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According to Japanese youkai folklore Yakumo Ran should be the oldest Touhou

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No, that's Tewi. She's about 2800 at the youngest if she really is the naked hare of Inaba.

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Wait, but what about Yukari?

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it's fine as long as they're cute

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I want to be enveloped in Ran's tails.

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I don't see what your point is?

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A nine-tailed fox should be 8000+ years old.
According to the legend a fox that lives 1000 years gains an additional tail and power, repeat this process every 1000 years until they max at 9.
9 tails is the level cap
>1000 years to level up
grinding levels as a monster fox must suck so hard

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>1000 years

I thought that was 100.

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That's nifty information.

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That's every hundred years in the most popular form of that legend, and they can also gain tails by doing favors to the fox-god Inari such as carrying his messages across his many temples.

Suwako is another good contender for the title of oldest Touhou. Tewi met Kanako's father-in-law back when he was a young lad so she's probably older than Kanako, but the Moreya clan god is said to be ancient and Mishaguji should be even older.

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His point is that you're Tokiko

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How many times do I have to tell you that we're not the same person. Do you want to strip to the waist and fight in an alley like two men? I promise you two things:
One multiple fractures of your fucking nose and two I'll hit you so hard and fast you'll think you're surrounded.

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>One multiple fractures of your fucking nose and two I'll hit you so hard and fast you'll think you're surrounded.
Yeah? Well I'll just take my tank out of my garage and just blow up your face with it, you little shit.

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Stop trying so hard Tokiko.

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How can I be Tokiko when I was here before him.

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Nothing wrong with Christmas cake.

Especially with fluffy tails.

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I don't give a fuck how long you've been here faggot. Go kill yourself.

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Maybe you only started posting as Tokiko recently.

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You could have been him originally and then come back.

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Cool ruse, Tokiko, but we know you've been here longer than your Ryan persona.

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Meh, stop pretending like you're paranoid or something. Half-assed trolling doesn't work on me.

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Come at me Tokiko, I'm pretty much perfect. I'm a revolutionary specialized in riot combat and gorilla warfare. My nose will get ruptured, you say? Well, at least I'll leave WITH A NOSE!(unlike you, lol)

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Ran's been around a while. Chen still seems pretty young, so I guess she and Ran bonded quickly? I want to see what they're like in a few hundred years.

I wonder what Ran was like growing up, or if she had a rebellious phase.

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>Dismiss claims as "half-assed trolling" and post "annoyed" reaction image
>phew, I got out of this easily

This works on forums, but not here, Tokiko.

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Everybody knows you're Tokiko, you ain't fooling nobody. You're lucky I don't know where you live otherwise I'd burn your fucking house down.

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Why can't Tokiko be Ryan? And I be just Ryan.
Also I suspect that you're this Tokiko person, and that you're accusing everyone of being yourself in order to make other users paranoid and at the same time boost your e-fame, fame you're so desperate to have.

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Yeah, yeah, go spam some pigs Tokiko, your "Ryan" persona is getting old.

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Fuck this, more Ran tails.

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>Also I suspect that you're this Tokiko person
Inversion doesn't work here, child. Try to be a bit more creative.

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It can't be a circlejerk, it's only Tokiko jerking off here.

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The fluffiest!

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Quality over quantity.

Circlejerk selfcest then.

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You say that yet you didn't post Ran. Get with the times.

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Say that to my FACE, fucker, not online and see what happens

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I love the hat

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You hear that, Mister Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability

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Gotta love those fluffy tails.

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MamiRan appears to have lots of pictures where they have their boobs pressed together.

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Mama Ran is adorable not only with her fluffy tails, but also with her fluffy panties

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I guess even Ran must need some kind of sexual outlet.

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Screw that damn dakimakura.

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Every touhou has the same sexual outlet.

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Picture unrelated?

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Would you dare?

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Of course

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baby Ran with a full set of tails

what a pain she would be to clean

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Traditionally, kitsune tend to be naturally clean and smell pleasant.

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It's convenient then if they don't start with 9 tails.

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Ran was so beautiful in this. I hope it gets translated. It's nice to see Ran not getting raped.

Anyone else notice that her bra changes halfway through the doujin for no reason?

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Uh what? It IS translated!


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The translation is up on exhentai.

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Yea that doujin was a good change from the usual faceless men.

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I am personally happy if there are ever any Ran doujins.

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I like seeing good use of gaps like that.

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any mediafire link please?

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Also bookmark http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/17922.html

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I would like to see more YukariXRan futa or yuri. That one gender swap doujin with male Ran fucking Yukari was good also.
I wish more touhou doujins were like that instead of the usual random guy.

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I... I love you, I really do.

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Hey faceless men are alright as long as they're nice ones. Also
What where where where where?

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Well I used to enjoy it, actually it was the most thing I fapped to. Although now it just seems so damn forced and I cant stand it. Yuri and futa are nice changes, thats why I would like to see more.
Or at least some genderbending. Here's the doujin.


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I don't like anything with rape. I like my sweet loving doujins and like when the subject is Ran and Yukari's relationship so I loved the doujin with Ran and the gap-panties.

I think Ran is so motherly and lovely it scares people away from doujins about her. Also, drawing her tails is a pain in the ass.

I don't usually like this artist but this was wonderful. I am amazed there hasn't been a Yakumo-centric diaper doujin yet with Ran being motherly towards Chen and Yukari. It would be so adorable.

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Thank you I love genderswap stuff.

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Why in the world is that Japanese going from right to left? I was confused as fuck for at least 20 seconds.

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Yeah, the one with Ran getting impregnated and raped made me feel pretty shitty to read. Preggo Ran isn't a bad concept but I definitely don't feel comfortable with how graphic it was.

I think part of it is because Ran is what got me into Touhou and she is even today my favorite.

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Ran <3

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Good number of Ran threads in the past few days. I'm happy.

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Yeah, except that Eirin is canonically 100,000 years old at least OP.

Probably much older.

Also power level wise she's up there with Yuka and Flandre, you know this to be true.

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Saying things like this on the internet doesnt make you a tough guy it makes you sound like a retard, which you probably are.

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It's irony, you silly goose! >>>/a/

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Come to bed, /jp/.

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fuck you ran i'll go to bed when im good and ready, now go make me a sammich.

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Suwako is the oldest.
Deal with it.
Also it`s one tail per 100 years.

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Will Uncle Splat come?

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fox?nine tales?

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I don't get why shes always seen with her hands clasped.