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Who else wants half-Oni babies?

Yuugi/General. Bonus points for Yuugi as a bousouzoku.

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Oni are far too lewd. Look at what she's wearing... not a shred of decency.

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Yuugi sees that yous a gangster.
She herself is quite gangster.

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I'd imagine she'd fuck your pelvic region to dust if you let her take the lead.

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If its Yuugi i would be okay with carrying her babies inside me~

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Snoo snoo

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a yuugi thread and image upload is spazzing out on me

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Would you let Yuugi be your Oni-chan?

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With as muscular as she is her vagina lips are probably falling out all over the place

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Not sure why everyone is RUDE RUDE RUDE for Yukari. Yuugi seems far more so.

captcha: tax-farmer lexsti

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Fuck the police.

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>Would you let Yuugi be your <anything>


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The flaws of 3D don't apply to 2D

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>not completely unshaven and wild

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Even oni have standards, human.

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...maybe I want the Devas of the Mountain to be wild and unshaven.

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Would YOU be Yuugi's Oni-chan?

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>making her shirt partially see-through, while her actually-partially-see-through skirt isn't


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Jesus Christ my heart.

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Horny waifu.

Does death-by-sex appear in any Touhou H works?

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An oni, an oni I am.

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I heard that muscular chicks are the tightest. But lets not say lewd things about lady Yuugi.

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She always looks so confident

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Pretty sure her vagina contractions would crush my dick. She's still my second favorite touhou though.

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Would you Go Nagai-mode Yuugi?

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I love this one. Meiling is incredibly badass in it and Yuugi is just crazy.

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Meiling is outclassed by at least two cupsizes. It would be impossible to win without being a main character

I forget what the author's name for that doujin was, but I remember it was the only one up. Any new scans from him up?

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I think that's part of her charm, like Scanty.

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There is some confusion on whether oni and humans can interbreed to begin with. Know there is a story where a girl spirited away by an oni claims to have become pregnant by him, which apparently overjoys him. However it turns out she wasn't pregnant after all, and only claimed so to save the life of her brother hiding in the oni's lair (explaining why the oni could smell two humans in the house). It's left unresolved whether crossbreeding is possible or not.

Only know for certain that humans and kappa can interbreed.
The children are always hideously deformed.

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Yeah, well that's in shitty traditional lore.
And in traditional lore, Onis, kappas, and other youkai are horrible, ugly beasts. In Touhou they are cute girls with silly hats.
So since Yuugi is from the Touhou world, I'm going to side with ZUN when it comes to Oni-Human crossbreeding. And since there are several youkai-human hybrids, and even ghost-human hybrids, I will impregnate all the Onis I want.

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The only logical choice is to test and find out.

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Then considering shipwrecked Westerners were considered to be tengu all the way up to the 1860's, going to assume the traditional description of oni is how the medieval Japanese eye would've perceived the impossible combination of beefy, busty, blonde party animals.

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I want to use her abs as a pillow with my head tucked under a boob.

And she seems like she'd be cool with that

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I want to get piss drunk, go to the hot springs in the mountain, drink more, and pass out in the ass of Gensokyo with her.

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Obviously the Onis portrayed in folklore were shipwrecked Dutch Jews as portrayed by their tall bodies, blonde hair, and horned heads Dohoho.

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Except that's now it works and ZUN doesn't want you to think about it in such a lewd manner, Yuugi only likes strong people anyway she'd view everyone on /jp/ especially the ones that try to waifu her as weak.

>implying Yuugi would want your weak genes pasted on to her offspring

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That, or ship wrecked vikings. Judging by their tall, muscular bodies and their attraction to drinking, raping, and pillaging.

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Those dutch must be an ugly bunch.

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Cool self projection bro.

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>Everyone on /jp/
Woah bro, I'm strong as fuck. in danmaku battles

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>pass out in the ass of Gensokyo with her.
>ass of Gensokyo

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Then I'll just try my hardest to become strong, of course.

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This is not the least plausible things I've heard about vikings, but it isn't far from the urban legend of vikings in space.

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Bear in mind, Yuugi is not Crom. They just both happen to be sitting on mountains and have a thing for strength and bravery.

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>He doesn't work out every other day and visit /fit/ so that he may become swoll enough to win Yuugi's respect

How shameful.
If Yuugi was here she would want you to do squats and eat oats. At least give a little effort.

Maybe you aren't strong in her eyes, but not all of us are you.

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It's slang for the worst part of town.

So being passed out in the worst and shittiest part of Gensokyo, probably a district in Hell.

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Well... Hell is still blazing, but Former Hell is actually rather classy right now. Being under oni management has done wonders.

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Then he probably meant passed out drunk at the Hakurei Shrine.

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>Hakurei Shrine

Then surely Anon will be very surprised that when he does wake up next to a tall, athletic, beautiful woman with a big horn on her head, he will find that it isn't necessarily the same tall, athletic, beautiful woman with a big horn on her head as he got drunk with the night before.

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yuugi's punishing love is sure to end the life of any mere human. but i still would want it to be the last thing i ever see.

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I'm not running.


Actually, chances are she'd be very careful, considering men have a tendency to break when handled improperly and subjected to blunt trauma.


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Certainly with a couple of millennia under her belt, it isn't beyond expecting that the mountain queen has learned to appreciate times of finesse and elegance.

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...she.....she looks....beautiful.....I think I've fallen in love...she must be mine!!

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i'm not sure that an oni would really give a crap about breaking a few humans here and there

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If you break them, they are significantly less fun to toy with. Which may be of varying importance depending on what is for dinner.


Destiny awaits.

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I shall embrace it!

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Yuugi seems like the type where she does not really have any real emotional attachments with anyone. That or I have yet to see a good doujin that portrays this perfectly. It's like even if you get to as close as possible to her and be able to perform sexual relations in various positions and experiment several fetishes with her; she will still have some part of her reserved for her self and you will never see or know all of her fully.

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Yuugi only has two men of significance in her life, and she preferably gets some of them in her every day.

Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker.

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She does seems the aloof kind, to keep everyone within a certain distance.

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damn, where's that pov image of yuugi in bed with you, mocking your tiny human penis?

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Parsee looking ruder than Yuugi? An unusual, but refreshing change.

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In a city populated almost entirely by oni, only Yuugi steps out and faces the law of Gensokyo.

She is something.

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As someone who gets off to pov penis mocking I am interested as well.

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>populated entirely by Oni

Wouldn't that make it less of an issue for her to step out, considering she may have backup and Reimu is all by herself?

Who's that artist? I keep seeing pictures drawn in that style, it's very distinct...

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Waza I think. He draws the Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar in Gensokyo series.

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Thought more of how nobody got ahead of her and nobody backed her up. But still, that too is an interpretation.

Also, this may be what you are looking for:


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Would you in the gym storage room with Yuugi?

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Why do tough girl types always have band-aids on their noses?

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Cos they always fight...

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Yes, if I was Miyo Takano

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"Dammit Yuugi, it's not that small! Stop making fun of me ;_; "

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Back in the pre-Atlantis days, Seasons of Constancy had a slightly creepy thinly veiled lesbian gym teacher who suggested a band aid on the nose prevented some mystical cosmic radiation from reaching her brain. She also used a band aid on the nose to "mark" people whose personal spaces she'd gotten away with invading as a sort of badge of honour.

I have not seen that particular use anywhere else.

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Nothing personal but if you were Takano, I'd love to see your face when you realise that - surprise! - you are most definitely not Oyashiro-sama.

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I wonder what her farts smell like. After all that alcohol she drinks I bet it is very distinct~

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lol, that's the one

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Who the fuck needs assist to do bodyweight crunches? Yuugi is so weak.

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2010 looks the best. 2011 looks like it got faded in the sun

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I like the slightly see-through dress. I'm fond of strange fabrics and the former hell rarely disappoints

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Those aren't bloomers, those are red pantsu.

Knowing the difference could save your life.

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If it has been made, chances are the mountain queen has worn it.

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「Transparent Sign」 Ejaculation in Three Strokes

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There's that Letty doujin where the guy dies during sex.

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He worked hard to deserve it.

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there's a lot of death after sex but death through sex is a little less common

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Oh yeah I remember. Sad. ;_;

Love her "Bye bye" face.

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So which male in fiction could lay the pipe to Yuugi and survive the encounter unscathed?

Lunatic mode: Who can not only survive the encounter, but also leave Yuugi thoroughly satisfied and exhausted from said sexual encounter?

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Not really a fictional character, but Hans-Ulrich Rudel could have given it a go.

After you fly 2,500 sorties, anything is possible, including satisfying Onis.

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Not a man, but Aisha Clanclan would be a good lesbian partner for Yuugi. Sex between these two would be insane and quite violent.

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Autist and a nazi enthusiast. Oh boy, what a combination!

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you must be new here.

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Noo... What you mean?

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A teetotaler? For an oni? Really.

Then again, with Rudel even the impossible is only highly improbable at worst.

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Naruto, easily.
Not only is he himself badass, but he can now also rely on Kurama's strength.

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Walk to hell with a bottle of vodka in your left hand and a brass knuckle in your right. Find the oni and offer her the drink, before she can get a grip on it step back and drink half the bottle in a gulp. Then smile and punch the oni, if your hand isn't broken punch her again and again and again. Keep switching arms until both your fists feel numb, then ask the oni for marriage and give her the other half of the bottle.

Why can't love be this easy ;_;

>> No.8574239

I doubt she'll marry you for cheap vodka. get some good Bourbon instead.

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Bourbon and cognac are for faggots, she will appreciate more a man that can drink with her cheap sake rather than a whiner with expensive whiskey.

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>There's that Letty doujin where the guy dies during sex.

>> No.8574556

I giggled.

>> No.8574560

[04U] A Cold yet Hot Night

It's rapey but not quite how you'd expect.

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he deserved it for making fun of letty's weight ;_;

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Oh wait my mistake. That's the translation from you-know-who. You want [04U] A Night So Hot It Freezes

My bad.

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There is a second version?

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Yuugi is a bad influence on the other touhous

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When she isn't taking all the bad influence for herself.

>> No.8580399

I ask again, does anyone have any Yuugi doujin sites? I can't find any.