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Have you ever cut yourself, /jp/?

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No, do I sound like some kind of emo faggot?

If I'm going to kill myself, I'll do it with a proper charcoal burner. If I'm not, why would I go and do a thing like cutting myself up?

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Yeah man, this one time I was shaving my neckbeard then ouchie ouchie
Never doing that again

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Only women cut themselves.

Me? I break chairs.

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Took the words right out of my mouth.

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Self-harm was around before emo subculture even existed, you stereotyping faggot.

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I'll have to axe you to leave.

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And why would I do that? Pain is annoying, and there are better ways to kill myself if I ever get to that point.

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But it was when I was younger.

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Never, but I'm pretty big on biting my nails and fingers to the point of bleeding. Oh, and also scratching up old wounds.

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i'm a loser/emo/fa­ggot/bitch . funny i wanted to die ...

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Nope. That shit is for bitches.

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Did he even age?

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Never cut myself outside of papercuts.

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lol who the fuck didn't cut himself.
Just put some alcohol/aftershave + papper on the wound after shaving.

also I recommend to use electric shavers from Braun, you will never cut yourself again and its much faster to shave yourself

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Yeah, I cut myself quite a bit when I was like 15-16 and my hormones were all over the place and I was depressed all the time.

Looking back I feel really silly for doing it, but oh well.

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Yeah, still do. 21 now, have since I was 15. Got addicted and just can't quit, even after shitloads of therapy. - it's horrible.

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Yes, I did. I wanted to test the blade of some knife I just got. I was drunk, and it seemed the most logical thing to do.

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I used to do it to relieve stress. Seemed better than taking out on people or things.

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I used to do it to relieve stress. Seemed better than taking it out on people or things.

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When I was like 16 and trying to cope with not being able to be a normie.

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hate that scar .

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Okay I consider myself open and non-judgmental about these things, but that's a chicken scratch you fucking faggot.

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I have, because I like the color and odor of blood, simple as that. Call me an emo, I don't give a fuck.

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I stepped on a razor blade one, it hurt for weeks.

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A few times when I was shaving.

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I was stabbed with a pencil once and have a little horrible scar on my arm... Now I can't ever go bathing in public.

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Yeah and now I have lifelong scars on my forearms which are embarassing and stop me from going running or on holiday. I feel really stupid for having ever done it.

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We had this joke already.

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I just punch myself when I need to feel some pain. Cutting is far too messy and has more of a "oh damn nigga, I'm bout to be a vietnam casualty" feel instead of a "oh shit nigga, some nigga just beat my ass" feel.

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Me too, that's why i haven't shaved in a while.

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I wasn't joking.

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nah man that sounds painful as HELL

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I always preferred to beat the shit out of stuff instead

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I used to bite and scratch my lips and gums, sometimes using sewing needles too. Does that count?

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No, but I sometimes end up hitting my head when I can't cope with something. While it's something I can control, I feel better after doing it.

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No, but I wake up with scratches and scabs sometimes. When I had a cat, I thought the cat was doing it but I still get them sometimes.

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Sounds like you have a centipede infestation in your mattress.

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no you probably look like a fukin unwashed nerdlord

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Have you ever burn yourself with cigarette?

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That was VIP quality!

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i assure you it's not and yes i'm a pussy/fa­ggot whatever ...

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Yes, because I've become so numb.

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I liked that comic.

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Yeah. I deeply regretted it and now I can't wear short sleeved shirts without someone mentioning what it is.

I heard recently that if you want to hurt yourself, hold on to ice. It can really hurt if you hold it long enough and it doesn't leave scars.

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I can't understand while people are replying seriously to this.

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When I was very young and my parents were fighting every day, I would often leave the house to get away from the fighting... and often times when I left, I was not noticed.

One day when I left, I decided to walk to the bad part of town. If my parents found me there, maybe then they'd understand what they're doing to me.

As soon as I arrived, I knew I had made a poor decision. The streets smelled of alcohol. I quickly attempted to turn and leave, but was stopped by a tall, strong looking man. He grinned at me evilly, and shortly after that I blacked out.

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Yeah sometimes I oversleep and have like 5 minutes to shave. I fucking hate it when that happens.

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I woke up tied to a chair in a warehouse, and lightheaded. I think they must have put alcohol in my system while I was passed out.

Ten men approached me from all sides, and began unzipping their pants.

I knew what they wanted, and I refused. I kept my mouth shut, and wouldn't open it no matter what they threatened. They yelled at me and hit me, but I wouldn't give in.

After roughly half an hour of this, one man pulled out a knife and began to approach me.

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Yes, but it's been a few years.

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sudo's tripcode got cracked?

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Maybe you should do it correctly. That way you can die knowing that you've done at least one thing right in your life.

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Yeah, once i broke with my gf and i was like i need sammich but no wimmin in house. So i went to make sammich and cut my finger with the knife while slicing the bread.
Horrible experience.

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you deserved it

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No, why would you think that?

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i just didn't know you were so pathetic

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Why? i just wanted a tasty sammich.

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I never have, and I never could.

I have a fascination with it for some reason though, and I have a few hundred images of anime girls cutting/killing themselves saved to my computer

Same thing goes for suicide, I have a very strange fascination with it to the point where I check shock sites daily for new suicide videos.

I have no idea what the fuck is with that.

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Why would you confess something like that?
Do you get off on people hating you? Can't you see this is a troll thread?

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I've mentioned it before, as well as the fact that I'm clinically depressed. Also, I'm aware that this is a troll thread.

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That must have hurt ;_;

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Why would you seriously post in it then?

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I've thought about it, but only as a means of body modification.

I see my scars on my body, and think "Man, those are cool. I should cut myself and make it look like I got cut accidentally so it forms into a really neat scar."

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Of course not.
But when I do get cut by something, I fucking love to put Germ-x on the open wound right away.

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So he can tell people to look at his posts in the archive when they complain about his shitposting.

Why else?

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I've done it in the past, over 5 years ago, and the subsequent realization of how fucking retarded it was helped me break out of my depressive spell for the time being.

I wish I could say the same about my more recent suicide attempt.

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I think I do OP. When I feel anxious I rub the pointy side of a folded paper against my right index finger just below the nail. I have done it since I was a kid, so it
Doesn't hurt anymore but I feel relieved, I do it
On stressful situations like when I work or when I have to go outside for a long time.

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I used to when I was 14-18. Pretty badly too.

I have a pretty messed up friend who has a problem burning himself and burning phrases into his body with hot paperclips and coat hangers. Thing is he's 30 and still has these issues.

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