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So, considering the time of the year it is in the US. Its time to start filing those tax returns. I'm not really sure how it is handled in other countries.

Which touhou would you have file your taxes for you?

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Are you serious

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Patchy seems like she'd have a knack for it.

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I don't really think Okuu is up to the task.

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The only "tax returns" /jp/ deals with is when they give tax payers in their state a little money back when the sales tax takes some of their autism bucks away after buying something.

Who am I kidding though? Everyone knows /jp/ only buy's thing internationally.

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Is it safe to fill out all those forms while drunk?

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inb4 Shiki.

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Most states still tax things like unemployment and such that also get used by quite a number of /jp/ers. Pretty silly since its money they handed out to begin with.

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Isn't Ran supposed to be super-great at math?

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Yukari could just manipulate the gap between what you owe and what you are owed. That would be pretty sweet.

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I did my taxes already.

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Never understood what tax returns were, I live in a third world country and we don't have those.

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Maybe not, but you can't say it wouldn't at least be amusing.

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All this online submission stuff is scary.