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Eientei thread.
because they're the best faction

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You might as well post to mokou thread now...

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meanwhile at eientei

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That picture is like the epitome of deliciousness. So much in that picture I want my penis on/in/against I cant simply list them all here

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I know that feel bro.

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boku no pico

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your new is showing

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boku no goat merry

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Google image search says it is Yumekui Merry which I have not seen either.

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mfw I've seen it. But forgot about it completely.

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As if worst 2hu can do shit against kaguya.
give back 2nd worst 2hu her gungnir

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Noooo! Beardguy! ;_;

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He will forever be in Gensokyo in our hearts.

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Well, he does seem to be mad at it.

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No, not really.
You should go back to /a/ newfriend.

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What's it like being a horny rabbit that is hormonally driven to fuck males and get pregnant but being unable to because you're surrounded by females at all times?

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Take your fanon shit somewhere else.

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Act sassy all you want. Rabbits are fervently horny animals that fuck each other as soon as possible and reproduce like a wildfire.

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>Earth Rabbits

Oh wait.

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Eirin has drugs to either suppress that feel or futa drugs

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Anyone read tjat newer Kaguya doujin? The "too realistic" one?

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bump for interest

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am I the only one who finds the thought of having erin drug me up and then hack me to pieces strangely alluring?

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I'm more of a rumia kind of guy.

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The issue I would see with Rumia is that it would end up hurting quite a lot. Erin would know how to control the pain.

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I'd rather she drug me up and violate my insides

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Best model.
No need of hat or accessory to taint her perfect hair.
Best dress.
Best theme.
Best danmaku.
best gimmick.
Best boss of the best game.
Best 2hu.

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Which one is he talking about?

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this one?

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Doubt it. Also Jesus he just keeps cumming.

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It looks like she's in a prison.

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I would love nothing more than to have Erin pump me full of moon drugs and watch as she takes me apart and puts me back together like a skilled mechanic.

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tewi desu

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why is kaguya eating icecream so cute

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I want to buy her icecream on a hot day. After finishing her mouth would get sticky and she'd want something to drink, so I'd offer my saliva. Share a very wet kiss with the princess, as I slowly overpower her frail body.

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Eww dude, get a life.

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Jerk. I thought it was sweet.

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>mfw one of my colleagues at uni looks like kaguya

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So is my fiance.
I've been poking tiny holes in condoms to try and get her pregnant.

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You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

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This one:

It feels too much how would Eintei work.

And the ending made me wonder how would Eirin react to it.

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>not linking exhentai

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I'm too lazy to ask you nicely now so I'll just outright say it
Who are you quoting?

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I'm fine with advance warning of you-know-who.

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What's with the panda?

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Why are you shitposting?

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What is going on???

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Why did you just post this on /pol/?

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wrong tab lol

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Best family

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What makes you say this? I honestly think it isn't that good.

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In the same way that the Ushiromiya family is the best family.

It totally is, by the way.

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Hmm. Seems familiar.
Was that the Flan cosplayer who supposedly fueled up her boyfriend with rohypnol to make him crossplay Reimu with her, or was that somebody else?

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only if you're furryfag

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Do you have a problem with furries?

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Epic WIN /b/ xDDD

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Not the other person, but yes. Yes I do.

The funny thing here being that furry is only allowed on /b/.

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So I decided to play my first touhou game, I figure I would start with the first non PC-98 game, seems logical right? I got my ass kicked here and back for about a week on normal not even able to beat it with continues. After finally beating it (with continues) I was about to give up on these games for being way too hard. I decided to try Imperishable night because I liked the characters, and I beat it on my second try with one continue, and my 4th no continues (on normal). Is this game just easier or is touhou 6 really fucking hard?

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A little of both. IN can actually be pretty hard if you don't use the border team, though.

I personally found PCB to be the easiest.

>> No.8620507

Oh, I used the border team, are they the easiest? Whys that?

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They have a smaller hitbox than the other characters, relatively powerful homing attacks, and a much longer window of opportunity to use deathbombs after being hit. The other teams are notably less effective (unless you're playing for score, which I doubt since you just recently started).

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I find Marisa to be an easier fight than Reimu (stage 4)

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I think Marisa just seems easier because most people fight her more often. Reimu's attacks are more gimmicky, but they're very predictable once you get used to them.

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Really? All the colors always mess me up. I really don't do well with rainbow danmaku.

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I am trying spell practice now.

I am on like 40 attempts for some of these stage 4 spellcards on normal. I'm terrible.

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the things i'd teach her

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Spoiler tagging courtesy please.

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Who Tewi here?

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what a cumguzzling slut

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best model
best and only pants
best theme
best hair accessory
best danmaku
best gimmick
best boss of the best game
best 2hu

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dan kim art so good

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Hello dan.

But yeah I like your art too.

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Heh, Eirin's face is so glorious.

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Holy shit, look at his nails.

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why is kaguya such a bitch slut?

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>12 11 9 藤原 妹紅
>33 33 33 蓬莱山 輝夜

That's why.

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Well, fuck you. Now I'll never be able to see anything WoW related without imagining a playable moon-rabbits race.

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what are the numbers?

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Rankings from the three most recent Touhou popularity contests. First number is this year's, second is last year's, third is from the year before that.

Basically, Mokou has scored 9th, 11th and 12th overall the past three years, while Kaguya is holding steady at a mediocre 33rd.

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fuck you mokou

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from the thumb it looked like some guro pic
...slightly disappointed

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Eirin has the worst outfit.

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Oh really?

I like the constellations motif, myself, it's nifty IMHO.

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Bump, still interested.