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I have a crush on a /jp/er

it's not Tokiko

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I-Is it me?

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Very well, then. Carry on.

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That makes you a harlot.

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posting without my trip
i'm secretly terrified of attention despite having a tripcode
it is a strange sensation

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Out with it, anon. Who is it?

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Really? Me?

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Whether I post anonymously or with a trip, my posts seem to be ignored. I thought that I would get some attention with the trip, whether positive or negative. Turns out it's no different from posting anonymously.

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The signs all point to your crush being on ME, the Ninja of Love and Justice, Bang Shishigami!

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I bought that game for the loli, then Bang appeared.

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My crush is on a loving man who is sensitive but strong, and thoughtful, and nice.

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its true
people just like to make a big deal out of a name, even though your just as anonymous with or without it
i'm too proud to take mine off under normal circumstances, not like i have anything to hide

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is it okay if hes shy?

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Are we going to make out now?

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Being shy is being human, and I couldn't love someone who isn't human.

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But you're a cat.

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Yes. Will you rub my belly?

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I have a crush on someone too, I hope he's doing okay ;_;

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yes, roll over chen. i'll rub your belly

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If you would send me a message on steam and just ask me..

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Wait, IS it Bang?

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It's a /jp/er. A real person, shamefully enough. Or... as far as I can tell, he's a real person. Unless I'm crazy!

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The problem with loving someone from /jp/ is the majority of people seem to want to be female/loving wives with a kind husband. Someone has to be the husband in this relationship and I don't know how this will work out.

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It's not you, numbnuts ;_;

I hope the person who has a crush on you really gets on steam and talks to you ;_;

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I hope so too

I hope everyone on /jp/ can find love, it is so warm and fuzzy

like Chen's ears

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You can't be sensitive, thoughtful, nice, and STRONG. Those are like two opposite poles.

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My Internet crush is now sleeping peacefully with dreams of me.

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Fuck off Archduke

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I'd like to say just as much as I have a crush on any person...

I have a much more powerful crush on /jp/

I love you /jp/

never leave me

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I like a /jp/er. I think he likes me also, but you can't know unless you ask...

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I love you too, Chen.

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Internet love is the purest love.

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I remember when I was considering moving in with an Alice fan.

Too bad it costs so much money to ship boxes larger than a computer case across borders. That might have been a fun adventure, better than becoming homeless for a while.

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I love you too!
I love you, /jp/!

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All I want is to take /jp/'s cum inside of me.

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I've never been one for polygamy, but in this case I'll accept it.

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Funny, I also used to be a fan of the first Alice, and I, too, have been homeless for a while.

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Its like a curse.

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In my case it was more like a blessing. I had fun, developed my personality in a positive way, and, ironically, gained weight (thank you, homeless shelter).

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definitely not me then.

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My /jp/ crush is in pain and won't talk to me.But I'll wait until he's better if neccesary I'll wait forever

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I haven't been able to feel anything for a girl since i ruined my relationship with a girl i was extremely close friends with for about two years and that was 12ish years ago.

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Girls are icky.

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How do you know?

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I have a mancrush on Sudo

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It is doubtful anyone on /jp/ has a big enough dick to get past the cheeks of his fat ass to actually penetrate him.

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Is it Saten-anon?

Because I have a crush on him too~

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You have a crush on a free slut?

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I want a cute /jp/ boyfriend ;_;

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I have a crush on an anon from England. He had some semi-hermaphroditic type disease I think, and his parents wouldn't let him get HRT so we spoke of getting gay married.

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but i'm not cute

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I'm new here in /jp/

nice to meet you guys

welp, back to Koihime

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EVERYBODY has a crush on me.

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The iron face of chen is undefeatable

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Who are you?

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I think that I may have a crush on Tokiko. I can't stop thinking about him ever since I saw his first post here.

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No, I have a crush on Dollfagers ;_;

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Dollfagers? Seriously? Eww dude.. EWW

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Watch your mouth

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ITT: everybody is gay for alice

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Well, it's true.

Also, does anybody have the pics that he took inside the gloryholes? Sadly, I missed them.

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How does anybody not know me?

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He'll end up with HIV if he keeps that up.

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Stop talking shit about Saten anon.

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I'm not talking shit about him. Any of the people going to gloryholes could have HIV and remain anonymous about the whole thing. I'm more concerned than anything.

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Saten-anon was interviewed recently in a blog.


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Stop shitposting, son.

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I would do my best to be a good husband to a cute anon.
Too bad I will never meet any in real life.

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So did OP confess yet?

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get out and kill yourself

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OP is a fat slut

>claim not to be autistic
>highlight of your day is cybering over steam

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This thread made me nervous. It could even be me OP has a crush on.

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lol a cat is fine as HELL too, here we have satenday but in my old place we used to have cat-urday every saturday...pic horribly unrelated

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I wish I Had a nice girlfriend ... I have no one to complain about my horrible days and feel that they understand me.

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Is it Boof? I'd let Boof take my anal virginity

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>claim not to be autistic

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I've had a huge crush on my ZUN!bar-kun for years now. He'll never notice me though...

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Give more hints.
What is they're name?

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I loe you too Chen... LETS HAVE A BABY!

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Dont give up Anon-san! if you really love him he will notice your pure feelings for him one day!

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You are my love, I will be your white knight forever

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Hey OP were you once a tripfag?

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They are all 3DPD
Get out of /jp/ everyone

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But I love you ;_;

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/jp/ crushes can be pretty fun. Ganbatte~

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What fun is a one-sided crush though? I say OP is trolling unless he can give us a name.

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Oh, I think it's pretty fun when it's one-sided too as long as the other person doesn't dislike you, if they're still uncertain. Though it does get even more fun once they reciprocate~

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