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You guys are all cool and I'm sure all your toehoes love you lots!

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someon1 f&cked my 2hu

she will never be the same

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Cheer up! You can find more 2hu's if you want more!

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4 Years from now, the world will be dominated by ash, perpetually falling from the sky. The few humans left scuttle around like rats amongst the blackened building foundations, picking at the dead like vultures. Three survivors, hearing a rumour that there were still some supplies left in the old Wal-Mart, take a hike towards it. It is a 3 mile trek, and will take them all day.

On the way there the ash they are walking on crumbles and one of the men falls down a pit. From the depths his wails and moans echo out like the noises from some horror movie. His friends watch in terror as the screams suddenly stop.

They trek on.

Finally getting to the walmart, they find no supplies. Just a blackened crater. The two people stand in the dilapidated parking lot. A wind blows some posters down by their feet. One of the men picks it up. It reads "OBAMA 2012". The man scrunches it up in disgust.

"that election started all this. I voted for Ron Paul, but it wasn't enough" she spits. "Not enough americans loved their country enough".
His friend responds: "I voted obama." he whispers
The woman turns away in disgust. "lets head on back", she mutters.

Suddenly an arrow hits the ron paul voter in the back.
Bandits. Black as the ashen wasteland.

The Obama voter grabs the ron paul voter and drags her away from the arrow storm, and behind a ridge.
"This didn't have to happen..." she whispers, before dying.
As the cannibalistic bandits sprint towards the ridge, armed with broken bottles, and shanks, the Obama voter looks up to the sky and screams with his voice as loud as the air raid sirens that harkened the end of the age of man


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Hi guys, I'm new here! I don't think I'm an Otaku but I watched some episodes of Milky Holmes with my hetro life partner and I thought it was pretty neat.

I figured this would be a good place to meet like-minded individuals.

Ohio everyone! ^___^

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