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Would you let Yuuka abuse you?

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Bloodlust Yuuka is the worst fanon.

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I would love nothing more.

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Yes please.

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I'd let her try, if that makes sense.

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hurtingppl is wrong

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To some extent, yes.

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Maybe some domestic abuse

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Wouldn't she just get straight to eating me

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I'd hurt you with my dick

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Them eyebrows.

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wow just FRIG OFF

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>Threat level: Extremely high.

>if anyone disturbs her, be they youkai or human, she eliminates them with tremendous power no matter what.

>She is far more dangerous than any of the youkai introduced so far.

There's no smoke without fire, bro. But yeah, I don't like insane murderous Yuuka either. I prefer her to be polite, slightly sadist and dominant.

So, answering your question, who wouldn't?.

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I like a grumpy yuuka

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I never got why people use the word "fanon" to describe perfectly canonical interpretations that they don't like.

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Typical Akyu writing, note the use of lies and exaggerations.

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My Yuuka is a badass yankee, aniki.

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Agreed. Kazami Yuuka is in all things elegant. Hers is a subtle sort of menace, her smile both refined and full of the knowledge that she could squeeze the life out of you with one hand, and you know it, and she knows you know it.

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There is a high statistical probability.

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Only if she cuddles afterwards.

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Leave us in peace

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No, I purge monsanto abominations.

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Only if I get to lick her feet first.

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ultimate sadistic creature yuuka is okay, but i'd much rather let yuugi beat the shit out of me instead. i feel like she'd make it fun.

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Okay, but only a little.

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I'd ask her to violate me anally with her horn while licking my balls.

It'd be glorious.

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sorry sucker, instead she will just casually force you down and steal your wizard birthright away from you

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Mokku Yuuka is cutest Yuuka

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Such a plump belly. Does she even lift?

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>your wizard birthright

I'm in luck, I lost it 7 years ago

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I want to abuse Yuuka.
With her consent of course.

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sick dude.

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Yes I would. I would let her abuse me to death.

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I probably wouldn't mind as long is didn't die.


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>as long is didn't die.

Fuck i'm sleepy.