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Do you think it's possible to become a necromancer instead of a wizard at 30?

I like the idea of being able to beat death and command armies of the undead a lot more than being able to cast lightning bolt or whatever wizards do.

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My family used to run a funeral home, I think that qualifies me for a Necromancer.

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Did you ever fantasize about touching the dead bodies in lewd ways, or is that just me..?

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No, it's just you. Though I used to play with the equipment, the candles and around the sample coffins.

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How much do you know about corpses? Do you know the ins and outs and all that? Like, do you know how long it takes for a human corpse to start rotting, or how long it takes for a brain to completely rot away?

I think if you don't know these things you can't really become a necromancer.

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Mainly textbook stuff.

But my point is, all those years, I got the right aura from the place. Maybe I can just become a Black Wizard.

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You're just a reaper, dammit, there isn't even any need to be so rude!

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