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confirmed for best shrine

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I agree with Suwako's hat eyes.

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moriya does what chireidon't

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nice ass

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This shit is retarded. Who the fuck goes to bed with her hat on

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2hus will die if hat is removed, faggot

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I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her... marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead shrine. Buried alive... buried alive...

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god damn, kanako will make a mazacon out of me yet

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"He took your girl, Rick. He took your dreams. And he took your life. Doctor Henry West, MD...he took it all. Only thing you got left is your soul...and that belongs to me. Who am I? Let's just say I'm God; your God...least, the only God that's listening right now. What do I want? Ah, same as any other God; a little faith...for without faith I am nothing...and without me you're fucked. She doesn't have to die. I can help you; I can heal your wounds. We can save her, if you show me some faith...if you trust me, if you put me on..."

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It's called Mega Drive.

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Suwakos hat is the least trustworthy object

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The shrine would be improved if Sanae and Kanako were kicked out.

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For my own reasons, I can't stop laughing about this.

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/jp/ would improve if you got kicked out.

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Please do explain.

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eat shit

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dat kanako

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goddamn it, kanako

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Stopped reading there.

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> sega
Reported for viral.

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Why is she so perfect, /jp/?

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Because she looks like somebody's mom. Or YOUR mom.

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lying is wrong

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i want her to be my mom. i am completely converted from ran to kanako.

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I like snake-eyed Kanako.

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sauce please?

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This is Kanako. Cute, huh?

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This artist draws the lewdest touhous.

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Oh god, sauce?

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Snake-eye Kanako best Kanako

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Very cute.
Just imagine her trying to ask you out for a pleasant evening but she gets nervous and suddenly her snakes fall out and she gets all flustered. Then she hurriedly apologizes for having such disgusting and scary snakes and tries to quickly pick them all up and run away.

But then you hold her and tell her it's all right

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>spaghetti slowly drips from my pockets
>oh god not again

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>Go to Gensokyostop
>Handsome young lad at the counter
>Bring up my spell cards
>"Art thou all for today?"
>"Thy purchase shall be 3500 yen plus tip"
>Reach into purse
>My snakes fall out
>Become incredibly embarrassed
>Hurriedly try to pick them all up from the ground
>Look up
>Strapping young man is actually a Youkai
>He engages me in Danmaku
>Run out of store
>Bust into power-up icons


Sorry /jp/, I had to

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It's a Mega Drive with a Super 32X

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Suwako's childish girlyass pajamas annoy me
also why would you wear a hat to bed

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to protect your perm obviously

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I see 32x but no Sega CD. How the fuck are we supposed to play Lunar?

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It's called MEGA CD filthy baka gaijin and we only play PC ENGINE CD, please wait a momment.

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Meant to quote >>8495011, but I guess everyone saw that.

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I wish I could make someone orgasm just from staring at them....

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I live in a shitty country were the PS2 is pretty much the only thing almost everyone ever had, because of the low-as-fuck price.
I used to have (I actually still do, but oh well) a Nintendo 64 and a Dreamcast, and "you should buy a PS2, these games suck" is a sentence I heard HUNDREDS of times.

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The three Moriya shrine girls and Kanako naturally dominates the conversation.

/jp/ confirmed for good taste.

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You know she likes it

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Moriya Shrine of the lewd

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welcome to moriya

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How did Suwako and Kanako end up becoming friends after Kanako was such a pushy bitch?

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Common interest in sanae?

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Sanae was born roughly 2300 years after they met and became friends.

As for a serious answer, I like to think they started of as business partners of sorts with a mutual respect. And over time, that respect became friendship and trust. They understand each-other's situation more so than anyone else, so I think it's pretty natural.

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any kanako breast suckling imagaes?

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I like Moriya no Ou's explanation, that Kanako couldn't get the people's faith without the control over the big-white-snake-things-whose-name-I-can't-remember, and so had to collaborate with Suwako.

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>Kanako couldn't get the people's faith without the control over the big-white-snake-things-whose-name-I-can't-remember, and so had to collaborate with Suwako

This part is pretty much canon. Kanako couldn't control Mishaguji, so she had to rely on Suwako, and in exchange she let live in peace at the shrine.

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you should see his favorites, lol

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Not with those fangs, lady.

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Dem eyes.......there's something really hypnotic about her eyes. They really draw you in

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Take the fangless frog then

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Suwako's such a spry and lustful little deity.

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What is wrong with their legs?

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I want to be Suwako cuddling Kanako's soft thighs and boobs ;_;

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So...Who's the mom and whose the dad in the relationship?

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Would you sleep on Kanako's lap, or prefer the other way around

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they take turns

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the former

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I like feminine kanako

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for some reason, i imagine suwako being more of a granny if anything

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To me it was always obvious.


I always pictured her as some kind of energetic friend-like grandma. Like the one in Pasteltel's work.

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they're really soft

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Why did I read friend as fiend
To be honest, Suwako has always seemed a bit shady to me.

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wud u fuk ur mothr if she was kanako

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ew gross!!!! that is hentai!

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Just another peaceful day at the Moriya Shrine.

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Why is she looking at the sky at the end before getting pounded in the belly?

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any pics of kanako wearing an apron?

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loli suwako is the best moriya

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Holy fuck, i haven't been to /jp/ for a while, and i had a really fucked up dream about snakes and frogs bursting through my window. i check /jp/ and this is the first fucking thread i see..

stay scary /jp/...

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you think that's bad? one time I had a dream where I pissed off a honey badger and it chased me

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Trying to catch her onbashira probably.

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Posting the greatest Kanako-sama picture in a Kanako-sama thread.

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Does anyone have the pic of Kanako and Suwako as delinquents?

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Would you have the balls to feel up a sleeping Kanako?

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SPC700 > YM2612

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You gon get snaked

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tiny flat stomachs that lead up to enormous titties are a miracle of the universe

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>'Feel like 'eating' another god, Okuu-chan?'

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You know realize Okku's pregnant with Kanako's child

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I wish I could dance with Suwako. ;_;

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Holy shit, way too lewd.

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oh god what

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Well, took long enough for that one to be posted.