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Im going to test how strong she is. So how many of these character can she beat. Bloodlust, no knowledge.

Void Shiki vs Naruto Uzumaki(Part II)
Void Shiki vs Madara(Naruto)
Void Shiki vs Whitebeard(One Piece)
Void Shiki vs Son Goku(DB)
Void Shiki vs Son Goku(DBZ)
Void Shiki vs Majin Dark Schneider(Bastard)
Void Shiki vs Featherine Augustus Aurora(Umineko)
Void Shiki vs Turn A Gundam(Turn A Gundam)
Void Shiki vs Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann(Gurren Lagann)
Void Shiki vs Galactus(Fantastic Four)
Void Shiki vs Demonbane(Demonbane)

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Can she beat Uncle Mugen?

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void shiki vs yo moma

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no way in hell that anime bitch can beat Galactus.
Galactus blinks and she is dead

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this bitch is going down

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Only quads can defeat Void Shiki

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LED Mirage can kill Void Shiki.

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Reported for underage

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Is that so?

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Explain me why that little girl could beat galactus them. I will negate every point you make

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Yukari wins

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Galactus eats Earth Can Shiki survive in space without earth? How does she even manage to hit Galactus when Galactus can blow up the galaxy she’s in from light years away?

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She can kill the galaxy.

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You just got into a fight with the wrong guy.
Galactus is my favorite character ever.
I will be back in a sec with proof that he can completely obliterate her.

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she can't beat any of those characters.
Also Demonbane? Seriously?

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Galactus power is pretty much the same as Shiki but he holds many more feats. give up bro

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I'm going to leave this thread and win by default before you can come back.

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Galactus doesn't even need the galaxy to stay alive.
Galactus is my favorite character ever. You just got into a fight with the wrong guy.

Take a look at this page.

In this scan, it is implied that Galactus can survive the destruction of a universe when he’s running high on energy:
“Is that your wish, Galactus? To condemn the cosmos to ultimate extinction, and yourself to an eternity in an infinite void, wherein exists not the smallest potential for life? Can even you endure such desolation?"

So yeah, even if you’re correct about Shiki being able to destroy the galaxy, Galactus still smashes that ass.

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She could at least beat the first four.

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her mystic eyes allow her to see (and therefore destroy) the origin of things, correct? and, she can see the spiral of origin in that form? so technically, all of those things would be easy for her to erase from existence.

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Demonbane would rape Galactus.
How does that make you feel?

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You can't simply erase Galactus unlike her, he has many other skillsets-not to mention his reality warping is probably much stronger than hers

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coco will rape demonbane
How does this make you feel?

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Shiki can kill Galactus's origin.
Therefore he'll cease to exist.

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Listen to me. You can't "KILL" Galactus origin. He is a force of nature born before Gaia herself.
It’s been seen that he can alter reality, destroy multiverses, and survive universal destruction

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Galactus farts and erases Shiki origin out of existence

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Can Shiki even get close enough to Galactus with her little knife before he completely destroys her?

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Fuck Galactus.
Void Shiki vs Batman.

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she can kill the distance between her target lolj/k/

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With preparation time?

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You can make Void Shiki have all kinds of plothax. Name one opponent and I can make up a bullshit way for her to win.

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Shiki's cock. That woman will bow before the strength of her male superior.

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