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Which Touhou would you consider to be the best mascot for /jp/?

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Shanghai Alice or Scarlet Devil

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Marisa Kirisame.

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Hard choice, you have Kaguya as the NEET faction and Alice as the figure/doll faction.
Then you have Sanae as the penis-otaku/slut faction.

Then there is always Marisa telling everyone to leave.

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I think Sanae represents us the best.

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Patchouli, because shut-in + reading (even if we read posts about which Touhou futa we'd fellate instead of grimoires)

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mfw you realise everyone in that picture has the same hair. (varying in colour and length of course)

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best in what way?

best at representing how jp wants to be?
best at representing how jp is?
best at representing how jp should be?
best at representing the little girl?

I vote suika.

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Dolls, Antisocial, Arrogant

Locked in a basement her whole life


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Because everyone here bitches at each other meaninglessly.

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There's also Reimu as the "shut up and let me drink tea in peace" Touhou.

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it's hard to only one mascot.

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Well, the artist does abuse on that hair bangs pattern.

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you are now aware that no touhou shows her forehead

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Marisa,everyone likes her. I love her silly hat.

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What does Wriggle smell like? How would Chen react if it was Patchouli instead of Wriggle?

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Good. Women who have their hair swept back are idiots. Do you want to look bald? Do you really want to look like you have a huge alien head because humans are used to seeing people with bangs?

You make me sick, people I'm talking about.

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/jp/ as a disgusting roach makes sense

but I imagine most faggots here would rather be an ideal rather than something more in line with reality

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>everyone likes her

Bahaha, you funny guy.

I'd say Reimu or Kaguya.

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Reisen because she's always bullied.

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Well since imo a mascot has to be an animal, either Chen or Orin.
I love cats.

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Parsee seems to represent /jp/ beautifully.

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No doubt~

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First I wanted to vote for Kaguya, but then I realised that Cirno is better for everyone here is supid and spew nonsense all the time.

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/b/ is /b/aka you silly person.

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Chen or Marisa
Chen has more positive connotations (bkub) while Marisa is negative (touhou hijack and get out of /jp/)

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