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/jp/ post your favourite tracks for each stage and boss of all Touhou games.
Also I will be posting my 3 favourite phantasmagoria themes and 3 favourite fighting spinoffs themes.

Stage 1 theme: Witching Dream (LLS)
Boss 1 theme: Decoration Battle - Orange's theme (LLS)
Stage 2 theme: Dark Road (MoF)
Boss 2 theme: Deaf to All but the song - Mystia's theme (IN)
Stage 3 theme: Gensokyo the gods loved (MoF)
Boss 3 theme: Doll Judgement - Alice's theme (PCB)
Stage 4 theme: Voile the Magic Library (EoSD)
Boss 4 theme: Satori Maiden - Satori's theme (SA)
Boss 4 was by far one of the hardest choices.
Stage 5 theme: Ancient Temple (PCB)
Boss 5 theme: Till when? - Youmu's theme (PCB)
Stage 6 theme: Young Descendant of Tepes (EoSD)/ Grave of Being (MoF)
They are both great, too hard to choose.
Boss 6 theme: Septette for the dead princess - Remilia's theme (EoSD)
Extra stage theme: Alice in wonderland (MS)
Extra Boss theme: Grimoire of Alice - Alice's theme (MS)
I love Alice themes.

Phantasmagoria themes:
Dim. Dream - Marisa's theme (PoDD)
Tabula Rasa - Ellen's Theme (PoDD)
Strawberry Crisis - Yumemi's theme (PoDD)

Fighting spinoffs:
Mystic oriental love consultation - Reimu's theme (SWR)
The Witches Dance - Marisa's night theme (IaMP)
Dancing Water Spray - Creek of Genbu theme (SWR)

Yeah I know, too many alice themes.
Now post yours

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Just want to ask, why the old Touhoumon sprites? The new ones are much better.

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A long thread that nobody cares about and nobody will read.

The epitome of pointless.

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I know that nobody else will read it, but I will, just curious about /jp/ Touhou music preferences.
I picked an image at random from my folder.

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finally someone that lists PC-98 themes as favorite

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oh wow look at the tryhard who lists PC-98 themes as favorite

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You mean hipsters, right?

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He's not a hipster though. Too many PC era games mentioned.

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Why finally? there is a lot of people that like them.
Try hard? yeah whatever.
Sigh.. I know Touhou franchise before EoSD was released so I enjoyed the PC-98 games before the Windows game existed, and they indeed have some good themes.

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meh OP I might post the list later, right now i'm at work and can't remember my favourite themes

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Stage 1 theme: Romantic Fall (MoF)
Boss 1 theme: Tiny clever commander (UFO)
Stage 2 theme: Lunate Elf (EoSD)
Boss 2 theme: Green-eyed jealousy (SA)
Stage 3 theme: Gensokyo the gods loved (MoF)
Boss 3 theme: Plain Asia (IN)
Stage 4 theme: Voile the Magic Library (EoSD)
Boss 4 theme: Satori Maiden 3rd eye (SA)
Stage 5 theme: The primal scene of japan the girl saw (MoF)
Boss 5 theme: Hiroari shoots a strange bird - Till when? (PCB)
Stage 6 theme: Voyage 1969 (IN)
Boss 6 theme: The Venerable ancient battlefield (MoF)
Extra stage theme: Last Remote (SA)
Extra Boss theme: Necrofantasia (PCB)

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Stage 1 - Paradise ~ Deep Mountain
Stage 1 Boss - She's in a temper!!
Stage 2 - End of Daylight
Stage 2 Boss - Tomboyish Girl in Love
Stage 3 - Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea
Stage 3 Boss - Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People's Shapes
Stage 4 - Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship
Stage 4 Boss - Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room
Stage 5 - Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome
Stage 5 Boss - Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!
Stage 6 - Voyage 1969
Stage 6 Boss - Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind
Extra - Alice in Wonderland
Extra Boss - Necrofantasia

also, every Aya theme is really stonking good. Especially Retrospective Kyoto.

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Screw your long-ass list with no template.

Title Screen: Awakening of the Earth Spirits
Stage 1 theme: none
Boss 1 theme: Apparitions Stalk the Night
Stage 2 theme: Dark Road
Boss 2 theme: Dark Side of Fate
Stage 3 theme: Sky Ruin
Boss 3 theme: Studded Sake Dish
Stage 4 theme: Desire Drive
Boss 4 theme: Captain Murasa
Stage 5 theme: Primal Scene of Japan
Boss 5 theme: Be of Good Cheer
Stage 6 theme: Starry Sky of Small Desires
Boss 6 theme: Suwa Foughten
Extra Stage theme: Charming Domination
Extra Boss theme: Native Faith

Dimensional Dream and Vanishing Dream are worth a mention.

No one's gonna read this anyways, why did I even bother?

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>Stage 3 theme: Sky Ruin
dis nigga.

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uhm template:
Stage 1 Theme:
Boss 1 Theme:
Stage 2 Theme:
Boss 2 Theme:
Stage 3 Theme:
Boss 3 Theme:
Stage 4 Theme:
Boss 4 Theme:
Stage 5 Theme:
Boss 5 Theme:
Stage 6 Theme:
Boss 6 Theme:
Extra Stage Theme:
Extra Boss Theme:

Phantasmogaria Themes:
Fighting Spinoffs Themes:

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>Stage 6 theme: Starry Sky of Small Desires
I still find it baffling that people like this song so much. I know, taste and all, but I think this song only works as a game song. It's good when you're playing the stage, but I think it's not that good when you play it on its own.

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Kagome Kagome is so damn good. I love the progression.

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Well better than nothing.

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You're asking something impossible, there's just far too much indecision between the different games. This thread did have value though: it made me want to relisten to a lot of it and that was very enjoyable.

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Stage 1 Theme: Eternal Shrine Maiden (HRtP)
Boss 1 Theme: A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry (EoSD)
Stage 2 Theme: The Road of the Misfortune God ~ Dark Road (MoF)
Boss 2 Theme: Tomboyish Girl in Love (EoSD)
Stage 3 Theme: Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea (EoSD)
Boss 3 Theme: Rigid Paradise (TD)
Stage 4 Theme: Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall (MoF)
Boss 4 Theme: Captain Murasa (UFO)
Stage 5 Theme: Rural Makai City Esoteria (UFO)
Boss 5 Theme: Sleeping Terror (LLS)
Stage 6 Theme: Ultimate Truth (PCB)
Boss 6 Theme: Septette for the Dead Princess (EoSD)
Extra Stage Theme: Charming Domination (PCB)
Extra Boss Theme: Native Faith (MoF)

I generally tend to find that the first two stages and boss themes aren't brilliant (I love Eternal Shrine Maiden though), stage and boss 3 themes start to get really good and the final three stage and boss themes are incredible; the progression makes sense from a gameplay point but people's musical opinions are likely to differ on the matter, so people may disagree.

Favourite overall theme: Sleeping Terror. Wonderful track, much better than her other two themes. A close second is probably Captain Murasa.

Most hate theme: Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome. I loathe this theme for some reason, every time I hear it start I feel like muting the game. A close second is Green-Eyed Jealousy. Again, no reason, I just don't like it.

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>Boss 1 theme: Decoration Battle - Orange's theme (LLS)

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OP here.
I like kagome kagome, it's one of those tracks that even if you weren't playing Touhou you would think that it's Touhou

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Best stage 1 theme: Witching Dream
Best stage 1 boss theme: クリスタライズシルバー
Best stage 2 theme: 遠野幻想物語 and 渡る者の途絶えた橋 (the beginning is just so damn catchy)
Best stage 2 boss theme: もう歌しか聞こえない
Best stage 3 theme: Bad Apple!! or ブクレシュティの人形師
Best stage 3 boss theme: プレインエイジア
Best stage 4 theme: デザイアドライブ
Best stage 4 boss theme: Phantom Ensemble or 少女綺想曲
Best stage 5 theme: Kagome-Kagome
Best stage 5 boss theme: 狂気の瞳 ~ Invisible Full Moon or 広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When?
Best stage 6 theme: 亡き王女の為のセプテット
Best stage 6 boss theme: 竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess
Best extra stage theme: 明日ハレの日、ケの昨日
Best extra stage boss theme: Necrofantasia

Some others:
フラワリングナイト, PoFV
天空のグリニッジ, Magical Astronomy
風神少女, STB
やみのちから, SoEL

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Why not giving the translated names?

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I'm collecting /jp/-cred

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I'd rather people used those instead of their awkward-reading translations, and just captioned them. Example: 広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When? (Youmu)

I'll compile mine, but am expecting a few to be indecisive because there's a lot of good stuff in the games.

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I don't know the English names too well. Translating them would be awkward.


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I guess so, but i'm to used to the english translated names until now.
Since MS was released when I first saw the names of all the songs translated

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We made this before, I'll just copy paste the old one and add the rest.
Best stage 1 theme: SA
Best stage 1 boss theme: PCB
Best stage 2 theme: EoSD
Best stage 2 boss theme:MoF
Best stage 3 theme:MoF
Best stage 3 boss theme:EoSD
Best stage 4 theme:UFO
Best stage 4 boss theme:PCB
Best stage 5 theme:MoF
Best stage 5 boss theme: IN
Best stage 6 theme:UFO
Best stage 6 boss theme: PCB or UFO
Best extra stage theme: IN
Best extra stage boss theme:MoF

FN,Higan Retour and Phantom ensemble.

Demystify Feast,
Catastrophe in Bhava-agra-Wonderful Heaven and Missing Power (suika)

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b-b-but bhava agra is terrible.

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OP here.
>We made this before
When? where?

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We've done this countless times. This was just a few days ago:


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Similar thread a few days ago. It's perfectly fine to have one again, though.

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Why nearly no one rates the PC-98 games on their lists?
I will assume most of them haven't tried them.

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Best stage 1 theme: A God That Loves People ~ Romantic Fall
Best stage 1 boss theme: A tiny, tiny clever commander
Best stage 2 theme: The fantastic legend of Tohno
Best stage 2 boss theme: Dark Side of Fate
Best stage 3 theme: The Gensokyo the gods loved
Best stage 3 boss theme: Plain Asia
Best stage 4 theme: Desire Drive
Best stage 4 boss theme: Satori maiden 3rd Eye
Best stage 5 theme: Lullaby of deserted hell.
Best stage 5 boss theme: Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird
Best stage 6 theme: Voyage 1969
Best stage 6 boss theme: Venerable Ancient Battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field
Best extra stage theme: Last Remote
Best extra stage boss theme: Heian Alien

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Stage 1 Theme: The Dark Blowhole
Stage 1 Boss: A Tiny Tiny Clever Commander
Stage 2 Theme: The Fantastic Legend of Tohno
Stage 2 Boss: Green-eyed Jealousy
Stage 3 Theme: Chinese Tea
Stage 3 Boss: Plain Asia
Stage 4 Theme: Desire Drive
Stage 4 Boss: Captain Murasa
Stage 5 Theme: Mystic Oriental Dream
Stage 5 Boss: Faith is for the Transient People
Stage 6 Theme: Ultimate Truth
Stage 6 Boss: Border of Life/Cosmic Mind
Extra Stage: Last Remote/Alice in Wonderland
Extra Boss: Hartmann's Youkai Girl

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Strange I was just thinking about a list similar to this a few days ago. Then I realized I hate making new threads.

All I could think about was how out of place Rumia's theme sounded compared to the rest, and how Yuyuko's theme from Ten Desires sounds way too threatening for stage 1.

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PCB for all of them.

Also someone should make a tally like in the last thread. And we should have threads like this more often; gives a nice sense of /jp/'s taste, and if it's as shitty as other fanbases~

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OP here.
I'm considering on making a poll page, since there are some pages that let you create your own polls. But it would be nice to be able to play the songs before choosing, so in case you have never heard any you could hear it, that would take far more skill though.
So I think I will make a basic poll page and post it later.
The only problem with those pages are the samefagging.

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sure isn't fairy wars in here.

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Also if someone could provide me with a good poll generator it would be very much appreciated.

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I like GFW music, but it isn't cut out to be favorite material, you know what I mean? Plus OP was in a 6 stage + extra format, so GFW wouldn't really fit there.

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Having to decide which ones I like most is torture.

Stage 1 Theme: PCB
Boss 1 Theme: EoSD
Stage 2 Theme: SA
Boss 2 Theme: UFO
Stage 3 Theme: SA
Boss 3 Theme: PCB
Stage 4 Theme: PCB
Boss 4 Theme: IN
Stage 5 Theme: EoSD
Boss 5 Theme: MoF
Stage 6 Theme: EoSD
Boss 6 Theme: IN
Extra Stage Theme: MS
Extra Boss Theme: IN, but they're all my favorite (except UFO. I don't get Heian no Alien and why it's so popular)

Phantasmogaria Themes: PoFV
Fighting Spinoffs Themes: Soku

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Is it Cirno with Marisas hat or Marisa with Cirnos body and dress?

>> No.8416199

So how's that polling coming along, OP?

The former, obviously. Why?

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Uhmm now I will finish it, I fell asleep yesterday night.
I'm around question 10 or so.

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Infinite Nightmare from Th12.5. ZUN has made a ton of great tunes, but Infinite Nightmare bends everything sideways, up, down, back and over.

>> No.8417472

Ok! finally made the poll.
Here is a preview.
Please try it and tell me if it's correct or it needs to be fixed.

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You put Suwa Foughten Field twice, instead of Nuclear Fusion.

>> No.8417763

Thank you.
It's that it? if that's it i might publish it and start a new thread, since down here is hard for people to find the link.

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Border of Life is listed as the Extra theme, not Charming Domination. You also excluded StB, FW, DS and songs from the extra music CDs. Various pre-battle themes are missing from IaMP/SWR while songs from other games are included, but that seems to be intentional.

>> No.8417822

Do you think i should add one choice for each Stb FW DS?
Also the IaMP SWR songs that are listed are the ones that are original, or a new arrengement of the song, basically if the name changes from the original title I list it, otherwise I don't. Should I list them all?

>> No.8417852

Btw thanks to the canadian and the new zealand bros that helped completing the test.

>> No.8417883

You also forgot the title, ending, and staff roll themes.
If you included IaMP/SWR/Phantasmagoria then you should include the other games of the series. For the sake of consistency, all songs should be listed but it'll lead to multiple votes for what is essentially the same song. It's really all up to you, though.

>> No.8417893

Ok gonna add the title, ending, staff and the games i'm missing.
I won't change the Fighting spinoffs though, since the list will be twice as large is it now.

>> No.8417927

Ok never said that.
The survey can't have more than 20 questions per page due to being free.
So i will separate Fighting, Phantasmagoria, StB, FW and DS in a separate survey and the main survey will be only for Integer numbers.

>> No.8418154

OK i'm done, gonna make a new thread with the surveys now.
I sage for obvious purposes.