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[spoiler]Suwako is a pretty cool god.</spoiler>

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[spoiler]Suwako is shit.</spoiler>

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Why so defensive?</spoiler>

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Suwako was - and still is - a most powerful deity. Only in a mythology with eight million gods or more, competition is fierce and the food chain is steep.

And Kanako happens to be a way bigger predator.</spoiler>

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I think Suwako would be a good character to go on an adventure with.</spoiler>

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[spoiler]But we just had a Suwako thread the other day.

Not that I mind, though.</spoiler>

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I hardly call an image dump an Suwako thread.</spoiler>

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Would agree, if the adventures revolve mainly around cookies, tea and pleasant conversation on the porch.
The company of gods has a tendency to become unhealthy once adventures turn adventurous.</spoiler>

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What do you consider a thread, then? Since, well, discussions in a character thread tends to, you know, kill the thread.</spoiler>

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You should fuck off back to /c/</spoiler>

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[spoiler]suwako could beat kanako if she used her sharningan ^__^ lol</spoiler>

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Suwako seams like a rather caring and responsible god. I don't think she should endanger her fellow companions. As a god I imagine she can use attack and defensive powers at the same time.</spoiler>

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I don't know, I can't really picture Suwako as a level-headed person. I imagine she would put me and herself in constant danger just for the hell of it. Only problem is she's an immortal all-powerful being while I'm not.</spoiler>

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Im still not getting where you get that impression. Theres really nothing willynilly about her.</spoiler>

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imagine how imba suwako would be if here hat had a sharningan in one eye and a rinnegan in the other xD like ushiha madara</spoiler>

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She challenged the PCs for fun in MoF's Extra, for one.</spoiler>

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So if you were at the basketball court and some nigger wanted to play a game, you should run away assuming he is an off balanced murdering thug?

You know what, I think you really would.</spoiler>

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What in the world would I be doing at a basketball court?

Point is, she looks like the type to do something dangerous just because it's interesting, you know?</spoiler>

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Why is why I called you a moron, here.

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[spoiler]I like gods who are more down-to-earth and in tune with their followers better.</spoiler>

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Hey, that's not nice, I'm not a Mormon, I don't even like them</spoiler>

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You mean attention whoring sluts? How sad that your gods need followers to feel good about them selves.</spoiler>

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You lot aren't even real Gods. Try again when whole countries worship you!</spoiler>

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I like my suwakos manly and my kanakos feminine

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Whoa, the moriya defense force is out in full force today. Feeling insecure?</spoiler>

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>come to a Suwako thread
>get told
>get butthurt

Whats the next step? Denial? or did denial happen between get told and butthurt? or

>cry about it

That looks pretty good.</spoiler>

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No, really, I don't think lesser gods count as actual gods. You don't even have a shrine dedicated to you. You're like, demi-gods, at best.</spoiler>

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Indeed, those are true and proper gods.
Statistically speaking, they are part of the greater majority of gods, even. One function. One region.</spoiler>

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man, she must be about to take a huge dump in that picture</spoiler>

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working on step 1 atm</spoiler>

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I prefer the expression, Blessing the Land. And Suwako can bless my lands anytime she wants.</spoiler>

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Frogs sit like that all the time.
Unless they get eaten by tarantulas.</spoiler>

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[spoiler]Suwako is the only loli-looking girl I like. She is so beautiful.</spoiler>

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[spoiler]I too enjoy the suwacko</spoiler>

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[spoiler]Why a katana? Isn't that a bit too much of a trendy novelty for a dignified iron age goddess?
But a huge frog never goes out of fashion.</spoiler>

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Would you rather she used a crow bar? I think she just likes weapons. Why else would you bring a knife to a god fight?</spoiler>

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[spoiler]This thread is now about the superior Goddess.</spoiler>

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[spoiler]Have you prayed to your superior god yet today, /jp/?</spoiler>

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Have you beheaded a christian and raped his women and children today?</spoiler>

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[spoiler]I ponder. What would the Goddess of the Hakurei Shrine be like in physical form and personality wise? Also how would she interact with the Moriyas?

[spoiler]I'm guessing at least one person immediately thought of posting a picture of Mima upon reading that question[/spoiler]</spoiler>

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Might be appropriate, although Mima isn't the goddess of the shrine. She just haunts it and the Hakurei deity allows it for some reason.

Personally I'd have loved it to be Konngara, but it isn't. Nobody seems to even know exactly what Konngara is.</spoiler>

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Some people group Konngara with the 4 devas.</spoiler>

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[spoiler]I like to think I'm an equal goddess worshipper. I find it hard to see one without the other.</spoiler>

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True, much the same way as Kasen and sometimes Shou.
The thing is neither of them is an oni, and since Seiga appeared Kasen is more often grouped with the hermits than the oni. Konngara is as far from an oni as it gets, being an "astral knight" - whatever that is.

Rather like the idea of Konngara being an ancestor or predecessor of Reimu, but more likely she's some kind of otherworldly or celestial demigoddess. Kind of like an angel or something. A space angel.
Which sounds sort of dumb and also may be.</spoiler>

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You called?</spoiler>

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tenshi pls go</spoiler>

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[spoiler]Suwako has the best theme</spoiler>

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Shush, you make the diginfied worship of Kanako look like muslim savages. Filthy heretic.</spoiler>

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What somebody is doing in some remote desert a full quarter of the planet away from me isn't my business. I only know somebody thought it would be an excellent idea to shop Kanako's name onto Dimmu Borgir's least impressive cover.</spoiler>

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You've read my mind. Are you a wizard?

...how? ...why?
Kasen as an oni, I've heard before, but Shou? Don't think I've ever heard that one.</spoiler>