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/jp/ is in a jam right now what with the VN issues and everything, so let's do something to bring back the good ol' days.
Stylish Youmu thead.
Other touhous in stylish clothing are welcome too, but mostly Youmu.

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Touhou is what we need less of. Please go elsewhere.

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Touhou is the one thing on /jp/ that we can all agree on. If anything we need more of it.

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Youmu is the worst Touhou

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Hard to believe some people think like this.

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>Please go elsewhere.


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This is my best Youmu image.

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what is /jp/ without touhou?

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Jeans with midriff is so cute.

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Hugo Boss is stylish.

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No. It is not. If you just want to image dump some touhou character then go to >>>/c/, that is what the board is for.

VNs, figures, LNs, etc. Basically all the good stuff.

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Nope, Utsuho is the worst Touhou. Youmu is actually the best.

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You do realize that without Touhou /jp/ wouldn't exist in the first place right?

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How do you define 'stylish'?


That's... creative. Really.

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Were you here when /jp/ was first created? If so you would remember that it was created for a multitude of things aside from just Touhou. And regardless of how it started, /jp/ today is not /jp/ of 4 years ago.

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Screw you. Don't bring Okuu into this.

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marisa is HELLa stylish

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I guess some people forget about all the Touhou hijacks. In the end, that doesn't matter what you remember. Touhou will always be /jp/ related whether you like it or not.

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Both Utsuho and Youmu are good Touhous. Also there is no worst Touhou. Don't be a factionist fanboy.

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It will still always be shit whether you like it or not.

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we will still always like it wether you like it or not

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Touhou comes with music, doujins, games, fanworks and about 60% of fucking CK plus Reitaisai.
Choke on a bag of dicks.

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Nobody is keeping you from discussing figs or VNs.
Why aren't you discussing figs or VNs?

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>music, doujins, games, fanworks
These are all doujin why are you trying to act like they are different things?

And I never said they weren't popular.

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Shit or not, I like it. You gotta learn that people have opinions man. That's life.

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Please ignore the rabid retard everyone, he's been going on about "no 2hu in /jp/ where's my /vn/" all day.

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Rather like the subdued hues in this one.

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Your shitposting isn't helping anyone.

You're only making the people who want more VN discussion look bad, you know

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Talking about style.

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He probably doesn't even care about VNs, he's just here to stir shit up. I bet he's busy in the other KS thread.

But enough of that,

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Speaks the guy whose Touhou have backward legs.

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Now now, guys. Don't fight over what touhou is best they all are . Though fuck anyone who comes to this board and insults Touhou in any way. They don't belong here.

Now, enough hatred, have some style.

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More style, more smiles!

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I've noticed Marisa and Alice tend to look good in a lot of different outfits. Youmu is still the queen of style, though. I guess its her hair? Who knows.

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Mmm, dat vest.

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Youmu and Alice are slowly becoming my favorite characters.

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I love this artist and his wacky style. What's hi name again?

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Onikobe Rin.

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My favored characters seem to change a lot. I say favored because I go through a week or two of thinking about them and then move on. I think my brain is just overloaded from the amount of characters I like. Anyone else go through this? I can't say I dislike a character after I move on, I just focus on one at a time for the most part. This week I looked at tons of Mystia stuff, last week it was Youmu..etc, etc.

Marisa will always be my favorite, though.

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Mokou is plenty stylish

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Simple elegance.
Often attempted, rarely achieved.

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yukari has a big ass

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As big as she needs it to be.

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You are now imagining Momiji with a Russian accent.

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Rather like the clothing in here, although they are quite deep in and not exactly the focus.


Already imagine her as Quebecoise.
Too late.

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That works too. Quebecers can be classy as fuck.

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I would kill for some more pictures of Touhous in sailor school uniforms.

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I wonder if there is such a thing as too many frills

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I like this thread so let me dig up some for you guys

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whose the artist for this anyways

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Googled it, name's k step2009
There's his gallery.

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awesome thanks

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Touhous wearing modern clothes and/or in the modern world are my favorite kinds of pictures.

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I prefer frilly dresses myself.

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I still have at least 6 months left to convince ZUN that he should set Touhou 15 in America

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i dont even like this gay character but shes so cool in this pictrue

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how the FUCK does she put that on

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her horns are bendy, like pipe cleaners
this is why you see them at different angles in every picture

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The same way you put a sweater on a hanger

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No, they're detachable.
She just never remembers which way to put them back on.

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Yea guys I don't get it.
A.) we have so little to talk about here in the first place, so why take VNs away from /jp/?
B.) All of /jp/ was welcoming of any VN descussions before, so why take VNs away from /jp/?
C.) Are we going to get banned if we talk about them here now?
D.) /jp/ is like the rejects of all of 4chan, so why care if the 40 - 45 of us world wide talk about them?
E.) I think it is pretty crazy /jp/ has a pinned thread now, I mean we're /jp/......

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They can be posted on both boards so nothing really changed in the end.

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Oh wow make your own meta thread.

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postt more touhous

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Okay thanks.
I don't even play VNs anyway,

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Inverted Knees.


And, I wish I could remember the name of a doujin where Patchy went to a date with Alice and Koa made her wear a sundress... that was stylishly sexy.

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iirc, dodgy translation. Don't know if it matters to you.

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Most stylish touhou

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ignore this

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i got bad news for you...

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Stop it, being a cripple is not cute at all.

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That looks comfy.

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Damn captcha.

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How do you search "stylish" or "casual" on pixiv?