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Why is she so perfect?

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Every girl was shit.
The trap was the only decent character.
I guess labcoat can chill, too.

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I liked her until she started being a dick in Monster Hunter and that RPG.

What a fucking bitch.
And the black-haired bitch was even more of a prick.

The loli nun was a bitch.
The imouto was too stupid.
The pervert was too perverted.
The trap was a trap.

Worst fucking harem ever. Even Omamori Himari was better than this crap.

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Huge tits

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i always want to eat meat but my friends shes a vegetarian

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Maria wasn't a bitch

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isnt that basically illegal

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She was too loud, always yelling and crap.
She only liked the MC for his food.

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at the end of the day thats basically what we all want even if we havet o SHOUT To get it (if maslow is anything to go by}

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Because she was made to be that way.

She wants to fuck the guy who doesn't show any direct interest in fucking her, she plays video games and loves eroge, she has a 10/10 gaijin-looking tittymonster body, she generally acts nice to almost everyone and she should be fucking some popular normal but for doesn't because.

She was tailor-made to be loved by 2D obsessed nerds and the author clearly succeeded as proven by how popular she is but personally I can't stand how blatant it is. Oh and all her doujins are the same, goddammit Japan try to come up with more than two different plots for how Kodaka starts fucking her.

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Feb 23


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She is basically a cheerleader/school's bitch queen (the type that otaku would hate the most) coupled with otaku-pandering traits. And guess whether otaku like her ?

The black-haired girl was actually right about her. Life-sized Dutch wife, sexual fantasy material for the otaku (so blatant it hurts). And I wish Japan would try to put more effort into creating a character than "She is just paafekuto at every subject there is on Earth. Yes, even Indian botany."

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Cool story /a/.

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>She is just paafekuto

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>>8518383 and >>8518352 basically said the same thing, only one of them used nicer words.

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Who gives a shit.

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I want to come in his belly button and do semen body shots off of his abdomen ^__^

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I'd suck her cock.

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meat a slut

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Girls don't actually have those. Hentai has lied to you.

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I don't believe you, have you seen a naked girl? How can I trust that you have?

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The trap was actually a reverse trap.

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My PSP is ready!

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Stop bullying Sena.

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This shit doesn't belong on /jp/. None of you read the novels.

Take it to /a/.

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>Even Omamori Himari was better than this crap.
Onamori Himari had Suigintou so it was good

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>None of you read the novels.

You're funny.

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>reading light novels

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None of the posts you're replying to say what you're quoting so who the hell are you quoting?

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>who are you quoting?

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This is the modern version of the Kuroko spam, now that the script doesn't work. The worst part is that the janitor always lets these shitty Sena threads stay.

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Stop whining.

Imagine being the janitor for 5 minutes. Just imagine it.

Oh, look - another thread report. I better go back to see what all this fuss is about. Really? They are reporting these threads? *sigh*

Oh well, I'll leave it for now. I'll just go and grab something to eat.


Oh what are they crying about now? Oh right, every thread is getting reported, regardless of its actual content. These shitposters really are terrible. Since I've deleted 50 threads today I'll just go and relax on another board for a few minutes.

>wahhhhhhhh ;_; they're making a /jp/ related thread and i don't like it

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But anime shit and Flavor of the month saten girl will never be related. Nobody is even discussing the light novel. These are all thinly veiled which saten would you fuck, suck my cock and glory hole threads.

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The people that get pissed off here are the ones that think /jp/ should only be VN discussion, or maybe Touhou aswell. Then you get the people shitposting in Touhou threads because 'ITS JUST 2D WHAT ARE YOU ALL DESPERATE JUST GO AND FIND SOME OTHER 2D TO FAP TO AND GET OUT OF /JP/', or the shitposters that whine when someone makes a VN thread because 'THERE IS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT'. God forbid anyone make a Katawa Shoujo thread here.

/a/ talks about more VNs than /jp/ does. People report everything because they are shitposting autists.

>Japanese discussion
>Japanese news
>>>/a/, >>>/v/

Whatever. I imagine the janitor must have to look at dozens of thread reports flooding in because shitposters just can't use greasemonkey to ignore threads they don't like.

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You're implying that the current janitor actually deletes shit.

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"D-d-d-do you think you'll get away with doing this to me you lump of iron!? You're just a stupid toy, I'll murder you! Uh, um, seriously, stop! I mean it, please stop, stop, I'm begging you, spare me, AHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's high it's high it's high it's high! Stop, I said it's too high! Eeeek, nooooooo! Noooo, stoooooooopppppppp! H-hey, Yozoraaa, stop murmuring all that creepy stuff! I mean it, it's scary, it's scary! AHHHHHH I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, I apologize, I apologize, so please, AHHHH! Forgive me, forgive me, dying dying, I'm gonna die! This is wrong this is wrong, I'll do anything you want me to, just please save my life! I'll give you as much money as you want, I don't care what happens to the rest of them, just save me Goodddddddddd! I'm falling, I'm falling, ngah! K-Kodaka, Kodaka Kodaka Kodaka Kodakaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

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Surprisingly enough /jp/ has tastes quite akin to /a/.

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Taste in 'dat ass'?

I think Niku has an ass worthy of becoming a Touhou.

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Tastes in blond busty whores.

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Why don't they ever look like japs?

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She's not Japanese for one thing.

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She's half similar to Kodaka

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why is she playing kinectimals on a ps3?

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If she was half Jap then wouldn't she have /black/brown hair and dark eyes? Do the japanese not understand genetics?

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God. This. I don't mind suspension of disbelief for the sake of the Japanese desire to have a white outside/Japanese inside... but that one sentence in volume three about how Kodaka doesn't "look like a half"? Please. Fuck that shit.

If she was a quarter, that'd be another matter.

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It's not real

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Kodaka is definitely half and look how he turned out

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I love Sena's happy face.

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The only half japanese people I have seen both had medium brown hair and less squinty eyes than a full blood.

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I went to check that out at the speed of light. She resembles her a lot, but there is something that will make me watch it or not. Is she voice by teh Rie?

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I went to check that out at the speed of light. She resembles her a lot, but there is something that will make me watch it or not. Is she voiced by teh Rie?

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No she's voiced by Osaka

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Not what I wanted, but she is fine too.

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The Goddess has descended!

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So when she reaches page 15 she ascends into Heaven?


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Oh yes a Sena thread in /jp/. ;_; I can feel at peace now.

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I only just noticed but, her ears are slightly red too. So cute.

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based on the spam I think I would like this meat character but I won't watch her show because they made her be voiced by shitty as fuck saten va.

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>shitty as fuck saten va.
No you are shitty! her voice is OLEV

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Don't worry, the show was shitty too.

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at least watch the ero reading scene.

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I like to watch that scene with my eyes closed so i can pretend its Saten-san being lewd.

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Lightning girl please leave our hallowed thread about super saiyan saten.

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Haganai has a manga you know

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She's hideous. That blue pin is retarded and big tits are hideous. She's also boring looking. Ugly as shit.

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A Chie is fine too.

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u mad

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Post more Sena... I don't go to /a/ that often anymore. It's bad.

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Chie a slut.

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Don't bully Chie anon.

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You will never listen to meat piss

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Yeah, I've never watched the show and gifs don't have sound. Maybe I'll catch a jewtube link someday.

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That's a pretty damn good sofà right there.
Too bad there's that shit in front of it, can you shop it out ?

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The main reason I like her is that butterfly clip. I don't know why, but I really like it.

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What? Who does this?

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