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Don't think, feel

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Blargh, I've always hated this fetish.

But, I'll still take it over the pretend thread.

J-Just for you, Dollfager ;_;

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Cute comes to mind Reimu is so cute

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What are those?

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A state of tanasinn can be achieved when the feel is at a level which extracting seeds from flesh provides.

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O-Okay then, I think I can take it.

What do those seeds grow into anyway?

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They're lotus seeds.

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reimu is beutiful

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Oh, I kinda like this one.

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Someone made a doujin about lotus boob?

I'm not surprised.

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Grow your own Yuuka.

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The tag is up to like 231 on Pixiv, I found the OP on waterducts earlier today.

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What is the tag?

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Yeah, I got that part, but if I grow them, will I get a cute girl similar to the one I got them out of?

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That actually makes it better.
I always thought they were some kind of animal parasite larvae or egg.
I mean, they would look beautiful when fully bloomed.

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I like Nue a lot, so....

Here, have a fix for >>8458723

If it's not perfect, I am sorry. This is the first edit I've ever posted.

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You know, I'll take both, the original adds to Nue's chimaera pattern and all.

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Good point, actually.
I never thought of that.

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Morning, Lain!

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I'd like to see girls overgrown with mushrooms instead.

But I guess I'm one of few...

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I would too, I'll look for it later.

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Only result worth posting.

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She doesn't seem to enjoy it. You'd think one would be more excited to be filled with mushrooms and look cool as hell.

Maybe if they were glowing in the dark, it would be better.

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Whenever someone mentions mushrooms growing on people I think of the Black Books scene where Bernard pulls a mushroom out of his hair and eats it.

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I think of the mushroom area with the spore creatures in Outland from when I used to play World of Warcraft

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Well, if mushroom on girls doesn't give results, mushroom girls are fine too.

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Huh, you know, mushroom heads are like the tips of the icebergs.
Thats the only thing you see, but underneither her skin, there must be hundreds of feet of mycelium, directly tapping into her bloodstream.
Maybe its a mutualistic symbiosis though. As in, she doesn't need food, the mushrooms take care of nutrients.
Good morning, Tokiko. How are things?

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What kind of a mind comes up with an idea of drawing something like this.

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A pretty cool mind, obviously.

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