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A little bit different of a thread for a change, maybe.

I'd like to talk about Carpe Fulgur, a few weeks after they released Fortune Summoners. Not sure everyone feels positively about the mainstreaming of doujin materials, but they've brought a lot of success to our fandom. And this game seem to be doing well. And God knows why SomethingAwful seems to spawn so many Japan related web projects like 4chan and Carpe Fulgur. But they have, and they're doing well.

This year is looking like a great year for "major" doujin localization. Nyu Media is also hitting the scene with some doujin titles, and Carpe Fulgur seems to have 3 projects they're working on currently. And Territoire seems to finally be on the way to being finish. And Lizsoft just might make enough money out of this to make a sequel.

Onto an actual thread topic. What do you think about Carpe Fulgur, Fortune Summoners, and all this? And what do you expect and what would you like to see in a sequel? Also, what projects would you like to see Carpe Fulgur work on, if any?

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I played the demo for Fortune Summoners and enjoyed it. I wanted to buy the game afterwards but when I did the price went back up.
It's a shame.

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too mainstream

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get out carpet folger devs
The "japanophile community" is basically splintered all to hell. Just translate something genuinely good and unique the way you want to translate it instead of trying to appeal to some stupid ass groups like animaysuky/4chan/SA/reddit/all those other faggots.
As for what to do next, why not steal work previously done by others and negotiate for a deal to release gadget trial.

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I don't like them.

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fuck loli haters and murrican censorship, I will never support you cf devs

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Perhaps I didn't word the OP very well.

But if you're against Carpe Fulgur purchases altogether, that is a bit of a shame. It does a lot to support doujin creators.

I'd also really love a Fortune Summoners sequel.

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Carpe Fulgar rip off the doujin creators don't they?

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Remember if you support CF you support censorship.

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Was that really necessary?

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I only read the last couple of lines of that post, I'm afraid to read more of it.

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I don't mind their shitty translation, I don't mind their censoring or bacterial marketing.

But them shitting on the doujin community and milking the shit out of a game like this is inexcuseable.

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They are cool in my book, /jp/ seems to make too big of a deal over specific terms. It's the whole localization vs. translation debate, and I have to side with the former on this case. Take Capcom's Phoenix Wright series for example, that is a prime example of a localization done right. And though /jp/ seems to rave all over CF's " Yayifications", Capcom were risky enough to even include some memes in their games (SPARTA and Excuse me Princess) and that didn't really degrade the translation in a whole.

What really does degrade a translation in my book is the reuse of certain expressions and lack of coherent structure due to word by word translation. This is really noticeable on fan translations in which every other scene you'll read phrases like "it can't be helped" which is straight from the Japanese counterpart. That's a lack of skill in localization.

That problem isn't really present in CF games, they actually take the English language as a different perceptive and adapt the game as such, as an English major student I couldn't agree more with their approach. The only thing they did recently that made me lose respect was the whole censoring business in Fortune Summoners. While I do understand why they have done it I feel that it wasn't really needed at all, and I fear what they might pull off in their future titles.

I will probably keep purchasing their products in the future but I hope this CG edit was their last one.

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Why would you wear a towel in a bath? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the towel in the first place?

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>Phoenix Wright
>done right

Yeah, changing character names and settings is a prime example of a good localization!

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I like to think that the drama and senseless butchering is all part of their viral efforts.

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When done right, yes it is. I'm pretty sure "Phoenix Wright" worked much better than "Ryuuichi Naruhodou" would ever work. The series is filled with names with meanings that reflects the characters personality, which would be all lost for English speakers if they kept their original names.

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I hate it how people basically re-write rather than translate under the banner of "localization" and accuse people who want more accuracy as being weeaboo.

Even in anime. I mean sure, the line sort of conveyed the same meaning, but at the same time, I can see that what you subbed there is nothing like what the character said. You don't need to dumb down absolutely everything because people won't understand ALIEN JAPANESE CUSTOMS.

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CF are a bunch of loli hating faggots from SA. I want nothing to do with them.

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Shut up and eat your donuts.

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I'm not super fond of their more puritanical attitudes towards this sort of thing. But that towel thing is the only case of 'censorship', and it's very easy to get the original picture. What En Masse/Frogster is doing to Tera Online is far more severe.

I'm of the opinion that sometimes you have to put up with what you have to put up with, to get what you need to get. And this effort has amounted to a lot of sales for doujin artists. Which means they can create more works. And I don't say this as some anti-piracy moralist, either. I simply want doujin creators to have as much incentive as possible.

Stupid towels or not, there is much more gained than lost out of this.
>But them shitting on the doujin community and milking the shit out of a game like this is inexcuseable.

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They have no right to censor other peoples works. Also their translations are completely inaccurate and usually changed to include hilarious catchphrases.

Yeah, I see nothing wrong with what they are doing.

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It isn't only the fact that they shit up the games they work on, but they also seem to genuinely hate the base they cater to. You should read the archive and check out the stuff about SA's lolicon witch hunts, they're in the wrong fucking business.

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I honestly don't think that conveying character quirks through names is as important as actually keeping their names in a translation, but I see where you're coming from.

That still doesn't explain why the setting was moved to America, which caused some stupid shit to go down. We all know about the hamburgers and the ramen. Apparently Americans are too stupid to know what ramen is?

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It got rid of a few shitposters so I can't knock it too much.

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Same person.

The "re-writing" thing is minimal and does not pledge the original writing.

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I miss my friend, The Anime.

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It's actually quite noticeable. Also they are still selling Recettear for $20. What a bunch of greedy fucks.

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I'm going to taek out my axe and chop off his gimp leg at a converge concert

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But Re-Write is the essence of translation. You can't translate something word by word and think it will stick, languages often don't have equivalent words and expressions can mean entirely different things, not to mention the steep cultural differences of some specific settings and words. No offense to English native speakers but this is much more obvious for people who aren't natives. For example that movie "The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" was translated as "The men who didn't love women" here. The meaning was completely changed, but why? Because if you took the original title and translated word by word it would just sound odd for us here. So they approached it in a different angle and localized it.

This is how professional translating works, and again I'm glad CF took this path.

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Now where's that image when I need it? The one of the goons lined up, scared to say how they really feel due to mods.

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What? How can that even sound odd? Does "The anonymous with the shit post" need to be localized for you too?

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It is a bit uncanney. I have no clue why weeaboos like moot ever latched onto SA. Much less lightning striking again like this. The SA culture certainly isn't very weeaboo.

The also seem to have an arbitrary hatred of anything furry, loli, or anything resembling any kind of fetish or non-status quo attraction of any variety. They're normality mongerers among the worst of variety.

Carpe Fulgure still seem to have done something good for the Doujin community, though. And presents at least an economically reasonable method in which to own much of what the game has to offer and support the developers.

I certainly know they have the tendency to "witch hunt" lolicons, like you have said. Though I haven't seen much of this which has actually taken place. Care to share? I'd love to better confirm my dislike for the SomethingAwful folks.

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You know the cf people get off to their loli protags, thinking of the in dirty and humiliating positions.

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Oh gawd. are you the same fags making those aeru threads? noones gonna buy your shit, gtfo.

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You know they only learned Japanese because they love loli-related media in the first place. They're just turning their backs on it publicly now that they have a name and public image attached to them. How can they sell their localizations on steam or facebook if they don't live up to the high moral standards of the two?

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But yeah I do find it a bit odd that they are essentially viral marketing their shit on SA. I haven't actively posted on SA since 06 but I browse the boards from time to time and the same loli-hating bigot attitude still persists.

The only thing I care about is CF butchering other peoples work.

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It sounds odd in my language, you wouldn't understand it because you can't read it the same way a native like me would, unless you are highly proficient in Portuguese. As I said before, this is easily noticeable to anyone who isn't a native English speaker just because of the massive amount of American cultural goods that gets localized such as movies and TV series that are exported to all over the world.

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I know it's spelled wrong shut up.

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>The also seem to have an arbitrary hatred of anything furry, loli, or anything resembling any kind of fetish or non-status quo attraction of any variety. They're normality mongerers among the worst of variety.

SA reassure themselves that they're totally 'normal' by witch-hunting / pretending to be shocked by every internet subculture. Of course, 50% of them spend every waking hour grinding EVE starships or whatever, and the other 50% are anime faggots just like everywhere else on the internet - they're just in the closet about it.

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Actually "The men who didn't love women" is closer to original swedish version, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is a (rather pointless) localization. But i agree with you that liberal translation is better than literal and that it's hard to understand for someone who speaks only one language.

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>For example that movie "The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" was translated as "The men who didn't love women" here. The meaning was completely changed, but why?
The original Swedish title is "The men who hate women", you dolt.

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rub a dub dub thanks for the grub

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It goes on sale all of the time though, at least on Steam. I got it for 5 bucks.

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It takes nearly 2 pages for someone to answer it was never specified in the first place and they continue to freak the fuck out.


>> No.8591865 [DELETED] 


Oh great, than I don't even have to reference my own language to make my point. It was localized to English then, maybe that title sounds odd for you guys then?

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Not really, America is just retarded.

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Then how do you express the concept of "noun with noun" where noun2 is noun1's property? Surely you can do that much without changing the entire meaning of the line? Fuck. I mean that title no longer resembles the original at all. I'm not going to believe that Portuguese is so incapable of expressing that.

It's like saying you can't write "banana" so you had to do your best and sub it as "apple."

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No, it doesn't at all. It was probably changed because they thought it sounded cooler.

>> No.8591877 [DELETED] 

From the picture:
>and that's with it already airing late at night.
Aside from anime meant for children, don't most shows air late at night? And even at that time, a number of series are censored, usually for gore or sexual content.

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>It was probably changed because they thought it sounded cooler.
More like to avoid accusations from crazy American feminists.

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I'll have to leave this thread, something came up.

Nice arguing with you guys, have a good day.

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Is this game only available on steam or has someone gotten it to work off of steam. Link me to a torrent if so.

I played the Japanese version of it, but I don't think it's worthy of being purchased. It's pretty good though nonetheless. I'd buy it if I had money. This company has potential to do great things.

OP is an obvious Carpe Fulgur viral marketer. I probably shouldn't mention pirating in front of him.

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Sorry, too busy enjoying Gundemonium to care about little girl games.

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I appreciate what they're doing, but I feel they can do it better. I can forgive things like "yayifications" due to the nature of the game, but in the future, a "serious" story would require more serious translating.

They can learn from the example of fan-translators and give the player a choice of how much localization they want.

At any rate, even though it's good that doujin games are getting more attention, I don't really like it just because it necessarily attracts the wrong type of people now and then.

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for me FS felt like a poor mans odins sphere with cheap ai and shitty controls.
also it didnt exactly help that i cant map the movement controls to the d-pad of my special edition 360 controller. Or did they fix that in the meantime?

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>necessarily attracts the wrong type of people now and then.

Do you think either the Japanese developers or the western translators give two flying fucks about how some fuck on 4chan thinks they should sell less copies because they might be played by *gasp* "the wrong people"?

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>using a 360 controller for 2d platforming/action
Dude, what?

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Was that towel really necessary? It didn't even show their tits in the first place.

>> No.8592047 [DELETED] 


CF didn't want people sexualizing loli's in a game about lolis that is aimed for people who probably like lolis.

>> No.8592060 [DELETED] 

It worked alright... except for in the menus where it was nigh impossible to select what you wanted with the analog stick.

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i have one of those special edition 360 controllers with the twist d-pad. it pretty much perfected the d-pad.

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CF are hypocrite goons, don't support them or their localizations.

>> No.8592076 [DELETED] 

No, I don't. Those were just my personal feelings on the matter. I'm not sure how you managed to extrapolate it to the developers and creators.

Why are you so angry? Please learn to take it easy.

>> No.8592087 [DELETED] 


I got it for even less than that free

>> No.8592090 [DELETED] 

So they're alright telling the people that they bought the license from, 'hey, we think you're a bunch of creepy pedos, and we're going to fix your game for you?'

Do they even know this? Maybe someone should email them...

>> No.8592093 [DELETED] 


*outright, apologies, /jp/ I just woke up.

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Capitalism, ho!

>> No.8592310 [DELETED] 

Any reason for me to believe this is more than speculation?

>> No.8592318 [DELETED] 

Steam probably isn't as approving of DFC as Japan.

either way it's a fun game but fuck the stella section ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU'RE GONNA DO THIS TO ME

>> No.8592330 [DELETED] 


Alright then but they still don't have the right to censor these works. They should have released it independantly from Steam.

>> No.8592335 [DELETED] 

people who give a fuck (that actually matter in the world): 0

>> No.8592336 [DELETED] 

oh I used to have one of those, now I tried to play Super Mario bros 3 with the xbox controller and I couldn duck after running and that skill is necessary to beat the game

>> No.8592347 [DELETED] 



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Xbox a shit, get a nice dual shock style controller.

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I enjoy the occasional bit of loli myself, but if you are seriously getting mad that a translation company bringing a game to Steam censored a single scene with nude little girls in it you are fucking retarded. It's called covering your ass.

>> No.8592377 [DELETED] 


I don't play their games to begin with. Also just it's more along the lines of them censoring shit just because they don't like it. They didn't create the games.

>> No.8592382 [DELETED] 


That isn't the only reason, read the thread.

>> No.8592410 [DELETED] 

But Steam exposure means more sales. As much as I hate the Steam culture and PC gaming culture in general. As mainstream PC gaming pretty antithetical to /jp/.

More sales is good, more sales means more money going to the developer. Steam dominates mainstream PC sales. And Lizsoft really does deserve the money. Again, the more people give doujin developers money, the better the position they are in to be working on more doujin titles.

Also, "viral marketing" is a stupid, unfunny /v/ meme. I am a wholehearted supporter of piracy. I like piracy, because it supports things I love. But I still like money going to things I like, as well. Supporting piracy does not mean I don't support buying.

In fact, I cannot stand the Shrinemaiden.org folks for their absolutely idiotic and arbitrary policy on piracy.

Whatever Carpe Fulgur has done, it's not forcing you to not play the Japanese, completely unedited version of the game. It's still very possible to buy the Japanese version. Most likely you will pay less for the Carpe Fulgur release. And such only allows more options. And that's a good thing. As someone who loves doujin games, I want them to succeed and continue to be created as much and in high of quality as possible.

>> No.8592413 [DELETED] 

Does anyone have the screencap of the oh so witty Skyrim reference they inserted? I lost it.

>> No.8592416 [DELETED] 

Unfortunately a steam release it pretty much required for a game to have any sort of wide spread availability. I like steam as a distribution platform but the way it dominates the market is bad, valve is essentially able to arbitrarily decide what games "make it" and what games don't, regardless of outside availability. Also the process for getting a game on steam is neither easy nor is the end result always good for developers. As a developer you get one representative for the entire process, they will decide if your game get on and all the specifics of the deal. This includes how much steam is going to take off the top, which I know to be as high as 25%.

>> No.8592420 [DELETED] 


Why would they do that? Do they feel obliged to insert nonsense just to keep the games up with current events?

>> No.8592423 [DELETED] 

Out of the 3 games they've localized, only Recettear has been even close to decent, and even then all it did was make me want to play Torneko.
Fortune Summoners is easily the worst (masochistic gameplay), but then again, I'm probably not the target audience because I don't mindlessly buy anything that has moebait in it.

>> No.8592432 [DELETED] 

I'm pretty sure said scene you're talking about is a fan-hack, and didn't happen by the hands of Carpe Fulgur.

>> No.8592457 [DELETED] 

Please elaborate on "masochistic gameplay".
I played the demo years ago and it seemed pretty good, I can imagine your party members A.I derping out or something though, that tends to happen.

Not touching Carpe Fulgur localization, I am terribly, terribly picky about those and from what I have hear I did rather just grab the original.

>> No.8592473 [DELETED] 

Well of course you wouldn't play a translation if you could understand the original.

>> No.8592484 [DELETED] 

>I like piracy, because it supports things I love.



>> No.8592495 [DELETED] 


This basically sums up my complaints

>> No.8592546 [DELETED] 

I hold out the believe that pirates tend to do so out of economic necessity. And that people will buy things and support creators when they can. In the meantime, piracy piques interest in media and increases overall sales. But that's a complicated argument I by no means desire to defend.
A lack of stackable items isn't really a problem in this game or any rpg that it exists. Being able to hold infinite items, wherever you store them, is unrealistic unless you're Doraemon. And such a thing also makes you rely on your skill instead of items too much. And the combat system isn't so much flawed as it's just difficult and not remotely hack and slash.

But I can accept a difference of opinion. For, it was worth it, though. I could have paid a lot more for a lot less, and I've grown very fond of the characters.

>> No.8592553 [DELETED] 

I hold out the believe that pirates tend to do so out of economic necessity. And that people will buy things and support creators when they can. In the meantime, piracy piques interest in media and increases overall sales. But that's a complicated argument I by no means desire to defend.
A lack of stackable items isn't really a problem in this game or any rpg that it exists. Being able to hold infinite items, wherever you store them, is unrealistic unless you're Doraemon. And such a thing also makes you rely on your skill instead of items too much. And the combat system isn't so much flawed as it's just difficult and not remotely hack and slash.

But I can accept a difference of opinion. For me, it was worth it, though. I could have paid a lot more for a lot less, and I've grown very fond of the characters.

>> No.8592586 [DELETED] 

Well, isn't that convenient to believe?

You don't think it's possible for people to pirate just to cut corners and get ahead? If they can get it for free, and get away with it, yet get the same income, they'll be better off than you. A selfish person would simply do this and rely on others to keep the media they like afloat with their purchases.

>> No.8592693 [DELETED] 

Perhaps you're right. This really isn't an area of interest to me. I just want people to do as much buying and playing doujin games, as possible. I want the doujin culture to be as healthy as possible. Whatever achieves that end.

My biggest complaint, personally, is that Fortune Summoners is a big short and fleshed out. But I have to admit I don't expect the longest and most epic rpgs from a single developer. Again, I'm certainly hoping for the chance of a sequel since I really like the characters and would like to see more of them.

Also, I doubt it was an accurate translation, but "taste hot Arche justice" was a fantastic line.

>> No.8592711 [DELETED] 

I don't give a fuck because I'm broke and I don't get unemployment benefits so I simply pirate everything these days. Your average Steam user doesn't really care about those games either so they won't become mainstream.

That being said the only game I played for more than 10 minutes was Recettear and I quit after an hour or two because it bored me.

>> No.8592718 [DELETED] 

I played Recettear for about 30 hours. Chantelise was bad and the most recent one I haven't bothered with.

>> No.8592734 [DELETED] 


The way I see is, data isn't worth anything, if there's no scarcity and can be infinitely replicated then it's worth less than dirt really. When making a game it should firstly be because you just want to make something cool that people enjoy, and that you yourself enjoy, making money should indeed be secondary, especially when basic economics tells us there's not much money to be made from it in the first place. If you want to make money get into a different business.

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Man fuck you guys. Fortune Summoners is the most fun I've had in a RPG in years. And I never would have even heard of it, even on /jp/, if CF didn't translate it.

>> No.8592797 [DELETED] 

Youre autistic though.

>> No.8592804 [DELETED] 

>nearly a dozen dungeons
>nearly a dozen dungeons

>not even a dozen dungeons


>> No.8592817 [DELETED] 

It's almost like it wasn't posted about every day for a few weeks after it was released in Japan.
Oh wait.

>> No.8592818 [DELETED] 
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We talked about Fortune summoners when it came out in C75.

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File: 201 KB, 640x480, what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>>8591697 uuuuugh I hate it when they translate foreign languages into something that actually resembles how pople talk




>> No.8592857 [DELETED] 

I can attest to that as I am the one who did the thread for the demo.
It had 175+ replies or so.

>> No.8592867 [DELETED] 

People still sexualize loli? What is this, 1980?

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The only thing I hate is that people treat their releases as if they are brand fucking new and also treating douin games like they're made by some failing Japanese company that desperately needs sales to make more games including a sequel to one they made like 4 years ago and have forgotten about by now.

It's like, what's next, they bring over むかしむかしあるところにとてつもなく仲の悪いツインテールの姉妹姫様が
いらっしゃいましたとさ and you get a bunch of people going ZOMG SO HARDCORE MARIO 2?

>> No.8592878

is the best phrase ever.

>> No.8592885

Ironic he complains about rewrites, then you basically rewrite his post using greentext to portray the poster as a retard as a tactic to try to prove you're right.

>> No.8592920

gb2sacks of fat

>> No.8593024

I had the game lying around in my hard drive for like 2 years before I finally get around to finish it. Anyone interested in the so called otaku culture would have it completed by then if not much earlier. Talking about it on /jp/ now instead of /v/ would be either CF viralling or secondary friends.

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