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take responsibility

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Are the children half-immortal or something?

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What does this even mean
Give her my money?
Fuck that
Be pregnant by yourself

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only if she takes responsibility when I get hard looking at her

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Isn't that, y'know, mortal?

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Maybe they'll be like elves?

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gensokyos a confusing place

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Elves are immortal. Tolkien agreed, don't bother him about it.

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me in her belly

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Don't say elves. The thought of the forest queers could give me an aneurysm.

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Sure I will. I hope daiyousei is strong enough to withstand the pain of kick-aborting.

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Oh you!

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You know the childhood friend route in Haramin? When she asks him to come to the roof of the school to talk and very nervously tells him she's pregnant? Then he grabs her and shouts how happy he is? It really throws her off because she thought he would be afraid or upset but he's excited and happy that she'll be the mother of his child?

God, I want to do that to a girl.

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"Can't you just... get rid of it?"

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Marry Daiyousei? Sure, she's pretty.

Also, why is this the only Daiyousei wedding dress picture on safebooru? (Gelbooru is down) Kinda derpy looking.

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Sure, from tomorrow we're starting a dieting regimen and training program.

>Gelbooru is down.
It's working for me.

Also, Dai-chan related.