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Why don't you eat more, /jp/? Just look at you; you're so thin.

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I'm fat as heck

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I have a yakisoba sandwich half in my hand and half in my mouth as I view this thread.


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Well, you can always be thinner... look better.

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eating is for fatty amerifats
get out of /jp/ fatso

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Seconding this. I've never met an intelligent fat person.

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too much work

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>I've never perceived a fat person as intelligent

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My income only allows for 2 meals a day.

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I eat a lot, maybe 3-4k calories a day, but I don't gain weight. I don't exercise either and if I eat any less I start to lose weight. After most meals I spend 2-3 hours unable to do anything because I am so tired. I wonder if there's something wrong with me.

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Shut up diabetic.

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im eating hamburger helper right now

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you'd like hate sex wrapped in an american flag. you're just tsundere.

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Sick trips bro

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>I eat a lot, maybe 3-4k calories a day, but I don't gain weight. I don't exercise either and if I eat any less I start to lose weight.
>I wonder if there's something wrong with me.
The only thing wrong with you is that you have no fucking clue what a calorie is.

You've never actually counted the calories you're consuming.

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Enjoy getting fat when you go past your early twenties.

You're probably flabby as is, with veins clogged up like a cemented tunnel.

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That's me. Even the most basic physical activities leave me winded.

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I'm probably only thin because I masturbate so much.

Although I kinda wish I could stop doing that. As all that does for me now these days is make me incredibly fucking desperate for a meal. I miss the days for when I could go on Masturbation sessions without needing to seek out food.

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People tend to imagine the typical shut in nerd as fat somehow.
My own perspective might be a bit skewed from my own experiences and sights, but I have always had a hard time doing that.

A person that doesn't do any exercise, and doesn't eath sufficiently/good enough, is bound to thin down.

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You keep eating that many and you wait. It takes time. It also won't kill you to go even lower, the idea is you burn the fat to make up the difference. Just make sure you get plenty of protein.

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I count calories. I eat 1200 a day, but I'm still fat as fuck. I dunno what to do.

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Thank heavens im thin and not fat, even though i eat at all hours like a fat pig.

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I had a pretty big breakfast today, it was one of those 1lb tubes of sausage with 3 fried eggs and 2 slices of toast, then dinner was burgers and fries. Maybe not 3-4k, pretty sure it's close though.

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I love impersonators frothing their asspain over some namefag/tripfag. This one reminds me of the Yutanpo one months ago http://oldarchive.foolz.us/jp/?task=search2&ghost=&search_text=&search_username=&sea

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i do that too since september

i've lost 15lb

keep it up dude

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The best way to help boost your fat loss would be to go do heavy compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and benchpress. Find a good beginner routine and stick to it, perhaps SS if you don't want to look very hard. Good luck on your cut.

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What about GABEN? Or any corporation boss?

Personally i got one fat friend who was intelligent as... Well. Any person i'd personally know of that age. I always made fat jokes of him and he did not seem to give a fuck and sometimes even joined with me. I admired him for that. Then when our class was split he got back with his old friends and left me rebellious badboy behind just to make fun of how nasty person i was.

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Yeah, because you can easily find stuff like that around the house.

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I remember after 4th of July I got lazy with my cooking, so I stopped eating as much. In September I was asked if I was sick and when I weighed myself I was 30lbs lighter.

Eating is a hindrance.

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What's the problem in being fat? It's not like you leave your room anyways, who do you want to impress by losing weight?
I for one enjoy being a glutton, eating is the only good feel that's left

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/jp/ suffers from anorexia, a common problem for self-conscious little girls.

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Stop guessing and actually count.

1 pound of meat can be ~500 calories. 3 fried eggs? Maybe 90 for each. Now you need 2230 calories from a burger, fries and two slices of toast. Good luck with that.

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I dont have such things. Lately ive been walking and doing squats/pushups rotations, with just my body weight until I sprained my knee. I was up to 5 sets of 20 squats. I am up to 5 sets up 17 pushups. Feels pretty good.

I have been looking for an alternative to squats until my knee heals and I think ill do those hard core military things. You put your hands on the ground, jump your feet out behind you, jump your feet back under you, stand up, repeat. I did some tonight, they are a hell of a rush.

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Because fat people are disgusting. Their fat smells horrible. Their breath smells horrible. They eat too much in sickening ways. They poop too much and their poop smells too much.

Why would anyone want to be disgusting?

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I'm fat but I am trying to lose weight

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You're asking the wrong board here buddy

There are people who store piss-bottles all over the room and don't shower for months

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Breakfast sausage is much more than 500 calories per pound.

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Why do you feel the sole purpose of losing weight is impressing someone? Perhaps they just want to see what it feels like to be thin, or fast, or strong.

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hey /fit/, why you come to /jp/?

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I wish we were like reptiles and only had to eat once every few months.

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Being fast or strong,
what does it matter for the people here on /jp/?

Obviously they seem to enjoy eating a lot (the reason they got fat in the first place), why restrict yourself of the few pleasures you have?

I feel like this thread is being overrun by normals or something

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There's nothing wrong with piss bottles though. Compared to pissing where they sit, it's actually very sanitary.

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I don't personally don't like being fat.

Oh no, I'm normal. The fucking horror.

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What are some good exorcizes you can do with out equipment? I am aware of squats, pushups, jumping jacks and situps.

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>I feel like this thread is being overrun by normals or something
If you stop actively looking for shitty signs you'll find that there, in fact, are none.

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Because Its my dream to suck my own cock and cum in my mouth. Cant do that with a jelly roll.

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I never said there was a point. What is the point of sitting around all day refreshing /jp/ while reading Visual Novels and playing video games? In the end, you're doing what you want to do. What's so wrong with them exercising when they feel that they want to? A strict diet and routine that you adhere to hardly entails normalcy in any case, as you'll find that most normals would deviate from such a pain in the ass quickly. It is a long and monotonous grind, something that suits /jp/ rather well, really.

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look for body weight exercises,
Convict Conditioning is a ok-ish start

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I don't think people wanting to lose weight are the normals here, it's more people like this

For me personally it doesn't seem to make sense for someone from /jp/, who does not care about social appearance, to actively work towards a goal that is hard to attain.
I mean if they like exercise or dieting I guess it would be understandable, but why do something you dislike?

I doubt loosing weight will help you that much with that, you'd need to be very flexible from the get-go

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And for the record, going back to actually count, breakfast sausage is 250 calories for 2 ounces. I ate all 16 ounces and the 3 eggs that were fried in the sausage drippings, then there was the toast. This is before any drinks for the day. Add in the burgers and fries for dinner with soda that I drank throughout the day and I think that's definitely pushing at least 3k, or 3-4k, like I said.

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/jp/ and disgusting are only synonymous in your own head. And nobody likes dieting, not even normal people. People want to see the results of their diet.

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working out is too much effort.
for me it's easier to not eat.
you just have to plan your sleeping pattern correctly so that it covers breakfast and lunch.

also today I accidentally some chocolate cookies so I'm gonna have to tell my family that Im feeling too sick to eat dinner tonight. currently at 55kg

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Stop putting words in my mouth.
Where exactly do I say that /jp/ers should be disgusting?

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How do you accidentally make cookies?

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You claimed >>8392687 was a "secret normal" (the fuck what), and I'm assuming you're also >>8392695 but I could be wrong.

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Sleep-baking is a serious problem, Anonymous.

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I'm horrible at math. A pound of breakfast sausage is actually 4000 calories, not 2000.

Suddenly this seems a lot worse.

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I fell into temptation

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Yeah that was me, but it doesn't have to do with my mental image of a /jp/er being disgusting.

There are just a lot of those examples when you keep reading those threads (haven't showered for weeks, piss bottles, cum in socks etc etc)
In that post I was just trying to say that the typical /jp/er doesn't really care about being disgusting or not being disgusting.

I'm not assuming everyone here is thriving to be disgusting.

Fact is also that most /jp/ers dislike hard work, and losing weight is hard work, especially for someone who enjoys eating a lot.
And except the guy that said he wants to suck his own cock, I still can't see any reason to lose weight. (I'm not being judgmental here, do whatever you want, I'm just curious as to what motivates you)

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If two ounce of breakfast sausage is 250 calories, then eight times two ounces of breakfast sausage is eight times 250 calories, or 2000.

Either way you're bad at math, though.

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You can train to be flexible but you cant train to not be fat. You have to lose the roll to get your mouth to your cock no matter how flexible you are. Getting your mouth to your cock requires the absolute lowest amount of resistance between your head and crotch.

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Like I said, I am bad at math.

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165 cm
48 kg
_______ +
Perfect body

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>Breakfast sausage?

Are you English by any chance?

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>Fact is also that most /jp/ers dislike hard work

Yet some of them go through the trouble of learning enough Japanese to increase the amount of Japanese media they can peruse, while others enjoy games where great amounts of grinding are the norm. Losing weight isn't hard work, it's a tedious grind, much like the grinding they'd do in an RPG or MMO.

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I only ate 1100 calories yesterday and I did an hour of cardio burning about 950 calories.

Oddly enough I wasn't hungry at all over the course of the day.

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You've never heard of breakfast sausage?

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Learning japenese is obviously different here,
since it relates to their hobbies.

Your second point is also different,
grinding in a game gives you rewards that you actually want.

Dieting and exercising, will also give you a reward (of sorts),
being thin,
but I just want to know why you would want that.
Why go through the trouble?

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Well, since you're asking me specifically, the answer is easy: it's entirely for my own self-satisfaction. Doing so is enjoyable for me, and because for once in my life I want to know what it feels like to be physically strong. I've been curious about it for a while now, but I still have a ways to go.

Just like I have fun playing those RPGs (like Mana Khemia, Ar Tonelico, Trails in the Sky, and so on), I enjoy grinding away at weightlifting. I can't really say why other people on this board would exercise, though I would venture to guess that there are at least several others who do.

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Isn't it better to eat a lot protein to help lose weight?

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I think its probably better to get off your ass for an hour a night and get your heart pumping. 100% proven weight loss.

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Is that supposed to be an insult?

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I just ate one of those microwaveable chicken pies.

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Tokiko you are fucking blight. You are so fucking stupid or naive or ignorant i don't fucking know what to think!!
Please change what you are. Or at least take that name off so i couldn't identify you from rest of the scum.
Or if you are a troll. Yeah you troll me gud oh god jebus alah.

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No, its not 100% weight loss.

The only thing that is 100% weight loss is consuming less calories than you use. Running around is pointless if you continue to stuff your ass with calories. Cardiovascular workouts are actually poor for losing weight. They are effective mostly only while doing the activity. A large muscle mass from weight lifting requires more calories than a weak body therefore your natural calorie consumption while doing nothing is much higher, causing your body to become more slim while doing no additional work. However, weight lifting will take a few months for a small increase in muscle mass at least. Doing HITT activity has been proven to increase metabolism and therefore calorie consumption a long time after the activity ends, unlike jogging, swimming, etc. HITT is good for losing weight, but more than anything, eating less calories is the fastest, most effective way to lose weight.

Also, if you cant continue weight lifting for half a year, you lose pretty much all your strength you built up.

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Ohh but if you run more than the calories you stuff your fat ass with, weight loss starts again. 100% guaranteed. The only people who dont think it works are fat slobs to lazy try it. Some fat fuck that thinks walking to the Freg is enough will never lose anything.

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I'm very skinny and I eat like shit, I don't ever gain weight. Some days I would eat pizza or Chinese all day. But some days I would only eat buttered bread and drink water. I also have diabetes. I wonder if my disease and eating habits correlate in any way.

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Hittite Microwave Corporation? You cook your fat off? Fuck, never tried that. I can do that while sitting down.

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Yea, but everyone recommends running. But no one likes to run. It really is a pain in the ass, and its not good to do it in snow, and people buy into running shoes bull shit.

Its funny how humans evolved to be a long distance running machine but no one really does it anymore. We used to chase fucking animals until they collapsed from exhaustion but those god damn humans kept going on and on.

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HIIT, high intensity interval training. Also known by tabata intervals

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You mean HIIT

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Woaaa, check this guy out, I wouldnt even have to pay forwhores anymore if I looked like that.

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I've always been really skinny because I can't stand the act of eating food. Honestly I love the tastes of different foods and quite enjoy tasting them but as soon as I start to swallow the food I feel nauseous. I don't know what it is but to stop feeling like I'm going to puke I just stop eating as soon as I can.

Anyone else suffer from this?

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Not that doing sports isn't good for you or anything, but doing sport just for losing weight is almost useless, since you really don't burn that many calories through it

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I already eat tons, I need to exercise more.

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Because no food feels as good as the first time you swallowed a mans cum the first time. All you can do is suck more dicks until you get tired of them.

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Any kinda of movement burns calories. Some just more than others. Larger tissues burn more than smaller ones. I get this huge rush of heat through my body when I do squats. I also put on 2 pounds in the last month because I have been unable to do them because of my leg. I may try the Hititie Microwave technique though, I think I can wave it in to my nightly walks.

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That analogy is not so perfect as it looks. But it works well enough; I've seen more than one person get thin by associating X-weight with levels for they to reach, gaining status to unlock new exercises. Silly but oh well, world's full of surprises.

As for me, I rarely make food if it takes me more than a minute to do so. And I only bother to spend that minute if I've been without food for so long that my stomach starts to hurt. I end up eating around one time a day, occasionally two (when I happen to eat a bit after midnight, then again a bit before the next). When I have visits, however, I eat like a normal person with them. I think that's what keeps me away from undernourishment.
I can see my ribs if I hold my breath and push my belly in, but other than that I just look like a big, thin guy. I was never asked if I was sick or crossed the ugly barrier, but I think that was just luck.

I did that, it's not as cool as you may think.

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I did this: >>8392724
wrong quote.

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Of course it does. I just wanted to say there's a common misconception concerning the amount.
It goes so far that some people go thinking "oh, I worked out so much today, I can be lax on the diet a bit, which is hilarious and sad.
Proper eating is the only real thing to keep in mind when wanting to lose weight, things like sports are extra benefits if anything.

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Thats what everyone says but Im not expecting it to feel like another person doing it. Its also been said to be better than the hand.

>> No.8393111

Ohh I see what you mean, You should just mention the people who use walking for 10 minutes as an excuse to eat another bag of potato chips. The human heart could not pump long enough to burn that much shit in a say.

>> No.8393129

I usually eat a bowl of ramen with some ham or whatever I can find in it. Sometimes I'll forget and go a day without eating a 'normal' meal. If there is junk food in the house, I'll eat it. I'd eat about 1000 Pockys if I could.

I used to do 500 crunches 3 times a week but noticed it made me look fat because the ab muscles were developing under a layer of fat. Now I just look like I have a beer gut.

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I wasn't really expecting anything. I was young (and therefore... uh, elastic), and I just noticed that HEY I CAN, WHO NEEDS A FUCKING GURL

But it didn't really feel any better than doing whatever you're used to do. I don't know, however: you might feel a blast after longing for it so much. But be warned: cum is salty.

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Go to the doctor, bro.

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Cum taste different depending on the person. Perhaps you pissed a little when you came? Either way, My cum isnt really salty, its hard to describe its flavor.

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I just checked.
51kg, 1,76m tall. i eat junk food all day and never exercise.

You jealous you can't eat enjoy a delicious bowl of ice cream without having to go to the gym for 4 hours to lose the extra weight, /fit/? Haha.

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I already decided that I will start eating tasty things after I will be in Gensokyo. Now I eat but not too much and I skip things that would be too good to eat.

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Depends on your diet. When I was about 13 and blew my load in my mouth it was actually quite a nice feeling. The sperm itself had no real taste.

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I eat whatever food I want and remain thin. I follow the controlled substances diet. A healthy regime of alcohol, weed, and cocaine, feels good.

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i'm actually bulimic and overweight but thanks for your concern.

>> No.8393254


Well, considering the amount of the components of your cum vary depending on your diet... I just guessed there was something "main" that fixed the taste.

And funny how we ended back to the topic of diets.

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parsee is the only touhou i dont download ero only

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I eventually concluded that losing weight while still living at home was going to be impossible. If my family did not see me eat they assumed I had not eaten. If I wasn't hungry at the same time as them they assumed I had an eating disorder. Perhaps if I learned to let go of the idea that I could have ever chosen when and what to eat I could have managed to avoid overeating simply by not anything except during the four hour window in which they saw me, and even then only the minimal amounts.

How many of you were told as a child that you do not like vegetables? How presumptuous of my parents to attempt to simply declare the truth. They also told me I didn't like men and that I do not actually wish I was a woman.

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I despise eating. I really do. I enjoy eating some things, obviously, but I only eat one meal a day and only when I have to. I hate being tied down by eating.
I love drinks though, its just the pleasure aspect of eating, the flavor, without the annoyance of it.

Also I am poor so food is an expense I wish I could do without.

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I never have an appetite.

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So wanna fuck?

>> No.8393389

My parents told me that one day I would want children. Im still waiting for this impulse.

>> No.8393390

only if you promise not to touch or refer to my penis at all during the act. I wish I didn't have one at all.

>> No.8393400

we can snip it off before if it's that big of a problem

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Apart from /jp/ the little human interaction I get is from chatroulette and omegle.

Females say I have a hot body and a cute face. I used to weigh 55kg auswitch mode. I'm now close to 80kg and very muscled with low enough bodyfat to give the impression of a 6 pack on webcam.

Pic is the girls i've cammed with. I don't show dick as it's 6 inches and nothing to boast about. Muscles get them all naked

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make torrent for me plz

>> No.8393428

The quality of most are really poor, it's not worth it.

>> No.8393438

There will be blood... a lot of blood. I could die you know.

Anon, I don't mind that but I don't really think you should go to prison over me. Can't I just tape it back for now or something? Or perhaps you know a good surgeon? That particular operation can get a little messy, but it would improve my life.