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Who still remembers her?
I do.

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I love her theme. Thank you Ichigo Bose for arranging it in DoD.

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I'm buying a fig of her.

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It's hard to believe that she's actually getting a figure, not that I'm complaining.

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Last one from me. Off to work Medibros. Take it easy.

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It's glorious. Hopefully she'll be getting a little more popular and make a major appearance in the next game

one can hope, right

Anyway, off to work for real.

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Yeh I'm sure she will... ;_;

Anyway hope you have a good day at work anonymous-san.

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"Even the strongest Youkai is weak to poison."

She's my second favorite actually. She made PoFV easy and she's adorable. Much love for Medicine.

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Thanks Friedrich-kun. It wasn't too bad.

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That's good to hear.

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I love her!

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My...my pure maiden ;_; too lewd.

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I do, I FUCKING do.

I do because her fucking slowdown ability. She's the only character that can manipulate your moving speed and her poison clouds don't disappear by using spells AND the effects overlap themselves, if you're caught in more than 2 of these, you'll move slower than Aya with diarrea in StB using focus while charging her camera.

Oh and she can touch the spirits's ethereal asses without dying?, fuck.

IMO she is more overpowered than Shiki.
Yes I maid.

She's still pretty cute, though.

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But if she wasn't so blatantly overpowered nobody would remember her at all. ;_;

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i would...

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Where the fuck are the dolljoints????

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why would you even want them there

they're not in ZUN art either

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I always thought the dolls in touhou were like raggedy dolls made of cloth, not made out of plastic like a Barbie.

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I've never seen cloth dolls attached to strings though, but you might be right.
Suddenly Alices dolls seem much less impressive ...

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I always assumed they were made out of wood, like Pinocchio.

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Hard to say with Medicine though, the fairy could be Medicine and the large girl could be an astral projection.

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I guess we can exclude plastic since I doubt that plastic is able to absorb and store poison

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I'll never understand why she's so unpopular. She's so adorable!

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Appearance in only a couple of games, fan hate about her being overpowered.

That's my guess.

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I do.

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I sorta wish I could get her fig, it's really cute.
I cannot afford it, though ;_;

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I'd say it's due to her not having any relationships to other characters and her extraordinary name.
Being a young, antisocial youkai must be suffering

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It's not out till late April, if you start saving now you might still be able to get it later.

Although she may not have many canon relations with other characters with most of the PoFV dialogue being brief, the only one that I can remember would be Eirin and Reisen gathering Suzuran from her field in one of the endings, and I think she had something to do with Yuuka in another ending although that might just be me remembering the ending wrong it has been a while since I last cleared PoFV.

I think she has a lot of potential for relations with Alice though, I'm honestly surprised fanon hasn't made more of a big deal out of it.

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Canon unmolestable

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Don't bully Medicine ;_;

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But I don't have any income

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Oh, that's a shame. Should work on getting some autism bucks or something.

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