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Would you suck it ?

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balls are kind of ewwwwwwww yucky but that cock stands proud so HELL yes

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I wonder why the MS Paint job was done here

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Shave the hair/wash the penis then sure, i would suck on it.

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washing? you're supposed to do that with your mouth

what's the point of sucking a dick that doesn't smell like dick but shampoo or nothing at all?

I agree with the shaving though, can't deep-throat that with the hair sticking out like that

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why are you such a bad dick sucker. i don't think you ever even visited a glory hole and it was just some role-playing erotica fantasy you lived by writing about it. what is there to wash? it isn't even dirty looking and he trimmed it well enough.

saten anon is a fucking liar whose balls probably haven't dropped yet.

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That's fucked up, I'm not sure I could love a boy who hasn't sucked a cock.

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Weird hair.

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Reported. and your dick is lame.

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Fuck off jew/sandnigger

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You posted this in every board. Fuck off.

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>being in any other board
Get out of /jp/.

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It looks weird.

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Someone else will have to do the kopipe tonight I'm sleepy. Please leave this thread to die, good night.

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I agree with this poster, you have an ugly cock.

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noi wouldnt
i hope u know i pray fdor you to stop being lewd every night ;_;

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Stop wanting to suck real dicks, /jp/!
Being gay doesn't excuse the fact that you're a 3DPD-loving faggot.

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y do i have to look at dicks when i browse /jp/ ? D:

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this gimmick where you act like children is annoying. at least wth didn't act like a retarded child. this isn't gaiaonline or some forum for 14 year olds. i know you aren't adults, but the rest of us are. stop being annoying little shits.

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Posting in this thread to raise the percentage of straight people in it...!!

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Don't you like it?

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You keep coming into all these threads only to claim to be 100% straight, maybe you have something you would like to tell us all?

It's okay to be in the closet Yama, but i think its time for you to come out.

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i know its true i am a hasty typer sometimes :( sorry

yeah hehe that was my idea TOO

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If Cirno had a dick, would you suck it?

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Who wouldn't.

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Has !zeSaten posted his dick? I'd really like to see if it was cute.

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if i did would it melt?

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I don't think he has exactly for the fact that it's not cute.

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That's really disappointing. I hope that some one else on this board has a cute cock for me to suck on.

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What about Op?

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Not him but the hairs would be a problem.

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Im very sorry anon, i wont do it anymore...

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Sorry, I have to go... Have to go iron my dog...!!

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OP's cock is more like a gangbang cock, not a cute one to suck on.

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Would be perfect for getting fucked with, not so much sucking.

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I like the way you think. We should hold each other and kiss while cocks like that penetrate our assholes.

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>OP's cock is more like a gangbang cock

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I have never posted a picture of my penis.
That said, mine is not really cute as its just a normal size and looks penis.
..I wish i had a cute looking penis.

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