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best 2hus

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The ``mature wimmin'' tohos are always the worst tohos.


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Big boobs makes them a win in my book.

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Just imagine how many thousands of cocks they have sucked in total, they would put even our best cock suckers to shame.

That is the power of old hags.

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flanshit lover detected

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I have a hard time picturing Flan as a busty 20-something.

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I only like the Old Maids Alliance when they include Ran.

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You wouldn't say no

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I don't have the confidence for multiple women. Although yukaris eyebrows are rather persuading

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The most difficult thing about this picture is deciding who I'd want to sit on my penis first.

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It seems like Eirin is always on the sidelines in these pictures. She must get bored just providing the sex-enhancing medicine every time.

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What? You're just gonna bathe with them, nothing more, nothing less.

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Please don't stink up /jp/ with the stench of grannies.

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She obviously has some sort of sexual suppository in her hand.

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that's what rabbits are for

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Healthy big sisters are ok too.

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Granny smell is best smell.

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I'd rather stay the hell away from them.

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I'm now imagining Eirin sliding something in my butt while Keine and Yukari blow me.

I'm officially aroused.

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would you let eirin treat you like a child

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Does treating me like a child mean drinking milk from her breasts? Yes.

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uh, sure

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Of course I'm going to bathe with them. I'll bathe my penis in their vagina juices

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You will never know what it feels like to have your rectum on fire


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That's not funny, my brother died that way

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Now which of these 4 would have the perkiest breasts?

I say Eirin.

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did he drop any loot?

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>sharpens you up

I.... don't get it.

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Don't forget Namusan

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Please stop grouping Kanako-sama with those other lewd whores.

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I want..... ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please stop groping Kanako-sama with those other lewd whores.

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Where's Ran in all this? Horrible thread.

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your mom doesn't count, fag

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Kuso not this ag-


okay you can proceed

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I'd her gap

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It's a real brand of Japanese mints being shoved up Eirin's butt. Although I think they may be Italian or something.

Anyway, the catchphrase is "Sharpens You Up"

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i bet yukari gives out nice treats

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I love Ran more than any man should, but this is a thread for the uh... more mature touhou ladies, you know? Ran will have her time.


It's between Eirin and Kanako. I'm going for Eirin though. Yukari's and Yuyuko's breasts are great but I always imagined them as just big and round.

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Yukari's such a special girl, she gets TWO cakes on her birthday!

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Yes indeed, Yukari's a girl! She loves to shop, play with her ipod, and talk about boys! Maybe she even hoasts slumber parties for Yuyuko, Kanako, Eirin, and Byakuren! They'll have pillowfights and gossip and watch shitty chick flics.

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Okay, let's see...

Hags major: Yukari, Eirin, Kanako.
Hags minor: Yuyuko, Byakuren.
Honourary hags: Yuuka, Yuugi, (Mamizou?)
Associates: Ran, (Komachi?)

The hags are numerous, but vastly fewer than the different definitions of what exactly constitutes a hag.

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None of them are hags. Fuck you. they are all lovely young ladies.

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If Kanako and Yukari were my moms, things would be different around here.

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It looks like the tips of their fans are censored.

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I love hags.

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Elegant babas are the best.

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Only one, anon. Don't be so greedy.

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That is one delicious-looking hag foot.

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Only one, anon. Don't be so greedy.

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I have a little sister.

I've always wanted a sexy big sister.

Big sisters are the best.

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I have both.

But they browser reddit.

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Are they cute?

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Yeah, they're okay.

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Good enough for me!

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I love hags.

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Cool hags don't look at explosions

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How's it feel not being able to spend Valentines with your favorite hag?

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Yukari, put some clothes on, you rude woman!

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Meh. I've had worse.
Hey, didn't Kuro Suto Sukii do a valentines pic of Yukari once?

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Yukari's feet hold a miracle of the universe.

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I'd lick it.