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I want to be safe, no matter what.

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That condom looks really, really small.

Is Patchy into shota?

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Touhous don't like using condoms. They enjoy the pleasure of being cummed inside.

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They like to practice safe sex

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It is for cute futa cocks. The best kind.

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please, yukari went through menopause over 3000 years ago

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Overly large breasts on touhous look ugly and unnatural.

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wow what is wrong with her butt
It's so fat yet I can see the bones sticking out of it

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The garter belt is causing a valley to form on her buttocks, still I'd have to agree, it looks a little odd.

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But what about Futo's breasts? Don't you want to do this to them and then hug her very tight?

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I've never been able to not notice that $10 bill near the tokarev. Reimu's gonna go ice someone for like, $20.

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do you guys fap to touhous?

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I have no idea how condoms feel like.

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Safety is your primary concern when doing anal play

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Xbox sized hands there i see.

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Only looking, no touching!

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Can I touch myself while looking?

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No, you are to practice abstinence for the rest of your natural life.

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Don't fap for 1000 days - Become youkai

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For greater pleasure

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