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Stupid useless bunny.

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Smart useful bunny.

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Wrong this is the useless bunny.

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The fuck? you just made this thread with the same gaysen image


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This image sucks cocks dude.

Remake this thread with a better image. Come on. Do it.

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>Touhou 12.3 tier list
>A+: Reisen, Iku

doesn't seem that useless to me

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That image is fine.

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I'm okay with her being useless.

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OI! more of that Tewi was like a former waifu or some shit

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Maybe later.

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So, I have like 4GB of Touhou images alone and I'm still saving new ones every day. Is that a lot compared to a lot of you guys? How much is too much?

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I think you past "too much" a long time ago

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Damn, I was hoping some nice /jp/edo would come in and scoff at me saying he has 80GB or something.

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Of only Touhou images?
I have 4.72 gigabytes alone with just Reisen.

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About 500+ Mbs of art. For wallpaper purposes

This, if you won't count manga, of course.

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I believe there are some pages of manga in there. I have yet to sort through the folder completely.

There are also several look a like pictures that do small things like remove glasses as well.

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I have 3gb worth of Touhou images and 11gb worth of doujins+music

And I'm not gonna stop downloading more anytime soon

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I'd that bunny

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Would you let Reisen take off her zettai ryouiki if that made her happy? I won't.

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She's such a lewd bunny.

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Why does she have to ask me?

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She's canonically an aloof bitch that dislikes humans.

I say we make rabbit stew of her.

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aren't canon youkai human eating fiends regardless of situation and context?

and seeing how she's been in a war and all, resentment is understandable

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Huh? You mean people actually listen to canon?

You could've fooled me.

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well that's never stopped anybody. And I think it encourages some people

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Not really, don't listen to grimdark fags. Mostly only the weaker youkai like Rumia and Mystia bother to hunt humans, a lot of the stronger ones just like to keep to themselves. In fact, the human village is kind of a neutral zone where youkai and humans mingle and some shops actually stay open at night specifically to cater to them.

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It is at least partially true though.

A youkai that does not attack humans, is not a youkai. That quote comes directly from Akyuu.

Even if they don't eat humans, they will still try to scare them, and play pranks on them. Even the fairies do this.

Similarly, Muenzuka is regarded as a highly dangerous place because of all the powerful youkai who hunt there, seeking to eat humans that unwittingly enter Gensokyo from the outside world.

They simply can't eat the humans in Gensokyo whenever they want. That's the thing, and it's the reason that it's become like it is. Gensokyo relies on the existence of humans to go on, and there's only so many of them.

So they made a compromise. Youkai still start incidents, and humans still must be afraid of them. However, in the end, the cycle of incident -> extermination continues only in name.

That's also the reason why Reimu is not a bitch. She exterminates everyone, yes, but that's a tradition that continues only in name. Which means, that what she's doing is just defeating everyone in mock battles that are more like janken than fighting.

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I doubt mystia even bothers to anymore, would be bad for business

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Can youkai love?

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Why are people acting surprised? Most of the Touhous have fairly grimdark origins.

Byakuren - Traitor to humanity and a savior to youkai
Yuyuko - Suicide to stop herself
Murasa - Damned vengeful ghost saved by Byakuren
Mokou/Kaguya - Wretched, miserable immortals
Eirin - Pretty much a war criminal
Yuuka - Merciless
Kanako/Suwako - Loss of faith forced them to come to gensokyo
Parsee - Go read how a woman turns into a hashihime
Kisume - probably beheaded

And those who don't are either on the side of humans or stay away from them. Like Keine or Rumia. Others perform disturbing jobs like Rin or Komachi.

Sure, they are cute, but Gensokyo is a place living a relative peace, with rules set to avoid individuals from engaging into slaughter.

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somehow i feel like this voice fits

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>So, I have like 4GB of Touhou images alone and I'm still saving new ones every day. Is that a lot compared to a lot of you guys?

Haha faggot, I have 4.25 GB. You lose.

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I thought the grimdark fags were a dead race already.

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>She's canonically an aloof bitch that dislikes humans.

Inaba of the Moon & earth is canon too.

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I think it's good for everyone that Winter is almost over.

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As long as she doesn't speak like a retard

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that picture always bothers me because my favorite part of reisen is her eyes

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Careful they are dangerous.

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The short answer is yes.

However, I want people to understand something. Youkai do not act like humans. They do not think like humans. No matter how much you want them to, they simply do not. This should be obvious, because they are not human in the first place.

Usually youkai stick to themselves. Or at least, that's how it used to be. In present day Gensokyo, they are less likely to stick to themselves, if only out of boredom, because they have been forced to live a much more peaceful lifestyle.

It should be possible for youkai to love, and it probably always was possible, but I'm sure it was quite rare for it to succeed at first, and now, it should still be uncommon.

And, the presence of half-youkai, half-human beings like Keine and Rinnosuke, should be enough to confirm that love between a human and a youkai is possible. However, it should be very difficult to achieve, since youkai do not share the morality that humans do, among other things.


Not only that, but Mima is a ghost whose sheer resentment against humans kept her from resting in peace, and thus, she turned into an Onryo (vengeful spirit).

And I feel that the case of Yuuka needs further explanation. She went and wrecked Makai, out of little more than boredom.

Also, everyone's precious Marisa is grimdark too. I'll grab a quote from canon:
"As a being that humanity has left behind, she doesn't get involved with them."
(EoSD manual text)

>a being that humanity has left behind

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It always takes me a few seconds to realize you can see part of her face in that picture.

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I am pretty sure that Marisa has a still living father. A merchant, I think. That he chose to live outside in the woods instead of the village kidn of bothers me. Or maybe she got out because she wanted to practice magic in peace, without endangering anyone.

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For someone who's power is causing insanity, she seems like one of the sanest playable Touhous and in general.

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The drugs restrict her. She really is useless.

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fun to know, thanks

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To be honest, it seems to imply that her parents abandoned her.

Leaving your kid to fend for herself in the wilderness, in a place where humans ordinarily cannot survive and do not travel, is not something parents ordinarily do. Yes, Marisa wants to live there, but usually one's parents will try and stop you from doing something like this, at all costs.

That's why, at the very least, it implies that either the parents didn't try and pursue her, or she used magic to drive them away, or she actually decided to live in the forest because she knew they couldn't pursue her there in the first place.

To be honest, I think Marisa's story would be less grimdark if her parents were dead. Then you don't need to ask why she's being allowed to live in a place like the Forest of Magic.

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One reason I made up is because her mother, too, or someone close to her, was a witch. Ryunosuke is suppsoed to be a close friend, so there might be some influence. She probably begged her dad to let her pursue the arcane. She is too cheerful and energetic a kid to have bad parents, imho.

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bad parents can fuck you up in a number of different ways. Being happy can be just as fucked up, like, say, enjoying beating people up and stealing their stuff.

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>enjoying beating people up and stealing their stuff.

But it is the local sport...

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>Most of the Touhous have fairly grimdark origins.

Most of the Touhous are youkai. Most of the youkai have grimdark origins pretty much by definition.

It never seems to stop them from taking it easy and enjoying themselves.

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>Tell Yukari she's an extraordinarily beautiful young lady

>She giggles like a schoolgirl

She then gaps you into a black hole.

That's how youkai love.

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Yukari hasn't done anything of note "vicious" towards humans. At most she just tries to make people feel uneasy and scare them.
I do believe that Marisa probably didn't want to lead an ordinary life as a shopkeepers daughter. She states in Curiosities of Lotus Asia she wont go back. She probably left because of the dull and boring future that awaited her there. Rinnosuke influenced her personality a lot but shes always been the same as stated throughout her life.

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Stupid useless bunny, by Sander Cohen. I want to take the ears off, but I can't. I hop, and when I hop, I never get off the ground. It's my curse, my eternal curse. I want to take the ears off, but I can't! It's my curse, it's my fucking curse! I want to take the ears off! Please! Take them off! Pleeeeeeease!

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I think it's probable that she just wouldn't care. Either that, or she'd find it to be a good opportunity for trolling. Then again, her trolling is usually complicated to the point where you might not even realize you're being trolled.

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In that case I want to call Yukari a beautiful lady.

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That guy should have stuck to his day job.

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How lewd is too lewd?

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HELLa naizz ass

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6,2 GB here, 13.140 files. All manually selected.

+ 20,9 GB of translated Toohoo doujins.

I'm not proud of this, I've lost control of my life.

Also, 50 years, etc.

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Geez, why don't you try storytiming some of that stuff on /jp/ once in awhile, do you have official doujins?

50 years of what?

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I'm surprised I'm already at 3 GB. I purged my image folder a couple months ago and have only been saving ones I thought were particularly notable. I guess my standards dropped since then.

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Weak all of you.
I also have 16 gigs of touhou doujins and 8 gigs of porn ones kept separate.

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Good idea, I will when I get the time.



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night of madness

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1.73 gb of art. I just save what I really really like tho, so this could be way bigger;
2.08 gb of wallpapers;
1.01 gb of funny images from /jp/;
1.32 gb of the official works;
16.6 gb of doujin. A bit of them are repeated, so I guess we could take something like one or two gb away from here.

That gets to 22,74 gb. Plus 23.6 gb of music.

Hey, you asked.

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Reisen is the worst.

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You just need to get to know her better.

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>16.6 gb of doujin.
No, you don't.

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>It's funny because he's a BR huehue.png
We are not /v/, kid.

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16GB? Is that supposed to be a lot? Only Touhou, too.

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that kind of passive aggressive posting comes off as childish you know, makes you out to be a significantly worse poster than whoever you reply to.

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Somewhere along these lines should be fine.

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Akyuu does also say she's overselling some of the youkai's dangerousness/abilities (in some cases at their behest). And outsiders are very, very rare. And the average human is a bit stronger than the average youkai now, so if the average youkai tried to start shit, they'd get exterminated for real.

The compromise is youkai get to start incidents, humans get to exterminate them, and nobody dies; not that humans have to be afraid of them. Youkai are actually in some danger of getting wiped out, which is why Gensokyo exists in the first place.

tl;dr: Gensokyo doesn't exist to keep the youkai in, it's to keep modern humans out.

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It's as if ZUN made all the canon to intentionally throw people against each other.

>> No.8584564 [DELETED] 

>not that humans have to be afraid of them

Actually, there's quite a lot of indication that yes, humans have to be afraid of them. Or rather, they need humans to be afraid (in the same way that gods need faith). See Kogasa for the most obvious example.

>That's also the reason why Reimu is not a bitch.

All other things aside, I just don't see how Reimu's job description is in any way related to her personality. Non sequitur.

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Or dude doesn't care because it's a game about little girls with silly hats drinking and shooting fireworks at each other until somebody dies. Then they chill and drink some more.

And I think in a recent interview he said he intentionally keeps a lot of character and setting information vague so people could make up whatever. Even when it does, Touhou doesn't have that strict of a canon; take Remilia lying about being a descendent of Dracula and Flandre saying she's lying about having the power to manipulate fate in Aya's thing. Or Flan being rather charming in ESoD but incomprehensible in Aya's thing and basically the moe Boogeyman with Akyuu and Marisa.

>> No.8584579 [DELETED] 


>in the same way that gods need faith

Then they don't really need to, do they? Why would they care for the youkai's needs?

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My favorite

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I thought Youkai power diminish when they are forgotten. As long as they are remembered in some way they are still alive.

Can't remember where I read that.

>> No.8584668 [DELETED] 

>incomprehensible in Aya's thing

Incomprehensible for lowly tengu peasants, maybe.

Apparently, it doesn't really matter who believes.

>> No.8584682 [DELETED] 

I think that's Discworld you're thinking of.

Remember, incomprehensibility could also be ZUN's fault or the translation.

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I have over 20 gigs of touhou fanart.

You guys fucking suck.

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Bitch my dad works at nintendo and he gave me 30TBs of SUCK MY COCK DUDE.

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Yes, Gensokyo is a hiding place for the youkai. It's because they couldn't survive in the outside world.

The reason they couldn't survive, is not because the outside world humans are strong. It's because they don't believe in the supernatural anymore. They've started trying to find scientific explanations for everything.

Humans usually can't believe in the supernatural unless they experience irrational fear. Fear drives them to respect the youkai, even if it's only as an enemy. And, fear drives them to respect the gods, who can protect and help them. But without that, only a child will acknowledge the possibility.

There's also the endless number of cases where youkai are used to take the blame for the evil things that humans do. But, those who abuse the names of these youkai, don't even acknowledge their existence. It's terribly selfish.

Don't you have at least one non-human character from Gensokyo that you love? It's the same for me. But would we believe that they really exist? Probably not...

And so, both gods and youkai, are born from human selfishness, and die due to human selfishness. It's a terribly sad fate.

That's why Yukari came up with the plan to create Gensokyo. The purpose of that place, is so that the supernatural beings that were burned by the humans' narrow-mindedness, can survive. That's why she's always saying things like "the youkai must be feared." If you live as a human in Gensokyo, you *must* believe that all of these supernatural beings really exist.

Touhou is actually a lot like Umineko. If you don't believe me, read WaHH 9. And now you should also be able to understand, that Gensokyo is a lot like the Golden Land, only on a much larger scale.

>> No.8587933 [DELETED] 
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You are small time.

>> No.8589627 [DELETED] 
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>> No.8589641 [DELETED] 
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>> No.8589648 [DELETED] 

I always hated that stupid Discworld explanation. Why should a youkai have its strength drained away by skepticism? Why should a slavering monster fall victim to my indifference? Does that make its jaws smaller? Its fangs less sharp? Its grasping, tearing hands less strong? Poppycock.

>> No.8589667 [DELETED] 
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>> No.8589689 [DELETED] 
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>> No.8590549 [DELETED] 


Actually, I've never read Discworld in the first place. And, I had all of this figured out before I ever read Umineko. I learned it by researching Touhou alone. The thing is, ZUN gives so many hints at it, that it's almost impossible to deny it.

If you look into Shinto, you'll see that the whole world is filled with spirits. That's pretty much what we're talking about. These are spiritual beings. Many of them are far more corporeal than your average ghost, but the fact remains that they're spiritual.

If you don't believe me, then look up the extermination method for youkai. You'll see that physical attacks don't work on them. They will simply regenerate after a time. The way to kill them, is with a spiritual attack.

Now, don't get me wrong. Even if the whole world doesn't believe in them, that doesn't mean that they no longer exist. That just means that, as far as humans are concerned, they don't. These beings can no longer take on a form in the world of humans, but they are still there. But nobody knows they're there, and many have completely forgotten about them. So it's pretty cruel.

What separates Gensokyo from the outside world is the boundary between reality and illusion. What's outside is reality, what's inside is illusion. The reason this works, is because in this world, their legends have been redefined so that just about everyone believes they are illusions, and not real. So these spirits can take form in Gensokyo.

>> No.8590616 [DELETED] 

anyone know about any reisen doujins where she isnt abuse/raped/assaulted/forcedtodoshitagainstherwill?

>> No.8590617 [DELETED] 
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Seconding this question.

>> No.8590642 [DELETED] 

Is she supposed to be taken seriously with the Jammomatic 2000 she has there?

>> No.8590643 [DELETED] 

The only ones I know of, really, are ones with Youmu.



>> No.8590650 [DELETED] 

Only futa, damn.

>> No.8590659

It was pretty good though.

Um, as far as non-futa goes, there's this:
It's not actually h but it gets a little close at one point.

The thing is, most Reisen and Youmu stuff is futa...

>> No.8590660

Heh I wasn't knocking it, just disappointed there isn't much happy hetero. This is about the only one I know of.


>> No.8592065
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two of odins works come to mind, part of the kinokono sasoi series.
You'll want to start at page 9 of kuro gal gensokyo
and pic related

>> No.8592081

Oh, and that one nounai kanojo chapter. Technically rape, but without that rapey aftertaste