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What's /jp/'s stance on haggish touhous making silly faces?

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Ahegao is kind of dumb, but I guess people like it.

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I want to smell Yukari's butthole so badly

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I died.

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Dont know about you but when I cum I actually roll my eyes back a bit and actually stick out my tongue sometimes. I am not joking. Ahegao isnt some made up thing. It can actually happen to people

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I want to vomit. I hope hell exists for Christians so that the one who created this would burn for eternity.

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Yukar's lewd face is a miracle of the universe

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I love heretics.

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I like to masturbate to a 3dpd whore called Ana Didovic because I like to think thats what Yukari wold look like in real life

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Fornication Under Consent of the King

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Calm down. We are all friends here.

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Does this guy actually sm0k w33d?

do japanese even know why weed is let alone having any in their country?

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No, he is just possessed.

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Please tell me this is real

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Yes, it is real, /v/irgin.

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uh, yeah, eh?


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What's funny there is that the Catholic church officially objected to NGE and it's one of the reasons you can still get in official trouble for even mentioning anime in some Mormon and similar culty communities.

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It is a joke, idiot.

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I am sorry to have hurt your feelings, believer of Christ. But this is most definitely real.

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J-...Jesus Christ how horrifying.

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Implying that EVERY reference in any anime to Christianity is SATANIC!
Who is the author of these pictures. I must know.

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In my decades of watching anime, I have yet to see any of it.

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>Who is the author of these pictures. I must know.

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just fapped to that a few seconds ago

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I was going to insult you mortally. But now i guess i should give you biiggest hug you've ever felt.

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I like silly faces

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/jp/ - Spoonfeeding Culture

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He actually didn't spoonfeed.

Teach a man to fish and all that.

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So am I the only one who actually ahegaos in real life when cumming?

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That's right. He is my red father. ♥

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It seems so.

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that was fairly humorous

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I had a girlfriend once who ahegao'd. I really didn't like it

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Part two just for you.

Doubt it. But I only breathe/moan a bit if it's been a good evening.

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