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B-But think off all the fungus and bacteria that live on a Touhou's feet!

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Thats why Touhou feet taste so good.

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You will never be a bacteria living on Patchy's foot

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That only enhances my fixation on feet

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i want to lik teh shit from her but
even tough thats gross im edgy
epic win b/ros xDD

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You think this is all just a joke? On this board?

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Well, maybe we should clean them...

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No, I think people are just being histrionic. I get that it's to scare off the normals or whatever (because it's not like /b/ is lolsoedgy or anything...) but it's completely stupid.
The amount of people who have inanely disgusting fetishes is completely off, so it's either one or two people spamming it or they're just being ironic. You gain nothing from, say, licking someone's armpit sweat. It would taste bad and just be awkward.
But even if I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume they're 100% serious: shut up. I get that everyone likes to play the sexual deviant or whatever, but we don't care about your fetishes. I don't blog about mine, you shouldn't blog about yours.

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autismist of the year

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"wanting to do taboo things" and "wanting to be disgusting" are basically the same thing

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"Sh-Shut up and let me stick my feet in your face!"

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Putting your penis in a relative is a lot different than licking a public bathroom doorknob.


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Can you believe there are people that truly believe Usotsukiya>Kurosutosukii?

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Good that you mentioned it!

Was anyone able to find the latest stuff of Usotsukiya? I can't find anything after socks 6.

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Uh huh.

Usotukiya is just the well known artist.

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Sorry, I have no exhentai account.

Care to say if there is something new after 6 on it? I just want to know if I should bother to make an account. I'm not into loli. I just want his socks.

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I shouldn't have to tell you. Figure out how to access ExHentai at least for browsing, tag searching and reverse image searching.

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OK, thank you.

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