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I want to be lewd, no matter what.

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Stop giving my Touhous melon-tits.

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Not again...

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Don't do it! Think of the lewd!

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>>8408407 I can't even get a hard-on for fat old mom tits. I always see them as pale, veiny, flabby. I prefer flat/small firm breasts, not face-smotherers.

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They've always had them, just tightly wrapped in a sarashi

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As someone who's been to Gensokyo I should say that this portrayal of Aya is totes inaccurate.

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Who are you quoting?

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then lets get lewd

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Stop shitting up touhous with your sick fuckery.

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Did someone say lewd?

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Goddammit, it's you!! I couldn't even get away with an accident!

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Ara? Why would you want to get away?

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I could fap to this sole image.

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Please leave.

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They are sexier when they actually have women assets.

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Why is lewd Aya always dragging pure and innocent Hatate into her sick games?

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Those are mom assets.

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Is that weird?..

I fap to plain images all the time. Most of the time they aren't even nude.

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So i..I heard you like b-breasts Anon-kun..

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It's weird because they're just big round blobs.

These are obviously much nicer, I could just lick the beads of sweat right off 'em.

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Mokou? Lewd? Impossible.

Eternal life has made her desires and rudeness sink to zero.

For shame.

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It's weird because they're just big round blobs.

These are obviously much nicer.

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I haven't seen this image macro in like, five years.

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