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Daily Goddess worship thread

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Too lewd.

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I want to whorship her cock, dude

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My Kanako was defective, so I traded her in for a better model.

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I've already given suwako and sanae lots of faith.

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Autumn harvest will be plentiful

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Who wouldn't?

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Hina is the only goddess I need.

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My onbashira is pulsating faithfully.

That fucking picture, so plump and healthy... and hairy.

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No such thing as a flat chested fertility goddess. That is my faith.

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Howdy partner!

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Get out

Let us know when you choose a real faith

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I really like inverted nipples.

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This is my favorite picture. So many feels.

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Everyone loves playing at Reimus place.

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I always wanted to know answer to this question - do goddesses menstruate?

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I say yes. Gods and goddesses eat, so I'm assuming they poop (unless it's converted to divine energy or something).
If they poop then they're human enough to also menstruate. Why would you be a goddess who poops but doesn't menstruate?!

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Pooping is hot, menstruation isn't.

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Also, do goddesses with kid bodies like Suwako menstruate?
Add the fact that Suwako is the goddess of fertility but she doesn't menstruate, sounds like a joke.

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Actually, if she can bear children without ever having menstruated, that's quite an awesome fertility.

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Let me rephrase my last sentence.

Add the fact that Suwako is the goddess of fertility but she doesn't have to body of a woman in the age of menstruating.

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If the gods can breed with humans, that means they are also biological entities. They might digest food, menstruate, bleed and sweat. Unless you are the christian god who is said to be only spirit.

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Maybe because of lack of faith? Remember: All the faith goes to Kanako (and Sanae), not Suwako. Her small size may indicate that she is weak. Should her followers increase in size, so will Suwako.

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The human form is an embodiment of gods and youkai. Still, it doesn't answer the question.

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She isn't weak. In fact, her strength is about the same as Kanako's.

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i like touhou art. do you guys hide your power level?

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Debatable. I would need to see those two go at it.

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Kanako is sexier and that makes her stronger.