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Lieber /jp/,

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Have you ever written or recieved a letter before /jp/? I did a few days ago. Sending messages through IM and other things just doesn't cut it to using your own handwriting. Especially when you send it to a person you care about. You get that warm feeling inside.

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liebe-chan iz teh bst tohu

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I want to try it, but the person I care about is scared of giving me their address.
My handwriting is crap anyways, but the feels seep into the paper right?

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I sent letters to an italian friend of mine. Then she married an arab and moved to Egypt. I never heard of her again.

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I have a horrible calligraphy, no one would like it.
Computers were a step forward for people like me.

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Yes, they definitely do. It becomes a lot more personal and that's the great thing about it. Putting effort into writing it feels great.

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I sent a christmas card to my school exchange partner from back then, plus an email. It's like the fucker completely forgot me...

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Ich finde diese ganzen pseudeutschen threads mit Koishi behindert.

Mystia passt viel besser. Ein schönes Gedicht ist besser als ein dreckiger, alter Psychologe.

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I haven't written anything by hand in years.

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Part 12 when?