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/a/ here,

/jp/ what's wrong with you? We try to make you guys as popular as us, but you just want to be completely miserable and depressing.

So this thread is dedicated to making fun of you, losers. I don't even care about you guys anymore, I hope you do die because you're useless to society

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You do realize that we hate ourselves right? We don't care, dude.

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At least we are not furries

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Nice try anon but you're obvious a bored /jp/er screwing around.

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What have you done other than shitpost off-topic crap?

I really don't see how that helps anyone except you bored f/a/gets.

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Just give us a gun so we can kill ourselves already, /a/..

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This picture might explain something.

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Thanks /a/, I really appreciate everything you guys do for us. Without /a/ existing /jp/ would become A LOT shittier.

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I have a hard time believing anyone from /a/ would discuss /jp/-related topics with people from /jp/. There is too big of a difference between the two groups.

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We're not homosexual like her.

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/a/ is to /jp/ like /b/ is to 4chan

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If you hate us so much, /a/.

Why don't you just kill us already, we want someone to end our misery.

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/a/ here,

/jp/, can you please take all of these newfag VN players away from us? it's annoy having the front page flooded with VN bullshit all day


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Yeah, we're much more.

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Send them to /v/ and report their threads.

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You are the ones who fell in love with KS. There's nobody to blame but yourselves.

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Keep your shitty /jp/ threads out of /a/ faggot.
Stay badass /jp/, someday I know I'll end up here.

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If you're browsing /a/ or /v/ then at least use the catalog so you don't have to put up with the terrible front pages.

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Why doesn't /jp/ ever talk about anything /jp/ related, anyway? All you guys do is shitpost all day, it's a waste. Don't know why moot hasn't deleted this shithole yet.

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>implying I gave two shits about a sub-par VN

seriously, they're shitting up the board 24/7

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Would you be so kind as to provide the source of that picture?

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I'm from /a/ too. What's this shit about wanting to be popular? It was /a/'s "popularity" that turned it to shit in the first place. Don't try to ruin /jp/ like that.

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Hey /jp/
Let's have a contest to see who can cum on the most figurines.

We'll even let you go first. So go and show us all your grandest achievements.

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>don't try to ruin /jp/

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I wish to cum violently and repeatedly inside Yui until her womb explodes in a Big Bang and creates a tiny universe inside her and she would come to be known as the Walking Universe Woman.

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/jp/, ignore this normalfag. /a/ isn't proud of that part of its userbase.

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/a/ here... I don't post on /jp/ just lurk for the most part.

OP is clearly retarded, sorry.

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Why would we want to be as popular as you?
Popular boards tend to be the shittiest. Just look at /b/

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Amazing use of existing material on the board

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thx OP i cut my dick throw it like cum grenade 10/10

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