not read novels anymore. They didn't move me.

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that's a surprising first VN. it is a great one, though.

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Oh, forgot this.
>Did you like it? Do you still like it?
Uh, I guess I liked it, it's hard to remember how I felt after all those years.

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True Love if it counts.

FSN if that doesn't.

Funny/sad whatever, but I'd remembered True Love/3 Sisters Story/a few others from years and years ago and then accidentally found FSN while looking for games like that.

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Amagami EBkore+

I liked it and still like it, but I already sunk months of my life into it to complete all the routes and probably won't ever play it again in the forseeable future.

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Does True Love count as a VN? Otherwise, I guess it was some random Win95 VN. I don't think it was Nocturnal Illusion, but that might have been it. I didn't finish it, regardless.

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great thread, have a bump!

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reporting in

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Season of Sakura, I loved it since it was my first experience with games about getting electronic girls. Looking back I guess it's about as mediocre as they come, and the heroines modelled after anime characters thing is incredibly cheap. Still I can't help but get this warm fuzzy feeling when I think about it.

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Bible Black ~Walpurgis night~. I don't even remember how I stumbled on it. It was quite enjoyable though. The second one was Tears to Tiara.

>> No.8595085

Sagara Family.

Yes and yes. Sure, it's pretty bland and silly for everything except ero, but I still think it's the best ZyX title. Doesn't mean much, I know. Also my first expierence with NTR. Pretty shocking.

Second was probably Hitomi - My Stepsister. I loved how the plot wasn't an excuse but actually added to the porn. That's how every nukige should handle it. I still like it.

I think Cross Channel is a horrible choice as first VN/eroge. You'll enjoy it much more after reading a couple of other VNs.

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So i just finish my first playthrough of the game and i'm wondering why i missed some CG's of the girl i chose the whole game (Komachi).

i'm not sure what i did wrong i swear i choose "?" all the time during map mode the whole way.

did i miss something? or do i have to play again?

>> No.8595095

the mother was the best Sagara. Arisa takes second place.
Of course, the scene featuring both was the best.

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Kana Imouto

Many tears were shed

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I never played this, should I get it?

Why do you think it's "surprising"?

Thanks, bro.

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Report for ban evasion.

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Report for ban evasion.

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YMK. I was depressed as hell at the time, and felt like my life had no meaning, just going to pass through... was bullied in high school and felt like crap, and parents never listen to me and neglected me. So at the time all three routes resonated with me pretty strongly, and thus I just loved YMK and really got into VNs after.

I don't know if I still like it now, there's too many VNs to play than to waste time replaying older ones but I had good memories of it. My impression probably biased due to my life though, I empathized well with all the characters.

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Report for ban evasion.

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don't miss out on Key god tier smalltalk

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please help...

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It's been a week since then, you fucking imbecile. My ban expired. Go away and stop spamming, you and Mush are the only shitposters in this thread.

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Ha ha, is this faggot back again?

>> No.8595258


Just ignore him?

He's probably the same idiot who screams for Meido in every fucking thread.

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>Ban evasion will result in permanent bans—no exceptions.

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Pretty sugoi internet kirai machine, anonymous.^_^

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Now Ryan is trying to be a good boy? Pffftt.
Anyway Kana imouto, yes, yes.

>> No.8595305

not sure if serious

>> No.8595329

Ryan whenever I read your name this starts playing in my head:

>> No.8595339


Why not? I think it's a good entry level VN.

It doesn't mean it's shit just because /a/ and /v/ likes it.

>> No.8595422

>entry level

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yeah, I've seen /a/ playing this game. Mio is my waifu

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Just wondering, is Cross Channel considered to be entry-level?

>> No.8595441


I know you started with much cooler stuff. Things other people will never discover.


It's pretty much the perfect VN to scare newfriends away.

>> No.8595442

Safe link? What's the name of the song, I'll find it myself on YouTube.

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I really loved it. I've never cried so much because of VN. Too bad it was very long and few routes were a bit boring but it was worth of it.

>> No.8595462

Not sure if you can classify True Love as a VN but fuck that game.
If it werent for that game I wouldnt even be here.
And then few years later, I played Planetarian and even that shitty Wind game and by that time there is no turning back for me. I am in too deep. Also at around the same time I discovered Touhou. You can say that my life ended then.

>> No.8595477

Eiyuu x Maou, I think. I still look back to it fondly.

However, the first girl I masturbated to was Sakura Mayumi (of Lovers ~Koi ni Ochitera~) so I suppose she was the one who took my first time.

>> No.8595745

reported for spamming.

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Not sure if it counts but Knights of Xentar. I liked it about 20 or so years ago. Don't have it anymore to say if I still would, but would like to play it again.

First regular VN, Bazooka Cafe. It was ok. Still think it's ok for what it is.

>> No.8595890

>Knights of Xentar
wow, i remember that game. played it and cobra mission long ago too, though yeah they're not really vns.

>> No.8595971

My first one was cross channel too, but I regret it. I love it, maybe more because it was my first, although I genuinely like it... however, I don't think anyone should play it as the first VN. Time loop, confusing, somewhat long... I could have picked a lighter one.

>> No.8596025


A main character that I actually like? Sign me up.

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Odd. No pic came up.

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File: 8 KB, 347x238, 1324927816452.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All my nocturnal illusion bros this is for you.

>> No.8596104

Nocturnal Illusion and True Love. There was a few more back then like Season of Sakura and Knights of Xentar or whatever.
Anyone who didn't try out True Love when it first came out is inferior (lol).

>> No.8596219

anyone from those times who was into the vn/love sim probably played it.

season of sakura, true love, knights of xentar, nocturnal illusion, 3 sisters story etc. were just about the only decent things you could get back then.

>> No.8596235

Phoenix Wright, really.
If that doesn't count, then Wanko to Kurasou.

>> No.8596242


It was some Galaxy Angel dating sim on Newgrounds.

>> No.8596255

3 maids story and those animated viper games too

>> No.8596256

I played 3 maids story. Same game?

>> No.8596267

no, 3 maids story was some raising sim, 3 sisters story a more orthodox adventure. All I remember from it is getting a bad end because I didn't use the condom, raged so hard at the time.

>> No.8596498

I can't remember if it was Kana little sister or Hitomi - My stepsister, but those were the two first for me

>> No.8597165

No, of course not.
If you don't feel like reading something then don't read it. It is your life, your choices.

>> No.8597196

hitomi my stepsister. I hate it so much..
then I played planetarian. bitch tears were shed, and now here I am. I managed to reconcile with eroges, but that first impression was godawful.

>> No.8597217

My completely normal post disappeared for some reason... 4chan is being glitched as fuck today.

So I'll repost:
I skipped many of those "entry-level" VNs, is this wrong?

>> No.8597230

Saya and Planetarian.

I loved them both. Planetarian made me cry like a bitch.

Technically the first one I ever played was Ever17, but I never finished it.

>> No.8597243

> My completely normal post disappeared for some reason... 4chan is being glitched as fuck today.
Ironic as HELL because you were banned and you know it and you know everyone else knows it but you're pretending you don't know though you're not really pretending because everyone knows and you know that and now I'm pointing it out and this post is pointing itself out which is more meta than your original post I love meta it's great when we meta things ad nauseam like this where I am actually talking about meta itself and oh boy now I am talking about being meta about meta which is something crazy like triple meta but now I am going to step outside the box more because this post is now so meta that I lost track of what is even going on in the world

>> No.8599032

first VN was seasons of the sakura, this was back in about 2003 or so when i first discovered emule
gotta love those evangelion and rayearth rip-off characters
oh almost didn't see the other two questions...
yes and yes

>> No.8599036

Nothing wrong with playing what interests you. That said, you shouldn't listen to /jp/'s shitposters who say spew /v/ dribble like "babby's first". Lots of VNs that get branded like this are actually very good.

>> No.8599081

Black Bible
was fun...

>> No.8600411

I'm starting to like this thread

>> No.8600436

Age =/= Measure of maturity

Also I'm pretty sure we can tell who's mad here.

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>> No.8600506

/jp/ is full of autistic fucks
And here i though this place was better than /v/

>> No.8600564

3 Sisters Story, Seasons of Sakura and Runaway City. I forgot which ones I played first but it's one of the 3.

>> No.8600770

Season of Sakura, got interested due to the MKR look-alike girls.
I was a pretty big fan of that show, and the saturn game, at that time.

>> No.8601736

Tsukihime, about a month after the English patch was released. Only read it because I watched the animé and became interested in characters like Akiha and the maids. It was pretty enjoyable back then, and I'd probably still like it now, but I doubt it's as good as I remembered.

>> No.8602093


Aeka's route is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic, especially that one goddamn scene (You know the one). I'd say it's a must read if you're looking to get into VNs.

The other two routes are enjoyable, but generally not as good. Additionally, the game suffers as a whole due to the ridiculous number of unnecessary H-scenes. Others may disagree, but I personally found they detracted from the experience as a whole.

>> No.8605075

what is the sage limit guys?

>> No.8605121

I don't remember the name.. I played it for fap purposes, but I ended up getting quite involved. Too bad I failed at every route and ended up with the worst bitch who couldn't even take my cock because she was too tiny and only gave me oral

>> No.8605133

It's True Love

>> No.8605664

after knowing about the medium, Princess Waltz
Prior, probably some G-Collections game

I enjoyed it then, I assume I would still enjoy it now

>> No.8609212

Bible Black
I loved it, and it's still now my favourite VN i ever played, i tried to read other VNs but i seriously can't have the same kind of atmosphere and charm that Bible Black gave to me, not even YMK. or G-senjou

>> No.8610018

Wow, excellent thread, yRan, keep up the good work.

>> No.8610035

Muv-Luv +Muv-Luv Alternative
It was so good, makes any other VN I play these days look like shit compared to it. Especially the RUGP engine.

>> No.8612398

Interesting thread OP.

I just recently got into VNs, but my favorite so far yet was Katawa Shoujo. Many people say it's a dumb, mediocre VN, but I felt really emotionally connected. It maybe 'entry-level', but I couldn't care less. Currently I'm looking for some deep VNs.

>> No.8612401

>Interesting thread OP.
Lol, I get it.

>> No.8612402

相楽さん家の悦楽ライフ♪ is pretty deep

>> No.8612526

I think it was probably higurashi

then I got into nacissu and true remembrance

and I don't know what to do now...

>> No.8612536

I don't feel like reading this whole thread, but I started playing VNs with Kanon and To Heart back around 1999 - 2000 or so. I'm just curious if there's anyone here who's been at it longer than me.

Despite having been into VNs for a relatively long time, I'm sure a lot of /jp/ers have played more than me though.

>> No.8612552
File: 276 KB, 640x480, one.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One was my first VN. I remember how you had to be a total dick towards your childhood friend all the time to get her route...

>> No.8612609
File: 20 KB, 231x439, pcth_serio_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


To Heart was the one that awakened my love for VN, and Serio is still my waifu after so many years.

A few years before that I played Season of sakura, True love, Knights of Xentar, Nocturnal Illusion and the rest of crappy games that were translated at the moment, but in my heart To Heart was the first one.

>> No.8614553 [DELETED] 

Interesting thread OP.

I just recently got into VNs, but my favorite so far yet was Katawa Shoujo. Many people say it's a dumb, mediocre VN, but I felt really emotionally connected. It maybe 'entry-level', but I couldn't care less. Currently I'm looking for some deep VNs.

>> No.8614606
File: 247 KB, 1280x960, Konachan.com-34107-narcissu-setsumi-tagme-white.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Narcissu and Planetarian.
Both are great and still love them.
[Spoiler] Does Kinetic Novels count as Visual Novels? [/Spoiler]
If not, then my first VN was Canvas 2: Niji Iro no Sketch, it sucked.

>> No.8615263
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This was my first kinetic Visual Novel *Umineko No Naku Koro Ni). Them Seakitties. My first non-kinetic visual novel was Ever17.

>> No.8619556

Is there a Touhou VN?

>> No.8619591


>> No.8621216 [DELETED] 

Interesting thread OP.

But nah, I don't play VNs, I'm not a nerd.

>> No.8621511

the same as you mate

>> No.8621651

I think it was Yume Miru Kusuri
I liked it a lot more than I expected...
I still do, i'd read it again

>> No.8621668

Narcissu. Loved it then, love it now.

>> No.8623938

Technically, 9 hours 9 doors 9 persons was my first vn, then katawa shoujo.
Liked both, still like both

>> No.8626373


>> No.8630566

absolute obedience lmao

>> No.8630598

Ever 17. Mah, even now days, I'm remember good ending Takeshi.

>> No.8632501