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When was it implied that Flandre and Remilia are loli vampires?

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In their official profiles.

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they look like lolis, and it says they are vampires, so...

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dey suck my semen

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It's official that they're vampires, but they're as much of a loli as Chen and Cirno, and ZUN is so bad, Yamaxanadu's supposed to be a loli when she's not, and Chen is supposed to look older when she looks like a loli, so I still wonder why fanarts still draw these people as loli

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Because people sure love their loli vampires

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>looks like a girl under the age of ten

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>ZUN is so bad

The FUCK did you just say?

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I mean ZUN's art is so bad

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He's right.

Please please don't try to defend ZUN's art as good. I'll agree it's charming but it is not good. If you start calling his art good, it demeans the things he's actually good at, like music and pretty bullet patterns. It's insulting.

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>Her appearance and behavior might seem childish, but she has actually lived for more than 500 years and possesses amazing physical powers, as do other vampires.

>She's short and looks like a little girl under the age of ten, but she has wings that span wider than her height, and by looking at her silhouette, she may seem quite large.

I'm quoting her PMiSS profile
also look at her in the games that aren't drawn by ZUN clearly loli

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ZUN's art IS bad.
Touhou 13 looks really bad.
Hes an amazing programmer, script writer, and composer but his designs suck.

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It's good because it's charming, you ignorant shit. If it's not charming, it's not good no matter how technically complicated or ``artistic" it is.

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lolis are good. end of story.

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so it's charmingly bad.

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it is if you're a pedo

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Every touhou is a loli.

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bottom row are the lolis.

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So you say.

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>Reimu on the same row as Yuyuko, Letty and Ran

de fuck

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Yuyuko is pretty short, but she's always floating. Ran is the only one who is feels out of place by "modern" Touhou standards. She's rarely seen being shorter than Yukari these days.

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Except in the fighting games, which are still pretty "modern".

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>his designs suck.
You mean his artstyle.
The designs themselves are great, if they weren't, the characters wouldn't be so popular.

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Art is seen by the individual. What you consider art and what someone else considers art can be two different things. There is no set rule on how art is supposed to be.

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My blue is your red.