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Whats a Dempa or Denpa?. Ive seen seeing this word lately. Some new pop culture reference?

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Something to do with Kyon-kun.

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Internal pleasure from arriving.

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Means like a tinfoil hat kind of person.

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Ah, it's a buzzword summarizing a pretty abstract Japanese concept. If I had to translate it, I would probably render it as "the pleasure of being cummed inside."

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You know, if you all just answer the question Ill stop asking it. Im just as autistic as the rest of you. I wont stop asking, ever. Either that or ill start using it incorrectly just to piss you off.

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I answered your question. What more do you want?
Delete your thread or something if you're satisfied.

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I don't really know, it feels kind of weird that the definition for denpa in music and in literature are different yet somewhat related things.

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You don't even have enough discipline to punctuate properly. You'll be gone by tomorrow.

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Yet I post every night, for years. Just because you point it out, doesn't mean Ill do it.

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The rim of the cup is dirty.
What lack of manners while drinking.
You can't expect more from the 2nd worst 2hu.

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If you mean ``denpa'' as in the music genre, then it's the best thing ever.

And formally defined in an old thread:
>Denpa song (電波ソング) is a Japanese slang term to describe a kind of music which often features intentionally off-key vocals, weird lyrics, and an extreme ability to get stuck in your head. It’s usually extremely up-beat, happy, cute and ocasionally fast. Please note that it’s not for everyone; it’s either love it or hate it. The term was born in the 90’s to describe people who are usually day-dreaming and living in their own fantasies, and it has grown into a subculture itself, spawning many doujin units and music artists dedicated to it.

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Go away with those quotation marks.

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what a faggot
can't expect more from such a sperglord

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Why don't you take your brainless ass-pained self out instead?

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That makes a lot of sense. That is a really good definition. Thanks for posting it.

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These quotes have been here longer than you.

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Your mismatched quotation marks make my autism burn with a fiery passion.

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What denpa music is everyone listening to now? As for me, team Love Bullets almost all day. Something about the instrumentals and (of course) vocals does it for me with this group. Right up there with MOSAIC.WAV on my list.

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The word itself (電波) literally means "radio waves" but as a slang it means "nonsense".

In literature, like VNs, is used to describe very weird plots and stories (maybe to the same effect of our slang "mindfuck"). Many weird scenes in Lain could be considered denpa, for example.

In music, it's a slang to describe a kind of doujin music which is getting popular recently which is well described here >>8413538.

They probably meant the later, as denpa music is starting to get some fans around here.

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I just did a search. I think my heart stopped.


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My favorites definitely are
1. ave;new project
2. ちぃむdmp
3. U
5. melo9

I wonder if there are new melo9 works, I only have 2 albums.

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Ive been listening to denpa music for over a decade. You all are just now getting around to it?

That was adorable.

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Never heard of melo9 before. Going to check that group out.

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I haven't even been alive for a decade.

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All I think of when I see denpa

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A couple threads full of denpa shit for people who aren't familiar with the genre:


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I dropped that show on episode 2.

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This is certainly better than lolicore.

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Amateurish circle, kind of like odenpa studio

Fuck this shit, where's RapeTheLolis when you need him?

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Do you know what gave me diabetus?
Chen singing in this song.

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Does he post on /jp/?

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure he does.

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The spam mail I get isn't cute at all.

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ココ is cute as HELL

Also, does anyone know if Holic Service has released anything lately? I remember listening to them a lot.

In the 2D world even spammers are cute girls.

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Yeah ココ is what first caught my interest. Posted one mp3 in another thread. I still feel like Ive heard this song before.

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Yeah, the song is called 「黒染春色桜前線☆」 from the album 「T★GIRLS.01」, a Touhou arrange album by ふぉれすとぴれお.

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No I mean way before. Like years.

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I always notice a lot of references to onii-chan and sensei in these songs.

I can never be either.

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Where do I start if I wanna get into denpa? It seems really cute, but I just don't know where to begin!

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Digi Charat

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download all of this


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This was posted in the first thread.

Also, shouldn't we try to expand that list?

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I would have no problem being arrested by these two...

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Denpa 電波 ((n,adj-na,sl) electro-magnetic wave; radio wave; nonsense;)
is derived from 電波系 ((n) somebody who has wild fantasies; someone who hears voices; someone who is crazy).
It doesn't necessarily mean music.

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"If you mean "denpa" as in the music genre..."

Do you not read, or what? The multiple definitions of the word itself have been addressed in this thread already, too.