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Personally, I feel /jp/ is The World That Never Was, home of the Nobodies.

How do you feel about this?

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/jp/ - /v/

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Feels like I didn't play that faggy disney shit. I was too busy playing real deal vidya, like persona the third.

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The release dates don't quite match up there, anon.

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It all went straight to hell after first one. First one was good.

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>Feels like I didn't play that faggy disney shit.
Sadly, the series is faggot SquareEnix shit with very little

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Do you like Aqua, /jp/

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You must not have played KH2FM.

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Well, she was the least terrible main female character.

I liked Olette though.

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kingdom hearts is for fucking homos

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Why wouldn't I, natwaf?

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You should have posted the ending instead. It hits harder.
Keep your feels.

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Meh, I just rewatched the ending I have to say it's unimpressive.

Then again, I haven't teared up from a story since playing Clannad 5 years ago. It blew everything else out of the water and continues to do so.

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>Playing games

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Why did you have to bump the thread?
I didn't care that much...

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Yoko Shimomura.

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Kingdom Hearts is /jp/-related.

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No, it's not. Reported.

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I like Bionic Commando

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JRPGs are /jp/-related.
AT threads, Persona threads.

Get over it. You lost your little civil war and the staff agree with us.

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Decent, culture related JRPGs are (moe or visual novel elements). Kingdom Hearts is Gaia level.

Also, this thread is just a random shitpost.

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Anyone who has ever spent any time at all around Kingdom Hearts fans would know that kind of shit does not belong here.

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If they're going to make a multi world rpg, they should've remade this.

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If you want to tear up, get NieR Gestalt or Replicant (if you can be bothered to learn japanese) and make sure you go through second play through. Never have I found a video game more sad...

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Why did you have to reply to me?
I didn't care that much...

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How about you suck my dick instead?

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What's wrong with the english version?

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I enjoyed the games but you're right, the fanbase is horrible. Happens the same with Death Note and F/S N

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I was trying to share my despair.

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Sucks because I kinda like all three of those things.