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I spend all day daydreaming about Yukari's feet!

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Well, I respect your feet fetish and I don't doubt you're a good person.

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Not going for anything more? How beta.

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that one fetish that you will never understand.

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Can I have the rest of her, if you're not using it?

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I suppose she can gap her feet on over to me

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Shouldn't be so greedy. Just pick a chunk or two

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She gaps in her sleep? I don't want to get anywhere near that household.

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what a nice pose

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Who says I wont be using the rest of her just as much?

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It's implied when you spent forever just thinking about her feet. As opposed to me who woke up and started daydreaming about Toyohime lovemaking.

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I'm not the op just some guy who happens to like feet and other various Yukari body parts

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Oh, well you get what fantasy is for. You're fine.